The Azazel Syndrome (Azazel #1) review ☆ 3

review The Azazel Syndrome (Azazel #1)

The Azazel Syndrome (Azazel #1) review ☆ 3 ç A world on the brink but what savage intelligence lurks behind the chaos After a devastating financial collapse life in the American Homeland is a daily struggle The new currency depreciates by the day the food is rationed and desperate gangs roam the city streets Hatch Doran and his friends Od but he’s been in desperate straits before And when he is offered an enormous fee to deliver a prehistoric artifact he sees his fortunes turning around The mysterious and beautiful artifact however begins to exercise a strange hold over Hatch disorienting him and opening doors to the shattering events of his past He becomes obsessed and fears he may be losing his mind Thomas Dartham a retired army colonel works for the Group the most powerful and dangerous organization in the world The Group want. The Azazel syndrome is a dystopian science fiction novel written set in the future 2034 New York America’s financial state is in dire need of a change for the better Basic needs are tough to find and Hatch Doran is trying his best to survive under such conditions He and his friends work as a broker but even that is not cutting it Luck strikes and he is asked to transport an artifact and that is where the story takes an interesting turn The artifact has its own mind and begins to turn HatchI found the story to be very compelling I particularly enjoyed the time setting in the world The author describes this futuristic ecosphere to be a very harsh state of living and it was felt As Hatch becomes obsessed you could see how the character was developing and I believe that was where the strength of the writing was apparent The cover of the book was also designed to appeal I believe this book would be suitable for dystopian fans and people who like to read stories set in the future

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S the artifact and Dartham a man who does not fail in his duty intends to get it But Dartham uncovers a shocking secret about his superiors and the horrifying hold they have over the entire world Hatch doesn’t know about Dartham or the ravenous evil Dartham’s organization has unleashed He has no idea that he has wandered into a battle of cosmic proportions And he hasn’t figured out that his life is in grave danger Yet The Azazel Series Book One The Azazel Syndrome Book Two The Adrestia Maneuver. Page turnedHighly entertaining read filled with interesting dystopic premises based on current happenings in today's world A bit predictable but interesting just the same A view of what the world would look like if the globalist get their wishes filled A world where there are only two classes the elite and the starving poor

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The Azazel Syndrome Azazel #1A world on the brink but what savage intelligence lurks behind the chaos After a devastating financial collapse life in the American Homeland is a daily struggle The new currency depreciates by the day the food is rationed and desperate gangs roam the city streets Hatch Doran and his friends keep their noses above water by brokering antiues around New York City It was a good business when everyone needed ready cash Now the trade is slowing down But Hatch never gives up He may be broke and short of fo. Before we dive into the narrative itself let’s take a moment to applaud the book cover It’s been a few months since The Azazel Syndrome was added to my reading list but its cover is most certainly what drew me in It’s a gripping image of a terrifying bleak world And that’s what The Azazel Syndrome is It’s a story about a few characters trying to survive a depressing horrible world The United States has fallen; in its place is the Homeland People stick themselves into digital gaming worlds through implants for days at a time The weather is going crazy never explicitly linked to climate change that I can recall Corporations run everything Automated taxis fly through the streets but you can take private taxis that will probably kill you as they navigate the automated roadways Throughout the book Kennedy injects ridiculous fun creative and downright terrifying future tech which is outlandish prescient realistic and sad all bundled into one It’s a monumental piece of future world building comparative to older novels like Neuromancer or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep And the writing is good too Though the prose itself sometimes suffered Kennedy is a master at writing witty dialogue between the characters on the page Back and forth back and forth they go using words as weapons as they combat and reflect and love I’m emphasizing all of these great parts of the book first because I’m sure some of you are sensing the big BUT coming But it took me a really really long time to care about the characters in The Azazel Syndrome I can’t put my finger on it There are uite a few point of view characters and in a book of its length The Azazel Syndrome doesn’t have a lot of room to spare jumping inconsistently between POV characters as it does Similarly we’re thrust right at the beginning into Hatch’s mission to fetch a package for Ferret but it takes a dreadfully long time for the story to move that particular plot forward Instead Kennedy takes readers on winding twists and turns through the world he’s created I had a sense of awe at the terrifying pseudo techno reality playing out on the page But I also wanted the story to move Throughout the first part of the book especially right at the beginning we’re teased with this greater conflict occurring beyond the fight for survival playing out on the page And when the revelations come they come in the form of monologue Well not all of them don’t want to give spoilers but I wish the crazy conspiracy truly pushing the plot forward had occurred through action rather than through dialogue And as I said before I love Kennedy’s dialogue So it’s a great story No doubt about it But I felt like it also lacked power Or at least the power you might expect given the truth behind what every character is trying to find It lacked the tension necessary to keep me truly wanting to push each page forward But that’s just me I will say it’s intrigued me enough to consider the seuel when it releases I don’t say that for every book I review On to the scoresWriting 910 Top notch dialogue It’s wity powerful and made the story worth the read Characters 610 The number of POVs in a book the length of The Azazel Syndrome didn’t allow me to attach to or care for any particular character They're good characters but I lacked a sense of real understanding of their relationships or motivations Setting 1010 Not kidding It’s a great world Deserves this high of a score Plot 710 Slow to start but it’s a strong finish Action packed showdown that leaves you hanging for what comes next for both the characters and the entire planet Overall 810 Solid four star score Great job J E