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characters Patria by Fernando Aramburu 107 » Η ιστορία δύο πάλαι ποτέ στενά συνδεδεµένων οικογενειών που κατασπαράχθηκαν µέχρι θανάτου είναι η καρδιά της Πατρίδας του Αραµπούρου που ανατέµνει τα γεγονότα τριάνΗ ιστορία δύο πάλαι ποτέ στενά συνδεδεµένων οικογενειών που κατασπαράχθηκαν µέχρι θανάτου είναι η καρδιά της Πατρίδας του Αραµπούρου που ανατέµνει τα γεγονότα τριάντα χρόνων στη Χώρα των Βάσκων από τις αρχές της δεκαετίας του ’80 έως το 2011 όταν η εθνικιστική και αυτονοµιστική οργάνωση ΕΤΑ Euskadi Ta Askatasuna ανακοίνωσε την οριστική παύση της ένοπλης δράσηςΤην ηµέρα που η ΕΤΑ καταθέτει τα όπλα η Μπιττόρι πηγαίνει στο νεκροταφείο για να ανακοινώσει στον άντρα της πως αποφάσισε να γυρίσει στο χωριό και στο σπ. This novel has been a huge success in Spain recently From September 2016 to July 2017 that is ten months after it was first published it has run through twenty editions Several of my friends have read or are reading it and a few recommended it to me Generally I am not much drawn to bestsellers and this one was no exception But I received it recently as a present from a family member so I decided to face my prejudicesThe novel deals with two Basue families from around the 1980s to the recent present and how they deal with the activity of the terrorist group ETA It begins when the group announced it was suspending its armed fight 20th of October 2011 and finishes a few months later The story however offers a great deal of flashbacks so the reader really goes back three decadesThe two families were closed friends but during those years turned into enemies ETA assassinated the father in one of the families and one son of the other became a member of the terrorist group Not until later in the novel do we learn whether this son was the actual killer of the man who had bought him toys and ice creams when he was a child And in this the novel is successful in portraying how the one killing affected the lives of the other eight; for it affected the family of the dead father and the family of the terrorist memberAlthough the story is punctuated with real facts names of victims and a few dates the two families remain typological; the same applies to the small town where this trauma unfolds We only know that it is one of small cities in the province of San Sebastian Donostia for the BasuesThe novel has than six hundred pages but I read it fast It contains a great deal of dialogue the chapters are short and the plot moves from one character to another The reader is easily captivated with this constant shift of viewpoints and narrative voices There are a total of nine characters one family has two kids while the other three The assassinated man is also given his chapters and his own voice in several of the flashbacksThe various voices however did not seem to me sufficiently differentiated from one person to another They all swear similarly which for the daughters when young did not seem to me credible Inevitably I kept hearing throughout the novel the ventrilouist voice of AramburuOne of the gripping aspects is that I found myself checking the exact date when any of the real assassinations are mentioned and trying to remember where I was on that day Three of them are clear in my mind In one the Hipercor bombing in Barcelona on the 19th of June of 1987 I was passing by in a train with visiting American friends on our way to Gerona This was ETA’s worst attack with 21 dead and 45 injured The victims were mostly women and children since Hipercor is a shopping mall and it was Friday afternoonIn spite of feeling very engaged with the novel I found it however unsatisfactory In parts it acuires somewhat of a ‘feuilleton’ with easy plot or reader traps such as the homosexuality of one of the sons to cater to all tastes or adding extraneous melodrama when one of the characters suffers a severe ictus etcThe abundant swear words do not altogether disguise the sporadic sentimentality The novel is too long then due to the unnecessary parts There has also been some criticism by others in that Aramburu does not completely know his Basue roots and that his command of Basue is faulty; the uotes and the Basue names are supposedly not properly rendered This I would not be able to detectFernando Aramburu was born in San Sebastian in 1959 the year ETA was founded He currently lives in Alemania where he moved in 1985 for sentimental reasons he married a German woman but also because like many other Basues he exiled himselfIn one of the later chapters we visit a formal gathering of the ‘victims’ mostly the families of those assassinated in which there are a series of speakers One is an unnamed judge who from his physical description I think I know who it is I once sat next to him in a concert and the other is a writer who has just published a novel about the ETA terrorism Of course the reader knows who this is and the various paragraphs can be considered Aramburu’s imbedded manifesto He explains why he wrote such a novel while also expressing through the voice of one of the victims that it is dubiously ethical to make a spectacle out of their suffering Like in many other complex situations there is always than one side What did not seem to me to be justified in the least however is the assertion that “ETA’s terrorism is not useful for fighting the Right For that a civil war is better” WHAT Has Aramburu forgotten what a democratic system is Does he share then some of ETA’s objectives Is violence and killing the only way for one's political preferences to prevail What about the ballot view spoilermy translation – Además el terrorismo de ETA no sirve para atacar a la derecha Para eso es mucho major la guerra civil’ hide spoiler

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ου τροµοκράτη και ύποπτου για τους χειρότερους φόβους της Μπιττόρι Τι συνέβη ανάµεσα σ’ εκείνες τις δύο γυναίκες; Τι δηλητηρίασε τη ζωή των παιδιών και των συζύγων τους τόσο δεµένων στο παρελθόν;Με τις συγκαλυµµένες ρήξεις και τις ακλόνητες πεποιθήσεις της µε τις πληγές και τις παλικαριές της η παράφορη ιστορία της ζωής τους πριν και µετά το χάσµα που άνοιξε ο θάνατος του Τσάτο µάς µιλάει για το ανέφικτο της λήθης και για την ανάγκη της συγχώρεσης σε µια κοινωνία διαιρεµένη από τον πολιτικό φανατισµ?. I HAVE NO WORDS

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Patria by Fernando Arambuίτι τους που εκείνη εγκατέλειψε µετά τον θάνατό του Θα καταφέρει να συµβιώσει µε όσους την παρενοχλούσαν πριν και µετά τη δολοφονική επίθεση που έφερε τα πάνω κάτω στη ζωή τη δική της και της οικογένειάς της; Θα καταφέρει να µάθει ποιος ήταν ο κουκουλοφόρος που µια βροχερή µέρα σκότωσε τον άντρα της στον δρόµο για τη δουλειά του; Η παρουσία της Μπιττόρι θα διαταράξει την επιφανειακή ηρεµία του χωριού κυρίως της γειτόνισσάς της της Μίρεν άλλοτε στενής φίλης της και µητέρας του Χόσε Μάρι ενός φυλακισµέν. I am torn between 4 and 5 starsThe book is Patria by Fernando Aramburu It deals with two families living in a Basue village They are very close until they are separated by political reasons one family's son is a member of ETA and the other family's father is murdered by ETAYou have 9 narrators small chapters that jump to different parts of the timeline with no pattern at least not an obvious pattern I am too lazy to discover it It sounds hectic but it really isn't I never got confused after a couple of sentences I could understand which PoV we have and when it is in the timeline And for me that was the most important and special feature of this book The writer is really skillfulI liked the chapters from the children's PoV except the ETA member although these chapters had the most action I found it boring and illogical He never persuaded me why he did that And even worse his mother The worst character in the book I never understood her And maybe that is what is missing I didn't understand the ETA reasoning at all Maybe the writer should have tried to make me conflicted making me think that maybe they had a point Their actions were definitely wrong but maybe I could learn about their philosophyI guess the writer assumes we know on the politics of the situation than I doYou see 9 people all suffering for different reasons But the one suffering the most for me was the daughter with the stroke That was too difficult to think And it makes you think why create so many problems There are already so many problems in this lifeSo the reason I am torn between 4 and 5 stars I think as a writing style as a work of literature it is perfect But while I think it is perfect I don't love the book But I guess this is a topic you can't love Or maybe I couldn't connect with one character because there were so many PoVs and maybe the characters I like weren't even mentioned in some chapters But it deserves 5 stars