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kindle Ó Death at the Plague Museum ´ Paperback ´ lesley kelly ´ The pandemic is spreadingOn Friday three civil servants leading Virus policy hold a secret meeting at the Museum of Plagues and Pandemics By Monday two are dead and one is missingIt’s up to Mona and Bernard of the Health EnforcemenAt the Museum of Plagues and Pandemics By Monday two are dead and one is missingIt’s up to Mona a Review to follow for the blog tour but I loved this

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Nd Bernard of the Health Enforcement Team to find the missing official before panic hits the street Set in a world where a deadly flu virus has left Edinburgh in a bureaucratic nightmare Death at the Plague Museum is such a uniue and intriguing setting for a crime thrillerAlthough this is the third full book in the series there is also a short story the plot which revolves around the sinister disappearance of a leading Virus policy expert is largely self containedThat said I do feel that I lost something by not having read the other books in the series Kelly has done a great job of bringing new readers up to speed; explaining key characters and events from the past books whilst for the most part avoiding spoilers for those who want to go back and discover the series’ beginnings But the relationships between the main characters are so well established by this point that I felt at times like I’d walked into the middle of a conversation and couldn’t uite pick up the full thread It didn’t stop me enjoying the book by any means but I’d probably recommend that new readers start with the first book in the series The Health of Strangers to fully appreciate the character arcs and intricate interpersonal relationshipsLaced with dark humour the plot of Death at the Plague Museum roars along at a fantastic pace – this is a very uick read and Kelly is fantastic at leaving each chapter on a mini cliffhanger leaving you turning the pages for The world of post viral Edinburgh is fascinating with an increasingly sinister and controlling state eager to prevent panic and civil unrest by any means necessary I dare say that civil servants have never been uite so interesting At times the book reminded me of classic spy thrillers with the Machiavellian machinations of unseen higher powers having a chaotic and sometimes devastating impact on those characters working at the coal faceThose at the coal face aren’t going to take it lying down however with Health Enforcement Team officers Mona and Bernard determined to uncover the truth With snappy dialogue throughout you do get a real sense of each character in Death at the Plague Museum – which is good because there are rather a lot of them and with this being the third book in the series uite a bit of water under the bridge in their interpersonal relationshipsIf I had one issue with the book it’s that at times some of the characters were just too abrasive for my taste There’s one relatively major character in particular who expresses some horrible sentiments towards another character near the beginning of the book that seemed totally uncalled for in the context I don’t expect all characters in a book to be nice by any means – difficult and downright nasty characters can be great to read The waspish Mona is a fantastic example of this balancing a serious attitude problem with fierce determination and a deep sense of justice But without knowledge of prior events in the series it was difficult to understand why certain characters have such an intense hatred of each other and this meant that for me some characters occasionally came across as just cruelOverall however Death at the Plague Museum is a well constructed and entertaining crime thriller set in a brilliantly realised dystopic world of sinister governmental agencies and bureaucratic red tapeThis is an edited version of a review that first appeared on my blog The Shelf of Unread Books at as part of the blog tour for Death at the Plague Museum My thanks go to the publisher Sandstone Press for organising this tour and providing a copy of the book in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Death at the Plague MuseumThe pandemic is spreadingOn Friday three civil servants leading Virus policy hold a secret meeting So we have to start with addressing the zhushing of the cover design by Sandstone Press for the new release It is so dramatically different that it took me a minute to get over the shock Then I had to assess how I felt about it the OCD side of me panicked that now my collection wouldn’t match Then the marketing and reader side of me kicked in and I realised how vibrant and modern the cover was and how well suited it is to the book It is really refreshing and it brings this release to a whole other levelWe join the HET team for seven days of mayhem terrifying events love banter and murder One thing I love about a series and in particular this one is the familiarity I feel with the characters It’s similar in watching your favourite TV show on Netflix You have that connection with it and you feel safe and cosy Well that’s how I feel with these books I really enjoy the banter the characters have and situations they have to resolve It is so well thought out and I just think it’s one of the best Edinburgh crime fiction series out there With Lesley Kelly’s writing I know with certainty that I will finish the book being 100% satisfiedI have to be transparent and say that this has been my favourite of them all It had something that bit extra for me I say this with every Lesley Kelly review but I have been lucky enough to hear Lesley read at bookish events and she is very expressive as she reads and she gestures a lot which adds to the reading But also Lesley’s Scottish accent has gotten stuck in my head and when I read the book that is what emanates from the pagesThis time around the team face a plethora of mysteries to solve I really love Bernard and I enjoyed his storyline the most I like that Lesley Kelly includes hard hitting topics in her stories I cannot wait for the next instalment to find out what will happen to the HET team next Who can they really trustLesley Kelly has cemented herself on the Scottish Crime Fiction scene and she has set the bar very high