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READ & DOWNLOAD ï The Ex Effect Washington Wolves #2 ✓ The headline could write itself Matthew Hawkins star defensive end comes out of retirement to play for the Washington Wolves Which is perfectly fine by Ava Baker—it makes her job as publicist for the team easier There’s only two problems This particular football playerEr was her first crush The bigger problem Matthew Hawkins was once engaged to her older sister It’s been ten years since Ava has seen Matthew He’s bigger better looking and best of all completely single Despite his history with her sister the attraction between Ava. The hero was once engaged to the heroine's older sister


The headline could write itself Matthew Hawkins star defensive end comes out of retirement to play for the Washington Wolves Which is perfectly fine by Ava Baker it makes her job as publicist for the team easier There’s only two problems This particular football play. 35 starsI’m not a fan of ‘sibling sharing’ but when I’m honestly warned it’s my choice to read or not to read it lol This trope was played well in terms of he didn’t see the heroine as possible lovelust interest when he dated her older sister But sad the heroine had a crush on him back in the past He was a good man It’s actually the main reason I read books by this author – she doesn’t write alphaholes or similar crap and almost never womanizers Her heroes are good decent men and it’s a rarity in romance unfortunatelyThis author also does not do slut shaming It’s a huge plus in my reading world Overall – she doesn’t hate her female characters main and side and she doesn’t trash them RespectSo back to the story The hero was a good man kind and loyal It didn’t change the fact that he dated heroine’s sister for 4 years and was engaged to her for 6 months but it made it bearableWhat I absolutely loved about him – he didn’t trash his ex wife a beautiful model he was married for 5 years I know unfortunately also from RL that I’m often in a minority who absolutely hates when men trashdisrepect other women It doesn’t make any man attractive it doesn’t make you as his dialog opponentnew partner etc better than the womanwomen he trashes If a man disrespect other women he will never respect you The cheapest and easiest way to pimp a heroine – to trash slut shame turn into the villain etc his ex or any other side character Like – look all bitches and sluts and this heroine is a pure innocence and kindness cheap and lowAgain all above is not this author’s styleSo as long she doesn’t write ‘daddy kink’ I will read all her booksWhy only 35 Sorry but the conflict toward the end was lame I didn’t like that the heroine needed to apologize – even if it was her fault I just don’t like when women apologize lol Plus the family situation her sister as hero’s ex and disapproval of her parents were not solved IMO but on the other hand it was real approach And I was sorry for Logan Safety the h was celibate for years she last dated in college if I did the math correctly 6 years ago Ouch 6 years He was divorced for a couple of years but dated OWs He said he wasn’t into ONSs No condoms were used ugh coz she was on the birth control and it was a while for him too In this case ok since they both worked for the sport team and I know the players are tested regularly Still ughGood news – this book is connected to my favorite by this author The Bombshell Effect

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The Ex Effect Washington Wolves #2And Matthew isn’t so one sided any It’s hot enough to burn down the entire city of Seattle But this headline is far complicated to write And not just for the press or what it means for her family because once her heart is involved there’s no predicting the endi. 3 StarsOverall Opinion I'm one of those readers that actually like the family members' ex type stories To me it gives me the promise of some angsty goodness Sadly this didn't have what I was hoping it would The angst was pretty minimal the love was too insta and the ending was frustrating I enjoyed myself but not nearly as much as I had hopedBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Ava and Matthew's story Ava is a PR master for a NFL team but she is rattled to find out that the new player on their roster is none other than her older sister's ex fiancé that she crushed hard on growing up Matthew struggles with connecting his gangly young friend from 10 years ago to the beautiful woman she's become but he can't help being drawn to her There are some cute and sexy scenes as well as some team and family dramaand they get a HFN endingPoint Of View POV This alternated between Ava and Matthew's POVOverall Pace of Story Good until the end see below I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well otherwiseInstalove Yes This did feel like it had a few major jumps from old friends to lust to love I would've liked to experience and understand the development of stronger feelings a little H Hero rating 35 stars Matthew I liked him than the h but I felt like he was a little tooperfect at times I know Why am I complaining I just need some flaws in my Hs to make them reachable I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️h heroine rating 3 stars Ava I thought she was okay I felt like she was dealing with her family drama the best she could but I definitely wanted to shake her a few timesSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull A little view spoiler The H pushes away at one point and I'd say they both pursue the relationship at times hide spoiler