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Plastic EmotionsRh Colombo Paris and Kandy at a time of communal violence in Sri Lanka the rise of the civil war and troubles with building a brand new city in north India Plastic Emotions explores the life of a young trailblazing south Asian woman at a time of great political turbulence across the glo. Very boring read I was looking forward to learn about the real life of Minnette de Silva Instead author used her story to express her own hateful views towards Sri Lankan politics and Buddhism Disappointed to see Minette de Silva’s story forgotten again

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In a gripping and lyrical story Shiromi Pinto paints a complex picture of de Silva charting her affair with infamous Swiss modernist Le Corbusier and her efforts to build a post independence Sri Lanka that is heading towards political and religious turmoilMoving between London Chandiga. Plastic Emotions is an imagining of the life of Minnette de Silva the first Sri Lankan woman to become an architect the first Asian woman to be elected as an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the woman who helped to remould the built landscape of a newly independent Sri Lanka with her daringly modern designsShiromi Pinto has woven a narrative that mingles fact with fiction to shine a light on this almost forgotten woman It's a beautiful novel full of rich description and insightful observation that reveals something of what it was to be de Silva She was a risk taker a fiercely independent woman working in a highly male centric society and she wanted to bring the traditional crafts of her nation into the modern world so that they would continue to have relevanceThe novel is an exploration of her life with her friendship with Le Corbusier depicted in the language of a love affair and her existence as a London socialite celebrated for her exoticism juxtaposed with that of her architectural practice in Sri Lanka where she was treated with suspicion because of her genderThe title is a uote from Le Corbusier's Towards a New Architecture and refers to the ability of an architect to mould the emotions of those who experience his or her buildings through the forms and shapes it is composed of De Silva in marrying tradition with modernity was seeking a new plastic language of architecture Her work in Sri Lanka was ground breaking Pinto's novel is a stepping stone towards re establishing her contribution to modernismIt's also a beautiful story You don't need to know anything about the central characters or the world of architecture to appreciate the humanity of two people who love each other but can't be together or the life of a woman making her way in a man's world against a background of political upheaval

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DOWNLOAD Plastic Emotions 107 Ô “We architects must be idealists We construct not just individual buildings but whole cities We plan cities and in doing so change lives”Plastic Emotions is a novel based on the true life story of Minnette de Silva –forgotten feminist icon and the first female Sri Lankan architect In a gripping and lyrical story Shiromi Pin“We architects must be idealists We construct not just individual buildings but whole cities We plan cities and in doing so change lives”Plastic Emotions is a novel based on the true life story of Minnette de Silva –forgotten feminist icon and the first female Sri Lankan architect. The Architect by his arrangement of forms realizes an order which is a pure creation of his spirit; by forms and shapes he affects our senses to an acute degree and provokes plastic emotionsLe Corbusier from Towards a New ArchitecturePlastic Emotions by Shiromi Pinto is a fictionalisation of the relationship from the mind 1940s to the mid 1960s between two architects Swiss modernist Le Corbusier and Minnette de Silva a pioneer of Sri Lankan modernism the first Asian woman to become an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects but now largely forgotten See this Guardian article by the author and this from Frieze on the historic de Silvade Silva and le Corbusier in 1947In Pinto's retelling Le Corbusier and de Silva are former lovers and life long soul mates their relationship largely conducted by letters see this extract from 3AM Magazine for a flavour of the textWhile Le Corbusier enjoys worldwide fame and the patronage of Nehru the Prime Minister of India for his major project to build a new regional capital city at Chandigarh de Silva struggles to be taken seriously at times her reputation overshadowed by a male rival who in reality was 10 years behind her in introducing modernist techniues Towards the end of the novel she reflects the italics indicating phrases from her letters to Le Corbusier But when she surveys her past work she finds an uncomfortable truth all the recognition she has received has been through family contacts Almost all the contracts she has received have also been through contacts Very few have approached her on the basis of her reputation Her reputation in fact is generally prefixed by that word ‘woman’ That ‘woman’ architect As if that somehow sullies the work I do And if I succeed the prefix is even pronounced suggesting how marvellous and how bloody unexpected it is for a woman to have created something so accomplishedWhen have they ever recognised me for what I am a pioneer of Modernism in Ceylon Instead I am ‘that woman architect’ or worse still that ‘girl architect’ The story is also set against the backdrop of Ceylon's independence and the increasing strife between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities de Silva tells a friend We’ve survived so far haven’t we There will always be room for us Laki We are artists We stand above such petty arguments but in reality the turmoil impacts her directlyOverall a carefully researched but richly imagined book written with evocative prose My one reservation was that the novel perhaps reuired interest in modernist architecture and Le Corbusier than I had the lengthy story of his build at Chandigarh rather overshadowing de Silva's own story but then that rather sums up the reality of her life and career35 stars