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Free download Wildfire ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Newbery Honor author Rodman Philbrick sends readers straight into the nightmare of a raging wildfire as 12 year old Sam is trapped by explosive flames and deadly smoke that threaten to take his life Can he surviveFlames race toward Sam Castine's summer camp as evacuatFire separates Sam from his bus and there's only one thing to do Run for his life Run or dieLungs burning Sam's only goal is to keep moving Drought has made the forest a tinderbox and Sam struggles to remember survival tricks he learned from his late father Then when he least expects it he encounters Delphy an older girl who is also lost Their unlikely friendship grows as they join forces to fi. Dry for middle grade readers Fast paced and hooks you right in For fans Fuzzy Mud or of any cli fi thriller

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Newbery Honor author Rodman Philbrick sends readers straight into the nightmare of a raging wildfire as 12 year old Sam is trapped by explosive flames and deadly smoke that threaten to take his life Can he surviveFlames race toward Sam Castine's summer camp as evacuation buses are loading but Sam runs back to get his phone Suddenly a flash of heat blasts him as pine trees explode Now a wall of. I work for Scholastic but these comments are my own opinions and not the views of the company As I read this book I was initially concerned about the writing style of this author He uses a lot of incomplete sentences to get the thoughts of the main character across While I understand this techniue is being used to show the reader that the protagonist is trying to think fast on his feet it concerns me that kids who read this book will assume that it is all right to use incomplete sentences in their own writing I have seen this techniue used by other writers recently and I am wondering if this is it just me who is bothered by this or are there others who hold my view Is this a new writing techniue that I just don't prefer or is it completely bad grammar being presented in a kids' bookAfter getting past the initial bluntness of the incomplete sentence issue I am finding this story to be a very action packed tale of two kids fighting their way out of a forest fire There is danger around every corner but through each major event the kids seem to keep their heads and think through their problems logically In the midst of all of the drama the author takes the time to develop the characters into uite interesting kids who have each seen the harsher side of life Their initial family problems do not sway them from their goal of reaching safety This allows the reader to truly see the resiliency of each character

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WildfireNd civilizationThe pace never slows and eventually flames surround Sam and Delphy on all sides A powerful bond is forged that can only grow out of true hardship as two true friends beat all odds and outwit one of the deadliest fires everAt the end of the novel information about wildfires and useful safety tips add to the reader's understanding of one of the US's most dangerous natural disasters. I have to start by saying that FREAK THE MIGHTY by Rodman Philbrick is one of my absolute favorite books of all times That book holds such a special place in my heart that I literally cried happy tears when I found it at a library sale Needless to say I had super high hopes for WILDFIRE It actually breaks my heart to say that I did not enjoy it Here’s whySome books get right into the action and that’s great This book gets you right into the action but at the expense of really getting to know the characters I felt like I needed background on Sam especially because it was briefly mentioned that his mom was in rehab I’m fine with not getting all the facts right away and I enjoy guessing and predicting So I was waiting for Sam’s internal struggles to be explored in greater detail Sam meets Delphy an older girl in the midst of a raging wildfire when they are the only two kids who didn’t evacuate with the rest of their groups Like Sam Delphy has issues that weren’t explored deeply enough in the book Delphy tells Sam she was in a “fitness” camp and seems to be self conscious about her body but that isn’t explored much either There is a ton of external conflict in this story but the internal conflict was just glossed over I also would have liked to hear about Delphy’s story and wished the book was told in the alternating perspectives of Sam and Delphy I also wish there were flashbacks so I could understand what Sam was going through as his mom struggled with addictionAnother criticism I have is that I felt like the two motorcycle guys were stereotyped I was secretly hoping that they weren’t the bad guys at all and that their actions were just misunderstood I was hoping there would be a little lesson on stereotyping or judging others as I was hoping the motorcycle guys might even play a role in rescuing Sam and Delphy But they were just as Sam and Delphy originally perceived them so no surprises there and no lessons learned I probably would not have finished reading the book if it were not for FREAK THE MIGHTY being my all time favorite book FREAK will always hold a special place in my heart Unfortunately WILDFIRE will not I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy to review and share with #LitReviewCrew This was my honest review