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doc é Invisible as Air ✓ Paperback ê A provocative and timely new novel by the author of Inheriting Edith one that will haunt you long after the final page is turnedSylvie Snow knows the pressures of expectations a woman is supposed to work hard but never be tired; age gracefully but always be beautiful; fix the family problems buIraculously relaxed She tells herself that the pills are temporary just a gift and that when the supply runs out she’ll go back to her regularly scheduled programmingBut days turn into weeks and Sylvie slips slowly into a nightmare At first Paul and Teddy are completely unaware but this changes uickly as her desperate choices reveal her desperate state As the Bar Mitzvah nears all three of them must face the void within themselves both alone and togethe Sylvie Snow gave birth to her stillborn daughter three years ago and she's still grieving but it seems like her husband Paul and almost thirteen year old son Teddy have long since moved on with their lives She feels stuck and invisible in this family so while she's planning her son's Bar Mitzvah and nursing her husband with a broken ankle back to health she decides to take one of her husband's painkillers Suddenly she feels lighter and kinder to everybody She tells herself she's only going to take them until the Bar Mitzvah; but as we all know it's never that easy Soon her life turns from a drugged out bliss into a nightmare and all three of them are forced to deal with the fall outI had never heard of this book but my IRL bookclub chose this as the January book club pick Once again I'm thankful for fellow readers for recommending good books that I would normally not pick up This book read like a thriller to me I kept flipping the pages to see what she would do when she ran out of pills and if she would eventually get caught It just goes to show that a seemingly normal middle class family may have a lot of hidden secrets Also I don't know much about the opioid crisis aside from what I hear on the news occasionally but now I want to learn to educate myself Please leave me suggestions if you have any

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Y tending her husband Paul who’s been lying on the sofa with a broken ankle She’s also secretly addicted to the Oxycontin intended for her husbandFor three years Sylvie has repressed her grief about the heartbreaking stillbirth of her newborn daughter Delilah On the morning of the anniversary of her death when she just can’t face doing onething she takes one just one of her husband’s discarded pain pills And suddenly she feels patient kinder and m I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and in full disclosure I had not read any previous works by Zoe Fishman so I had no idea what to expect The premise sounded intriguing albeit a bit trite a suburban housewife Sylvie who had repressed grief over the stillbirth of her daughter three years ago On the morning of the anniversary of her daughter's death when everything in her life seemed overwhelming including her husband's broken ankle and her 12 year old son's preteen behavior she takes just one of her husband’s discarded pain pills Almost instantly she feels relaxed and is a patient kinder Sylvie She tells herself that the pills are temporary and that when they are gone she’ll go back to her life as she knew it; however days turn into weeks and Sylvie slips slowly into a nightmare where her desperate choices reveal her hopeless state of mind and she stands of the brink of losing everything dear to her I have to say that from the first chapter on I was engrossed in Sylvie's life Her character was relatable from her irritation with her husband's broken ankle and listening to him whine to her exasperation at having to attend PTA meetings and make nice with women she had nothing in common with it all worked The chapters are by character Sylvie her husband Paul and her son Teddy I thought all three characters were masterfully penned even preteen Teddy whose thought patterns seemed entirely consistent with an almost 13 year old but still relevant and moving I found myself rooting for all three members of the family flaws and allThe book is a well written powerful probe into one family's struggle with addiction and loss My only gripe with the book was that I liked drug addicted Sylvie a little too much For much of the book when under the influence it seemed that Sylvie made better decisions spoke up for herself and her family and overall became a well rounded person which seemed a bit of a stretch to me It wasn't until almost the end of the book that the lines become blurred for her and she starts her foray into darkness and bad decisions I also found the islandhorse angle to be almost an afterthought and could have been omitted or tied in better although it made the cover understandable Final thoughts I really embraced this book and will definitely be reading further works of Zoe Fishman 4 stars

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Invisible as AirA provocative and timely new novel by the author of Inheriting Edith one that will haunt you long after the final page is turnedSylvie Snow knows the pressures of expectations a woman is supposed to work hard but never be tired; age gracefully but always be beautiful; fix the family problems but always be carefree Sylvie does the grocery shopping the laundry the scheduling the schlepping and the PTA ing while planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah and cheerfull Thank you to Goodreads for this ARC I am happy I could review this book Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectationsInvisible as Air tells the story of Sylvie a mom trying to cope with everyday live while privately mourning a stillborn child; Paul a husband who is entirely dependent on Sylvie while he recovers from a broken ankle; and Teddy their son on the brink of turning 13 and contemplating what it means to be a man Sylvie takes one of her husband's pain pills to get through a particularly challenging day But her need for just one pill escalates into an opioid addiction This story covers addiction loss and faith all of which are interesting topics worth exploring Unfortunately the story is too unwieldy to do any of these topics justice The writing style is too weak and superficial to accomplish what the novel intends I would have uit around the 20 page mark if I didn't need to leave a review hence the one star reviewThe whole story suffers from too much telling and not enough showing Characters will state details that the reader needs to accept as true but nothing in the story backs them up This affects character development as well since we're just told what the characters are thinking and feeling instead of seeing them act that way in the story This then carries over to the plot where the major twists don't feel like they came from the characters' decisions and actions The book seems like it was created when the author outlined the plot and then plugged stock characters into it rather than a story written about how characters would naturally act under given circumstances This is most apparent in the existence of Krystal an actual child who exists only to help with Teddy's plot and at one point is solving problems for the adultsIn the very first chapter Sylvie describes what all she is dreading about her day to justify taking a pain pill This pill transforms her into a happy version of Sylvie who can cope with everything But again the reader is told this we never get to see how Sylvie fails to cope with anything The chapter could have been a stronger opening if we saw Sylvie struggle through a day before caving and deciding to self medicate And the pressure that Sylvie feels she is under usually resolves itself before long She claims to feel pressure from her peers to be the perfect mom but that never comes up in the story She's stressed about planning her son's bar mitzvah then her son reuests a casual relaxed party Basically everything meant to provide motivation feels contrived and invented to move the plot forward This still makes the characters seem passive since they're only reacting to events instead of causing them Yet somehow the pace still goes from zero to sixty with little building making the plot seem jarringThere's a trend of details being included once then never mentioned again which causes the whole story to suffer I thought Sylvie's dream about horses would be significant but it never happens again and has no bearing on the rest of the story Themes and ideas can't be developed this way which creates a superficial storySpeaking of superficial every single character in this book could benefit from some self reflection and critical thinking At first I thought Sylvie was just super judgemental but all three narrating characters focus on and make assumptions based on appearances There's a lot of low vs higher class judgement none of it kind Instead of exploring this topic the story just presents it as a way to identify the family as middle class And the characters never grow or better themselves as people so this trend just annoyed me the whole time I was readingOverall the writing style is very amateur I was honestly surprised when I realized this author had published other books because this isn’t even the level of writing I was seeing from classmates in high school and early college All three main characters stand in front of a mirror early in the story so they can describe their appearance to the reader I haven't seen that in a published book in years and associate this device with self published work by very young authors Any room a character enters gets the same treatment a verbal tour for the reader even if the furniture and layout of a room has no bearing on the plotThere were also issues with dependent clauses throughout the book I normally don't uote from ARCs because the material can change but this sentence sums up most of the issues I found Partly covered so that Greg and Josh's kids could still play when it rained that had been the goal of the deck Paul remembered as they stood in line for a drinkThat right there is the reason sentence diagramming needs to be taught in schoolsThis reads like the first draft of an amateur writer There's some heartwarming material hidden beneath everything else but the book would need a total rewrite to tell that story