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Nobodys Wife‘Of the four of them only three remained And there was no going backwards from there’ Emily and Josephine have always shared everything They’re sisters flatmates and best friends It’s the two of them aga. Book Reviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescomEmily and Josephine are not only sisters they are best friends too They’ve had to rely on and support one another since their mum moved to Australia a few years back and they had no father in the pictureThe sisters lived together with Michael Emily’s fiancee although he becomes her husband at the start of the book After their marriage and honeymoon Emily and Michael move into Emily’s old family home that had been left to the girlsJosephine isn’t sure what she feels about Emily and Michael moving on without her but soon find a new man for herself Jack who uickly becomes friends with Emily and Michael The four soon become inseparableHowever ultimate betrayal and secrets are destined to rip the group apart foreverI enjoyed Laura Pearson’s first book Missing Pieces this book though I had mixed feelings about I enjoyed the plot and the writing kept me intrigued and always guessing what was coming next I even read it in just two sittings I just didn’t fully like the charactersMichael annoyed the hell out of me He was too needy and too lovey dovey – This was a couple who had been together for years and yes they might have just gotten married but he was sickening sometimes with the way he thought about his wife Such as he was jealous on his wedding day as she was looking at her sister when he was making a speech and not at himEmily knew she loved Michael but had big doubts about marrying him It felt like she was going along with it all as she had nothing better going on in her life and didn’t know how to get out of the situation she’d gotten intoJosephine sometimes felt like a spoilt brat in that she often thought about how she felt about what others were doing how their situation would affect herJack was a strange character Conniving completely weird secretive and wasn’t bothered about hurting others to get what he wantedHowever this strange and annoying mix of characters worked in the situation that Ms Pearson had created Would a likeable character of been so convincing in dealing with ultimate betrayals DoubtfulThe book is raw emotional and completely enticing and makes you keep on reading with a desire to know what will happen next and which secret will be outed I might not have liked the characters but I feel the book worked better this way


FREE READ å Nobodys Wife ´ ‘Of the four of them only three remained And there was no going backwards from there’ Emily and Josephine have always shared everything They’re sisters flatmates and best friends It’s the two of them against the worldWhen Emily has the perfect wedding and Josephine finds the perfect man they know things will change foreveInst the worldWhen Emily has the perfect wedding and Josephine finds the perfect man they know things will change forever But nothing can prepare them for what or who one of them is willing to give up for loveFo. I absolutely loved Laura Pearson’s debut Missing Pieces even though it left me in bits So I was uite eager to read Nobody’s Wife wondering if I would once again be reaching for the tissuesSisters Emily and Josephine have always been close but their bond has only become stronger since their mother moved to the other side of the world Now Emily is getting married and Josephine may have found “the one” as well Naturally changes are afoot as they both embark on a new adventure in their lives But neither one is prepared for what happens nextFrom the very beginning Laura Pearson managed to draw me in with realistic and believable characters in relatable situations While Emma has doubts and suffers from nerves on her wedding day Josephine tries to figure out the sometimes complicated beginnings of a new relationship But everything soon starts to fall apartIt’s obvious from the prologue that something has happened that affects these characters’ lives and the what how why who is slowly revealed throughout the storyline Laura Pearson’s writing is extremely beautiful and the characters evoked uite a few emotions from me I felt angry and frustrated at some of their decisions saddened as well and I became completely caught up in their lives feeling for everyone involved and having this sense of impending doomNobody’s Wife is an emotional story of love obsession and betrayal that has devastating conseuences Life often does not come wrapped up in a tiny little bow In case you wondered no no tissues reuired this time around but I did have problems swallowing past the lump in my throat Because no matter how I felt about these characters and their actions or lack thereof at times it seemed as if I was right there next to them feeling their painThere seems to be something almost effortless about the way Laura Pearson writes Everything flows uite naturally and it’s always touching and moving without the distraction of bells and whistles reaching down into your very core leaving you wanting to hug those closest to you really tight and never let them go I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next

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Ur people Three couples Two sisters One unforgivable betrayalFrom the best selling author of Missing Pieces comes a heart wrenching story about family loyalty and obsession that will have you racing to the finis. Review can be found on my blog here you to the publisher for the gifted ARC copy of the book to readI’ve read Laura Pearson’s previous novel Missing Pieces which I LOVED so when I heard about her latest book Nobody’s Wife I was thrilled to begin reading it I was not disappointedThis novel is full of secrets lies deception obsession and the ultimate betrayal What better recipe for an amazing book I cannot think of one and this book certainly did not disappoint I loved this novel and all the shocking lies and betrayalNobody’s Wife starts off at Emily’s wedding She is about to get married to her fiance Michael Currently Emily and Michael share a flat with Emily’s sister Josephine They are inseparable and close friends but as soon as they are married the couple plan to move into Emily and Josephine’s family home that they grew up in Josephine is unsure how she feels about them moving out leaving her feeling all alone in the flat Josephine has met a man she has been dating for a short time but hadn’t brought him to the wedding as the relationship is still fairly new but cannot wait to introduce her sister and her new husband to this manEventually Josephine introduces Emily and Michael to her recent boyfriend Jack and they all instantly click They seem to really like Jack and he likes them and they all uickly form a friendship with one another That is until things change and not for the good What unfolds is the ultimate in lies betrayal and deceptionI really enjoyed the character development in this novel and the vast set of characters we are introduced to I really enjoyed Michael’s character Michael was a loving and doting husband who truly seemed to love and care for his wife Emily He seemed like a fabulous man who any woman would be lucky to be with I was not much of a fan of Jack When we are first introduced to Jack I really liked his character He seemed friendly and down to earth at first but then as we get to know him we learn that he is selfish and deceitfulI found myself hooked to this addictive read from the very beginning I loved how fast paced this novel was and found myself not wanting to put it down I flew through this book as I wanted to always know what would happen next and before I knew it I was at the end of the novel And wow What a shocking ending it was Absolutely fabulous novelRelationships friendships marriage and sisterhood are all put to the test Will they all be able to escape this spider web of relationships or will the betrayal lies and deception be all of their undoing Who will come out destroyed Will either of them escape unscathed You’ll have to read this highly addictive and immersive book to find out