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MVP by Rachel Van DykNd her of the pain So I let her go I let her live her happily ever after and I took all the darkness all the pain all the anger Only the universe had a sick sense of humor She bumped into me She pursued me The beautiful woman I used to call mine She said she wanted to make me smile She didn't know she's the reason I stopp. This one was an interesting twist on a 2nd chance romance So we find out in the first few chapters that Jax and Harley had a rough year he lost his dad and then they lost a baby Just when their grief was at an all time high she gets in an accident and has amnesia Instead of being by her side during her recovery Jax decides it is better if she doesn't remember him or the past they shared Of course view spoiler they can't avoid each other completely; they have too many friends in common And what do you know she finds herself attracted to him and he is not strong enough to continue to stay away Memories come crashing back it's beautiful and heartwrenching at the same time hide spoiler

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Download MVP by Rachel Van Dyken è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken comes a story about losing everything only to find it again I was the golden boy America's uarterback I was everything to everyone Always available Solid I can remember how something felt wFrom #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken comes a story about losing everything only to find it again I was the golden boy America's uarterback I was everything to everyone Always available Solid I can remember how something felt wrong that day And I haven't been able to get that feeling to go away Not wh. 4 I could do soup stars If you have read the Players Game series this is a companioship novel I think that it will be better to not read it alone even though you could do it and without reading the rest of the booksBut in my opinion in Infraction the second book of the series we saw the beginning of Jax and Harley and it would be lovely to witness this period before go into this bookWell Jax was an awesome guy and Harley was the perfect match for him They were so funny together and delightful to be around them and i think i needed the continuing of their story even though they broke my heartJax and Harley weren't as they used to be Something awful had happened Something that managed to broke them and tore them apartJax was heartbroken and alone and then a phone call changed everythingHis dear Harley had an accident and she lost her memoryHis heart broken a little bit but he decided that it was better this way The love of my life didn't know me And all I could think was lucky herWhy the hell would I ruin the best thing that's ever happened to her One year forward and life for Jax is shittier than ever He is barely functioning with his life and he is struggling on the field He lost the two most important things in life and he hadn't left any fight inside of himAnd then Harley is barreling back into his life and his heart is breaking even than before Kissing me will make things harder believe me I've told it ruins girlsWho would tell you thatA girl A very beautiful cunning sarcastic girlWhat happened to herShe hasn't come back to me yetWill she everFor her sake I hope not Harley doesn't remember anything from the last two years And then she is starting to see of Jax and his friends and even though he is a total asshole toward her she can't help to not be drown toward him And as the incidents with him keep coming she can't stop this feeling inside of her that is making her feel like when she is around him is like coming home Me and JaxThe man I couldn't remember but somehow still loved So what will happen with those two Will Jax manage to keep her away of himWhat will happen if and when Harley will remember the ugly things Will they manage to overcome the heartbreak that life got them and be together again Our story wasn't beautiful It was filled with obliterating pain But the thing with life is this pain doesn't last forever Well i loved this small story as i loved the two books of the series RVD knows how to write wonderful stories

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En I buried my child Not when my fiancé looked at me like I'd been the reason for it all Not when I look in the mirror and scream at the top of my lungs Football kept me sane But I've lost everything And then I got a phone call She was in an accident She remembered nothing A gentleman wouldn't fight for her wouldn't remi. I don’t think I have patience to read this Too much of angst for me to digestI don’t want to read sad books Full of Triggers and pet peeves 🥀view spoilerFrom the reviews I read the story goes something like thisFirstly the H and h’s baby dies ☹️ Then the h gets amnesia So the H pushes her away 😡 Really Whatever the reason if the H pushes away the h then he is coward in my book 😡Sorry but not sorryAnd then flaunting some ow on her face to push her away is bullshit 🤬Then appearing with the so called ow on events is biggest bullshit 😡🤬😡🤬 hide spoiler