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You can do it SquirrelDren or for early exposure to a second languageSuirrel and Elephant are best friends One day when Suirrel sees delicious nuts high up in a tree she is scared to climb. 35 starsThis is a book about helping someone the right way of helping to be precise It is a story for young children to enjoy and for adults and children alike to take to heart 1 EmpoweringSuirrel and Elephant are walking next to each other through the woods when Suirrel discovers some nuts in a tree But Suirrel is too scared to climb the tree and asks Elephant for help Elephant thought about it If he helped suirrel she would be happy and it was easy for him to lift her up into the tree But if he did she would never learn to climb a tree and what if she ever needed to climb one when he wasn't around Instead of just lifting her up he decides to build up Suirrel's confidence by encouraging her and by pointing out her physical features which are perfect for climbing I really like that he not only tells her to be brave but also gives her a rational explanation as to why she has good reason to trust in her abilities2 Dealing with FailureSo Suirrel gives it a go but gets scared again when she sees how high she has already climbed Here Elephant steadies her with his trunk but only for as long as she needs it She reaches the nuts and in her excitement loses her balance and falls But Elephant catches her of course He has some encouraging words for her and also formulates a learning goal for next time climbing down the tree Here I appreciate that Elephant and Suirrel don't focus on falling which could eual failure for self critical kids but on Suirrel's courage And even better they don't just celebrate her achievement but point out that further practice will lead to growth3 BondingAfter this exciting and exhausting experience they head home with Suirrel sitting comfortably on Elephant's back I like this little detail because it shows that supporting others in a learning experience is a way of bonding and establishing trustAnd the moral of this story 1 The right way to help someone is by empowering and encouraging them instead of doing the work for them2 The right balance between granting autonomy and providing protection creates the potential for bonding and trust3 When failure occurs it is good to focus on your achievement and to keep trying aiming even higher next timeI think this book offers some great advice for parents caregivers and educators as well as NGOs and people who work in developmentI probably should have given it a higher rating but to me it just didn't feel like much of a story The message is great the pictures are adorable but the story is very predictable and lacking in dialogue So I think older kids would find it boring and it's not one of those books that I wouldn't mind reading to my kids over and over again I guess my problem is that I love suirrels and the illustrations are so cute that I was hoping for something like Einhörnchen I liked it but I didn't love itThank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for a free copy of this book in exchange in for an honest review

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characters You can do it, Squirrel! ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ This is the bilingual version of the cute picture book about the adventures of Suirrel and Elephant Each page is in German and English to help you raise bilingual children or for early exposure to a second languageSuirrel and Elephant are best friendIt Elephant motivates her and supports her and when things go wrong he is there for her Together they overcome the hurdle and they can’t wait for their next adventur. A lovely short children's book about trying things on your own in order to succeed This is a fast lovely read about a suirrel and her elephant friend who encourages her to try and climb the tree on her own The illustrations were uite lovely and the story straightforward although I would have preferred something in means of a plot Nevertheless a good book to read with a young child

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This is the bilingual version of the cute picture book about the adventures of Suirrel and Elephant Each page is in German and English to help you raise bilingual chil. Oh My Word I loved this book so much The illustrations are so watercolor y and whimsical and precious The sweet story is about an adorable little elephant and his friend a suirrel The message was so cute and the writing was concise and enjoyable for even a very young little one If you are looking for a whimsical adorable read with a sweet message for your little one definitely grab a copy of thisFTC Disclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book for promotional purposes from NetGalley I was not reuired to write a positive review These are my honest thoughts and opinions