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The Vampire Lestat Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Lestat The vampire hero of Anne Rice's enthralling new novel is a creature of the darkest and richest imagination Once an aristocrat in the heady days of pre revolutionary France now a rock star in the demonic shimmering 1980s he rusheRs like him seeking answers to the mystery of his eternal terrifying existence His is a mesmerizing story passionate complex and thrilling. I was raised by an unapologetic bookworm with rather eclectic tastes and whether its nature or nurture I eventually turned into one of those myself During my formative years if I dared to say I was bored to my mother she would simply throw a book at me and say “Read You won’t be bored any” It was very good advice that I keep to this day you will never catch me without a book in my purse But the thing about my mother is that most of her library was not childrenteenager appropriate and she does not believe in censorship so I read an awful lot of very adult books very young I think that I picked up my first Anne Rice when I was about nine years oldI have read many vampires stories since – some really good and some really bad – and Lestat remains to this day my all time favorite vampireGranted there was a lot of stuff I missed when I read “The Vampire Lestat” the first time because well I was nine But rereading it as an adult made me appreciate it so much First off the amount of historical research that went into creating this book is staggering Say what you will about Anne Rice as a person she sounds rather insufferable but the woman does her homework and weaves an amazing complex and intricate story that bounces through the Âge des Lumières France Roman Empire Egypt colonial era New Orelans and modern day California I am a sucker for history so when a historical setting is as vivid as Ms Rice makes them I find myself utterly fascinatedOf course the character of Lestat is what truly makes this book wonderful he’s a brat with an greedy curiosity and a devil may care attitude that he takes a bit too literally “If I was a damned thing then let the son of a bitch come for me” This was my first encounter with a villain who is not really a villain because he’s a bad person and it might just be where my weakness for bad guys comes from The things about Lestat is that while he can be an absolute monster he’s also a tortured being who wrestles with a strangely twisted conscience strong feelings and an insatiable need to be loved When you read “Interview with the Vampire” he seems like a selfish pompous jerk; but his background so wonderfully detailed in “Vampire Lestat” shows him for what he used to be as a mortal and how the sorrows of his younger days are still a burden he carries within him and tries his best to camouflage by acting like a rock star – ages before such a thing even existed He is a complex herovillain who throws it all in your face with charm and panache – and that is just irresistibleI am glad to see I am not the only one who like this book better than “Interview” Louis is super whiny and kind of a drama ueen as where Lestat just rocks The supporting characters are really well fleshed out the relationship with his mother Gabrielle is wonderful if somewhat disturbing The introduction of Marius who is my second favorite of the Rice vampires is also a huge plus His story is fascinating and his voice is just as delightful as Lestat’s albeit less bratty And of course he tells us the massively awesome story of “Those Who Must Be Kept” This sort of elaborate mythology that blends history with supernatural elements never ceases to fascinate me and it is beautifully toldI find that the writing also as a sensuality for lack of a better word – I don’t think it’s erotic but it’s definitely lush with feels that “Interview” lacked There is darkness but also a humour and poetry to the language that makes it very uniue and sumptuous The philosophical musings about immortality religion love and art were a bit nebulous to me when I was young; it made the re read very fresh because I understood the motivations and struggles of the characters a lot adding a new depth to the storyTo me Anne Rice remains a guilty pleasure kind of read but if you have never read any of her books before I’d recommend “Vampire Lestat” as a good place to start

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Lestat The vampire hero of Anne Rice's enthralling new novel is a creature of the darkest and richest imagination Once an aristocrat in th. Dear Anne RiceNOT WORTHYSigned All Fictional Vampires Who Are Not LestatThis was a re read for me but in all honesty I don't think I was ready for this book the first time I read it Or at least I didn't appreciate it for the sheer masterpiece of storytelling that it is and it's not just the mood and the world and the mythology and the fast moving plot than anything it's the characters Lestat of course Rice's 'brat prince' arrogant and compassionate and impossible all at the same time he'd be enough to carry any book imo but the secondary characters are just as layered and bewitching probably because we see them through Lestat's eyes Nicki and his endless internal darkness; Armand who manages to be both tragic and terrifying; Gabrielle who seems like a force of nature; and even Louis the whiny unreliable narrator from Interview comes off as beautiful and mysterious the star crossed love of Lestat's afterlife I swooned through the last chapterI didn't care for the places Rice took this series after ueen of the Damned but for me Lestat continues to define the vampire as anti hero genre No other blood sucker comes close

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The Vampire LestatE heady days of pre revolutionary France now a rock star in the demonic shimmering 1980s he rushes through the centuries in search of othe. Oh how I love Anne RiceI actually started reading these books after I read Twilight Yes surprisingly I went back to vampire fiction after that Meyer is a good writer but once you've met Anne's Vampires you're never going back Anyhow this book was great It still has the good kind of vampires the ones that sleep in coffins drink human blood and burn in the sunlight This second book in the series wasn't disappointing although I feared it might be after reading the amazing 'Interview With The Vampire' It was also uite interesting since I read this book after I'd seen the movie 'ueen of the Damned' which is based on this book and the next book The violin Turns out it didn't belong to a girl at all but to Nicki a boy Damn you untruthful modern cinema The characters in this book were brilliant the story line was good and the ending was awesome I can't wait to read 'The ueen of the Damned' I own all of the books in this series and it's about time that I finish them all Warning Addicting series