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First published in 1946 The Butterfly takes place among the hills and hollers of West Virginia coal country Cain uses his favorite form of narration the first person confessional in relating this unusual tale of deceit incest and. This one is a peculiar piece of backwoods incest and hillbilly soap opera written by the godfather of noir James M Cain It's been a long time since Jess Tyler's two timing wife left him taking their two young daughters with her Since then he's been spending most of his time alone on his farm All that changes when 19 year old Kady shows up on his doorstep; he realizes she's his daughter and takes her in to live with him And against all of Jess's Christian upbringing not only do they start making moonshine up in the dark caves behind his house but they also start making illicit love back there too eeek which sends him into a tizzy and leads to destruction Although I kept reading because it was Cain and I wanted to see how crazy it would get the writing in this one felt awkward and dated and everything about the book seemed a bit rushed as if Cain wrote it as an assignment and was in a hurry to finish it It was released shortly after the three hugely successful movie adaptations of his novels so I'd like to think that maybe he was pressured to churn out a new novel and wanted to make some dough It also came out right around his dark divorce from his wife so maybe it was written during rocky domestic times or maybe he was just drunk or maybe he just plain fucked up Either way the book was pretty weirdIt had a cool ending though And I am happy I read it just to say I did For fans and completists of Cain only There's even a really fascinating and lengthy preface by him in this edition

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The ButterflyVes a few hints that Jess may not be 100% accurate as a narrator For example he claims to be a God fearing teetotaler Yet he uickly shows himself to be a seasoned expert when it comes to constructing and operating a commercial sti. From BBC Radio 4 The James Cain SeriesWhen Jess Tyler's two timing wife left him he stayed on at the farm alone growing corn and going to Church Nearly twenty years later a young woman turns up with a suitcase and there's an immediate attraction between them The problem is that the young woman is Jess's daughter Kady Or is she Only the butterfly birthmark can settle the uestion for good A tale of revenge murder and forbidden love adapted by Adrian Bean

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Read Ì The Butterfly ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ö First published in 1946 The Butterfly takes place among the hills and hollers of West Virginia coal country Cain uses his favorite form of narration the first person confessional in relating this unusual tale of deceit incest and murderJess Tyler is a church going mountaMurderJess Tyler is a church going mountain man One day out of the blue his estranged daughter Kady shows up at his cabin and starts throwing herself at him in a most undaughterly way At least that's the way Jess tells it Cain lea. I ought to leave this as just DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT because it makes me happy but it's not really a fitting conclusion to my triptych of Cain reviews And why have I still not reviewed the superior Mildred Pierce Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice Your guess is as good as mineI'll say first of all that a two star book by Cain is still worth reading because few writers do the sickening allure of a downward slide to hell better than James M Cain And this novel like Serenade is compellingly strange plus who doesn't want to read grit lit by one of the founding fathers of noir The Butterfly is about Jess an upright read self righteous man who has lived alone since his wife ran out on him When a pretty girl turns up one day and asks him for food Jess finds himself immediately drawn to her by an almost uncontrollable lust unfortunately she's his long lost daughter Kady who is washing up on his doorstep after her own misfortunes Jess does his best to fight his attraction to her if we assume a pretty low bar for what his best actually is but Kady isn't really troubled by such things When she can't draw him into sex she settles for drawing him into making and selling moonshine and for a while the novel is about the two of them locked in a mutually self destructive tango of illicit attraction and criminality Then Cain throws a couple of spanners into the works as Kady's sister shows up with Kady's illegitimate son recently recovered from their mother's lover Moke who'd kidnapped him; the baby's father Kady's beloved ex boyfriend Wash follows along shortly thereafter The novel loses its tightness but gains a valuable source of drama as the new characters complicate things with their own desires and agendas relieving the pressure on Jess and Kady in some ways and increasing it in othersAll of this is a pretty good set up and the complications develop naturally enough The huge problem of this book though is Jess's motivation this seems like a gross thing to say but Cain simply doesn't flesh out Jess's desire for his daughter enough for the huge role it's reuired to play in the plot The damaging damning ferocity of Jess's lust and arguably his love is the engine that drives the novel's third act It's overwhelming enough that Jess proceeds in his final plans with no hesitation or guilt and for me to really believe that he wouldn't even blink at the destruction he's caused I have to believe that this feeling is utterly overwhelming to him and Cain never uite sells it I also have to believe that Kady is powerfully attracted to him in return if less overwhelmingly so and I don't buy that either because Jess is about the least attractive man I could think of stern judgmental manipulative and preachy But Kady is interesting and believable in other ways so I'm willing to grade Cain on a curve here The ending is great as is the atmosphere and setting but Jess is a black hole at the novel's center and it can never uite escape how much he's dragging it down