Imaginary Numbers InCryptid #9 review ï 3

review Imaginary Numbers InCryptid #9

Imaginary Numbers InCryptid #9 review ï 3 Ä The ninth book in the fast paced InCryptid urban fantasy series returns to the mishaps of the Price family eccentric cryptozoologists who safeguard the world of magical creatures living in secret among humansSarah Zellaby has always been in an interesting position Adopted into the Price family atHe’s a cuckoo a telepathic ambush predator closer akin to a parasitic wasp than a human being Friend cousin mathematician; it’s never been enough to dispel the fear that one day nature will win out over nurture and everything will changeMaybe that time has finally comeAfter spending the last several years recuperating in Ohio with her adoptive parents Sarah is ready to return. It makes me so happy to have a new InCryptid book in my hands especially since I won this one in a Goodreads giveaway which pretty much never happens for me THANK YOU GOODREADSIn Imaginary Numbers the ongoing InCryptid series turns to two new point of view characters Sarah Zellaby and Artie Harrington Sarah and Artie are both members of the sprawling Price Healy clan a group of cryptozoologists dedicated to protecting non human species from the persecution of the deadly Covenant and eually dedicated to protecting humans from the deadlier of cryptid species To that end the Prices are all highly skilled with weaponry of all sorts learning to become excellent shots and to throw knives with precision from childhoodSarah is the first non human main character in this series She’s a cuckoo the common term for Johrlacs which are a human appearing species that are or less descended from telepathic wasps Cuckoos are apex predators They can take over anyone’s mind and make them do whatever they want and the effects can be fatal Sarah was adopted into the Price family as a child and so was raised with a different set of influences than a typical cuckoo making her aware of her responsibility to respect others’ boundaries and giving her a deep true love for her family As well as a different and very strong love for her cousin Artie which the two of them have been too shy and awkward to ever acknowledgeIn this book Sarah’s return to the family compound after a lengthy recovery from injury brings the attention of unknown cuckoos who want to use her for their own purposes and don’t care who they have to kill to make it happen The action is intense and fast paced with a plot that’s occasionally confusing but always funThe InCryptid books tend to be a little less dire than Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series which regularly rips out my heart This series is generally light hearted not that there aren’t perilous situations and heartbreaks here as well Still with a family that includes a sorcerer whose boyfriend is a human sized monkey a grandfather who’s patched together from dead bodies and a time traveling grandma who appears to be in her teens things can’t get all that serious for too extended a timeImaginary Numbers ends with a sort of cliffhanger — the main plot is resolved but ends up dumping a few key characters into a brand new situation in the last lines and I’m dying to know what will happen It sounds as though the next in the series Calculated Risks will pick up where this one leaves off Too bad we have to wait a year for itAs an added treat Imaginary Numbers includes a bonus novella Follow the Lady which takes place chronologically between books 8 and 9 It’s fun not earth shattering and a nice way to de stress after the high pitched excitement at the end of Imaginary NumbersThis series is a delight and I’ll echo my previous advice to start at the beginning These books do not work as stand alones not if you want to have any hope of getting what’s going on and the complex convoluted family trees All of the InCryptid books are fast reads so even though this is the 9th book in the series it really won’t be too hard to catch upI love these books Check ’em out

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The ninth book in the fast paced InCryptid urban fantasy series returns to the mishaps of the Price family eccentric cryptozoologists who safeguard the world of magical creatures living in secret among humansSarah Zellaby has always been in an interesting position Adopted into the Price family at a young age she’s never been able to escape the biological reality of her origins s. Imaginary Numbers book 9 in the InCryptid series marks the start of a new arc; and we're on to Sarah cuckoo and gateway to an exceptionally intriguing mysteryThe cuckoos have appeared in plenty of the forty something Incryptid works and not just because the Price family are willing to adopt just about anyone No usually they're a The Silence esue threat that pops up where least expected because just like a black hole you usually have to spot them using the vacant places they leave behind They've been mostly a mystery up until this point and we're given a lot of answers even though this is the first book in what's likely to be a 3 4 book arc Completely aside from the central mystery and monster threat that makes up the main story though this book has a lot to offer Part of what I absolutely adore about this series is the close knit family that lives on the fringes of the world it plays to some of the key tropes I love that are usually so hard to find found family secret hideouts monsters hiding within televised dance competitions that old hat But Sarah and Evie the other Price non evil cuckoo have always existed on a fringe within a fringe part of the family and yet never entirely trusted because that's the nature of a cuckoo The family love them they share secrets with them and yet they're also euipped to handle them going full murder rampage at a seconds notice That dynamic is one that would be so easily mishandled and yet it's done with finesse and grace Every time the viewpoint changes in this series we get a new dimension of insight into this family and this world and I really don't know how Seanan McGuire does that while keeping the heart and soul of the series feeling so warm and welcomingI have a pretty biased love for this series so be aware that this is the least objective review there could really be But part of what I love about Goodreads is seeing the books people can't be objective about so consider this my contribution

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Imaginary Numbers InCryptid #9To the world–and most importantly to her cousin Artie with whom she has been head over heels in love since childhood But there are cuckoos everywhere and when the uestion of her own survival is weighed against the survival of her family Sarah’s choices all add up to one inescapable conclusionThis is war Cuckoo vs Price human vs cryptidand not all of them are going to walk away. 45 Stars bumped to 5 Stars because Math and Xenobiology are just my jam and both have starring roles in this oneSarah Zellaby is a Cuckoo or correctly a Johrlac psychidolos Johrlacs are similar to parasitic wasps and got called cuckoos for their habit of leaving their young for others humans to raise How do humans get fooled by these baby Johrlacs With their big blue eyes soft pale skin and human appearing features Johrlacs are mammals but are literally heartless All males look similar and all females look similar ie there is no real physical variation in the species Did I mention their psychic powers or the insectoid instar phases of development on the way to becoming a lovely imago who can blow a hole into another dimension Yeah about that There's a reason Angela Baker says cuckoos should be killed on sight people She should know she is one But still she rescued Sarah when she was little raised her up with a bunch of rowdy Price cousins some of whom are human some of whom aren't and the thing that is really cool is that since the Prices all have Alice Healy Price genes they don't get slammed by a Johrlac's psychic games no one knows why so Sarah had to grow up not like a Jorhlac She was raised with please and thank you and friends real actual friends When she reached adolescence she didn't slaughter her family and turn to the life of a relentless grifter Nope she studied her beloved math spent time hanging out with her best friend her cousin Artie and for a time in NYC with her cousin Verity where she pretty much imploded her brain after rescuing Verity and her then beau now hubby Dominic from a Covenant of St George disaster Sarah has been a very very bad Johrlac After five long years of healing in the safety of her parents' home in Ohio she's ready to venture back to the Price compound to reconnect with her aunts and uncles and cousins Sadly the greater Johrlac community has been waiting for her I was so excited to finally have a story about mathematics loving Sarah And I wasn't disappointed Sarah makes her way to Oregon and is happy to reconnect with Artie Elsie Antimony and her beau Sam and meet the nice ice sorcerer Antimony adopted James Wisely Annie didn't give James much of a choice on the adoption thing because really the Prices are kind of extra if you know what I mean About the best thing I can say is that she's really lucky she has the Price younger generation on hand for what all awaits her there And that they've been paying really really close attention to Sarah all her life Because when one Jorhlac looks like anotherI do want to give readers a heads up This book ends on a sort of cliffhanger But let's face it it's a Seanan cliffhanger Everyone is probably safe And you know things will work out It's just that Sarah's got some work to do Okay maybe a lot But it's all going to be fine And hey I keep hoping now that Alice will show up or something Or maybe even Thomas So hang in there readers Was any story with a Price in it ever anything other than a bumpy rideI also want to point out that since the InCryptid books have been mini serials about each Price sibling beginning with books 1 3 about Verity; books 4 5 about Alex; books 6 8 about Antimony Imaginary Numbers is a suitable entry point in what is already a longer series A reader could start here and then go back and read the other books for backstory I was fortunate to have borrowed a paper Advanced Review Copy of this book offered by the author to the Facebook fan group