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CHARACTERS ¿ Grave Dark Kings #2 í GRAVEMy life went to hell years ago and I've had a death wish ever since then with fast cars women and drugs They don't call me Grave for nothingBut I do it because I need to feel something anything What's life worth living for without the highAnd then I saw herShe's too good for me and I should stay away But likeE stepped through that door but who wants simpleHe makes me feel alive It took one touch and I became addictedBut therein lies the problem Addiction is Grave's middle name and when he tells me he's taking me to hell with him I don't know whether to take that as a threat or a promis. This isn't a review but a comment based on a previous comment The page kept saying that something went wrong when I tried to comment on it SPOILER ALERTSo correct me if I'm wrong but these books blatantly and repeatedly address that fact that the men basically use women left and right but SHE'S the whore Em slept with like 3 guys one of which was her bang buddy for YEARS so she wasn't exactly sleeping around I think we can all agree George is a sob and Titan he gets his dream girl I realize these are fictional stories and I'm no feminist but this judgement is total and complete bs These guys have banged and will bang practically anyone they want; but yes forgive me my bad she's the whore Glad to at least see the approval of a sexually active heroine though Oh wait that's not approval considering they're being called whores Even better to see that the dated mindset stills holds up for boys will be boys but the women are free to be judged as sluts Cause we've all only slept with one person EVER right And wouldn't books be great if all the single women who were never married were virgins Sounds pretty frikin boring to me But I'm guessing by those antiuated standards that probably makes a lot of us readers WHORES

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GRAVEMy life went to hell years ago and I've had a death wish ever since then with fast cars women and drugs They don't call me Grave for nothingBut I do it because I need to feel something anything What's life worth living for without the highAnd then I saw herShe's too good for m. Grave is the second full length novel in the Dark Kings series by Shantel Tessier This is Grave and April's story which is spoken in multiple POV's We first met Grave in Code of Silence and then again in Titan Now Grave can be read as a standalone but to get a better understanding of these characters I would highly recommend reading the other two novels firstMy poor little heart ached for Grave When he was a teen he lost his mother the only woman that he had ever loved This really took a toll on him Then he was stuck dealing with a father who was completely heartless On top of that his relationship with his older brother began to suffer All of this left him feeling lost and alone so he turned to alcohol drugs sex and fighting in order to mask the pain As it turned out all he needed was the love of a good woman Someone to believe in him and fight for himApril was in college when her mother passed away Due to this she had to drop out and move back home in order to take care of her wild and reckless younger brother Not only that she had to take over the family business a flower shop called Roses This was a lot of responsibility that left her both busy and often stressed out But then one day a sexy tattooed man with a heart of gold came into her shop and forever changed her worldI absolutely loved Grave and April She was the light to his darkness She loved him deeply and was bound and determined to help him slay his demons Their relationship was far from easy but they were exactly what each other needed The connection between them was instant and their chemistry was sizzling hot But there were a lot of obstacles that had to be overcome Thankfully they had their family and friends to help them along the wayAll in all Grave is a fantastic addition to this emotional raw and gritty series The author does a wonderful job to illustrate the struggles that addicts deal with as well as how it affects the people around them This story definitely tugs at your heart strings It really packs a punch and I loved each and every second of it I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books but this one completely captured my heart Grave and April are EVERYTHING If only I could give this 10 stars I would Well done Shantel


Grave Dark Kings #2E and I should stay away But like an addict I switch one drug for another and I'll be taking her to hell with meAPRILI'm anything but sweet despite what people think so when he tells me I'm too good for him and I'm better off without him I don't listenMy life was simple before Grav. 35 4 starsWe Could Be Sinners Just For One Dayarc generously provided by the promo team in exchange for an honest reviewWhat’s this book about I'm trying to give as little spoilers as possibleGrave is an addictApril is a simple girlThey meet and something changes within himIt's supposed to be easy but their love goes through the ringer Who's going to be the last one standing once they come out of hellAnother Tess Tess book that I was eagerly awaiting The story was definitely fast paced and worthwhile The world building continued and I must say that the I read of this familygroup of friends the I love them I liked the lead characters as entities but I wasn't able to connect and relate to them as much as characters of the previous books The first 30% were there for a reason but it wasn't convincing enough to make me care in the end It just felt like 30% of the story were 'wasted' on sth other than the heroine and the hero's relationship Their connection was immediate and it was certainly lovely They bonded over certain situations and I rooted for them They were cute Their story was addictive but not as addictive as the previous stories The characters had potential to be even deeper but I feel like we only scratched the surface Situations in this story could've been dealt with better and extensively I still recommend this to people who love the entire series because this book had lots of cameos and important roles for characters we're familiar withORIGINAL COMMENTI liked the characters but I didn't connect as much with them as I did with the characters of the other books The first 30% could've been arranged differently I feel It was an enjoyable read but it wasn't my favorite InstagramFacebookGoodreadsBookbub