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Le Morte d'Arthur Download ↠ 102 ↠ De legende van Koning Arthur en zijn Ridders van de Ronde Tafel werd voor het laatst in de Middeleeuwen opgetekend door Sir Thomas Malory ✝1471 en in 1485 in druk gebracht door William Caxton die de acht boeken van de oorspronkelijke door Malory in gevangschap geschreven prozatekst bewerkte en verweefde tot eDe legende van Koning Arthur en zijn Ridders van de Ronde Tafel werd voor het laatst in de Middeleeuwen opgetekend door Sir Thomas Malory ✝1471 en in 1485 in druk gebracht door William Caxton die de acht boeken van de oorspronkelijke door Malory in gevangschap geschreven prozatekst bewerkte en verweefde tot een geheel Het boek omvat de belangrijkste Arthur episoden zijn geboorte koningschap en veroveringen de lotgevallen van zijn tafelridders waaronder Heer Gareth van Orkney Heer Tristram van Liones en Heer Lancelot alsmede de hoofse liefde van de laatste jegens Arthurs koningin Guinevere de Graallegende en tenslotte de tra. I just recently finished reading Le Morte d'Arthur and it was an interesting experience It defies categorization Not a novel not an epic poem not exactly a collection of myths than a collection of folk stories certainly a product of a Christian imagination but very earthy Repetitive but after I got into the rhythm of it not boring Once you submit your prejudices to the vision of the author you become able to enter into this strange world of kings knights ladies wars and tournaments When we do we discover that Arthur and his court represent an ideal For Malory and his audience a true king was noble at all times and able to marshall his forces in service of the good A true knight trusted God to uphold his cause in the test of arms A true lady was virtuous and worthy of being defended at all costs There is much in these ideals that is noteworthy and we look down our nose at these ideas at our own peril I thinkThere is a rhythm a pattern in how the tales of King Arthur and his knights are told There is always a uest in need of a knight a lady in need of a champion and a knight in need of proving his mettle He will do so in the only way available to him at that time; through jousts and combat at arms with other errant knights he meets on his way Courts juries and judges are few and far between so wrongs can only be righted by a gentle knight who will prove with his puissance that his cause is just Again when you sit back and accept that this is the pattern Malory used the tales are enjoyable even though we know the formula and can predict with ease what is going to happen Morte d'Arthur though is than jousts and hunts Digging beneath the surface the reader discovers that the stories are filled with symbols and metaphors that show that Malory was telling than stories of jousting knights The legends of King Arthur are filled with Biblical allusions Arthur the once and future king is a type of Christ HIs knights bear resemblances to many of the apostles; Gawain is Peter Modred is Judas and so on Even hunting excursions mean than just a hunt A white hart sometimes symbolizes Christ Himself and the hunt becomes a pursuit of salvation But Malory was no mere idealist King Arthur and his knights and ladies are deeply flawed Sir Tristram and ueen Iseult indulge in an adulterous relationship for years under the protection of Lancelot Lancelot himself uses his skill in battle to prove the innocence of himself and Guenevere something few believe and even the king doubts Gawain's impetuous nature is as much to blame for the fall of Camelot as Modred's treason And in the uest for the holy Grail the knights of the round table are all held accountable for their manifold sins The uest for the Grail came as a surprise to me I always thought that the goal of the uest was to obtain the cup and give it to the king and it is often presented in this manner Malory though saw it differently The uest for the Grail was a uest for the beatific vision to be admitted into the presence of Christ while still on Earth This is the reason it could only be accomplished by one who was as sinless as Galahad This is also the reason that so many of the knights die in this uest In their pride they pursued the Grail as an object to be possessed and manipulated They embark on the uest unworthy of the uest itself let alone the Grail Half of them will pay for this affront with their livesAnother surprise for me was the way in which Le Morte made it clear that Arthur Camelot and Logres are inextricably connected The life of each follows the same arc Camelot and Logres only begin to enjoy their greatness when Arthur becomes king They grow and age with him and his fate is their fate As he waxes in strength wisdom and goodness so do they They are at their height when he is at his and when he falters and fails they must also fall The death of King Arthur is the death of his court and all that it stood for when at its best The hope that he will return is the hope that true nobility true chivalry has not died but only slumbers to awaken at need Le Morte is written in almost a perfunctory fashion There is not much beauty to its prose But the story itself is beautiful enough in its promise and tragedy to ameliorate any defect of techniue It is the font from which nearly all of our Arthurian stories springs There is not a single book poem play or movie about kings knights and wizards that does not owe a certain debt to Le Morte There is much to reward the reader today who is willing to let Malory tell his tale his way I encourage you to do so

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De trouw aan zijn heer en zijn vrouwe en de gedesillusioneerde door wraakzucht gedreven Gawein waarbij Arthurs incestueuze zoon en neef Mordred de verradersrol vervultDe Morte d’Arthur geeft niet alleen een boeiend beeld van de 15e eeuwse haast decadente riddercultus en code maar kan tevens de eerste psychologische roman in het Engelse taalgebied worden genoemd waarin nog op typisch middeleeuwse wijze de conflicten tussen de hoofdfiguren worden weerspiegeld onderstreept en gerelativeerd door de secundaire personages Tenslotte ligt de Morte d’Arthur ten grondslag aan menige moderne versie van de onsterfelijke Arthurlegende. This is the ONLY version of Le Morte d'Arthur that you should EVER read Complete with Early Modern English and absolutely NO dumbing down of the material Great stuff

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Le Morte d'ArthurGische ondergang van de Tafelronde en de dood van Arthur waaraan het gehele werk zijn merkwaardige Franse titel ontleent – de Morte d’ArthurTen tijde van de Rozenoorlogen waarin de laatmiddeleeuwse Engelsen ridderstand zichzelf vernietigde beschrijft Malory in een onopgesmukte stijl en met meer dan een zweem van nostalgie het leven en de dood van de ideale vorst wiens genootschap van onverschrokken en loyale ridders ondanks de succesvolle spirituele speurtocht naar de Heilige Graal tenslotte uiteenvalt tengevolge van botsende persoonlijkheden van de epigonen met name de rechtlijnige Lancelot laverend tussen de verschuldig. At long last hath I enchieved the goodliest uest of 937 pages of Ye Olde English937 pages of damosels and knights smiting everych other and breaking their spears all to brast and tourneys and justing and villainous kings who traitorly slew oops there I go again I'm just so happy I've been reading this book since February it's now November and inasmuch as I thought I was prepared because of that one Christmas that Mr Murray wrote the family Christmas letter in Ye Olde English really he did I had no way of comprehending what I was getting myself into It got to be a point of pride that I had to get through this book even though it took me about 500 pages or so to really get the rhythm of it Of course that means I should probably re read the first 500 pages since I don't remember much of what happened but that's just not an option right now At any rate it's been a fun what nine months or so of reading or at least trying to read a little bit whenever I could until I really hit my stride at around page 600 and knocked off 300 pages in a week And I was wood wroth out of measure that it took me that long to figure out what was going on By the end I had gotten a good handle on it and was able to fully appreciate the tragedy of the storyI do have a complaint and a recommendation to anyone who wants to enchieve this goodly uestComplaint the uest for the Holy Grail took about 50 pages and it was like the freakin' easiest uest in the book And could have been a lot easier if anyone paid attention to what was going on around them half the time maybe they would have realized that they knew where the frakking thing was all along Sigh Maybe if a woman had been involved I have to think that if Dame Elaine had been consulted she would have smacked Launcelot Galahad Percivale and Bors upside the head and said something along the lines of Do I have to do EVERYTHING around hereRecommendation I typically read two books at once a big fat hardcover at home and a paperback on the way to work As it happens the paperback that I have been reading the last week or so on the subway is Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court Reading the parody of Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur alongside the original actually has been very helpful Twain kindly defines some of the Ye Olde English words for you and cracks you up with his take on the discomforts of wearing armor and the silly simplicity of most of the people in Ye Olde England He definitely captures the head shaking aspect of certain parts of the book and I'm glad that he gave a shoutout to La Cote Male Taile whose story was one of the few that I remembered from the first half of Malory's version who could forget that shrew that the poor guy had to put up with Reading Mark Twain alongside Sir Thomas actually clarifies Sir Thomas uite a bit and makes the original a little easier to readHappy uesting