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UprisingEr immigrants she works long hours at a grueling job under terrible conditions Yetta a coworker from Russia has been crusading for a union and when factory conditions worsen she helps workers rise up in a strike Wealthy Jane learns of the plight of the workers and becomes involved with their cause Bella and Yetta are at work and Jane is vi This review is in the form of a poemOne sets off from Italyto save her family from povertyto pay for their food she must work goodat the Triangle Shirtwaist FactoryOne is not as satisfiedwith the low wages and the owners' liesthe need to rebel her sister can tellIs raging in her eyesOne can ignore it alllive like every day's a ballbut with every urge and worker concernsIt seems she should help with the haulThree rebel but when the story is setA horrific fire burns the building yetone terrible truth though in their youthThree wish for life two meet with death

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kindle Ó Uprising Hardcover Ö margaret peterson haddix Ö Around her the workers were screaming out prayers and curses She herself was sobbing tearlesslyHer only prayer was still I don't want to die Oh please God don't let me die she thought I've never even had a chance to liveBella newly arrived in New York from ItSiting the factory on March 25 1911 when a spark ignites some cloth and the building is engulfed in fire leading to one of the worst workplace disasters ever Margaret Peterson Haddix draws on extensive historical research to bring the tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire to tangible life through her thrilling story of Bella Yetta and Ja Have you ever stood up for something you believed in even if it meant making sacrifices Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a historical fiction novel that follows the stories of Jane Yetta and Bella and their experiences of life in America in the 1900s Jane is a young socialite with a growing interest in the Triangle Shirtwaist strikers Bella has just emigrated to America from rural Italy and works to earn money to send home to her starving family Yetta is a Jewish girl whose sister inspires her to fight for change and be a revolutionary These three girls' stories become tangled together in a friendship that should last a lifetime but with the result of strike leaving much to be desired each day in the factory holds lies theft and danger Can individuals enact change that will benefit all or is money really the only God of AmericaThis book offers an interesting glimpse into class culture and the experience of women in the patriarchal 1900s as the suffrage and union movements begin to gain momentum The three characters Yetta Bella and Jane are dynamic and round each with personalities that were developed fully Their different personalities mean that they would be relatable to a range of personalities and at least one girl should resonate with every reader Many of the literary elements in the novel symbolism and theme go largely undeveloped but my biggest worry was some of the unaddressed plot elements that in the last chapter are neatly wrapped up I feel this was unrealistic with many characters and events that weren't mentioned since the first half of the novel conveniently resolved in the final few pagesAs much as I truly enjoyed this novel I really struggled with the radical choices that the characters made especially Jane's running away for nine months To a young reader I feel like this part of the work offers radical change as a valid alternative by glamorizing their life in poverty So much of being a part of social change though and what I want to emphasize in my own classroom is that little steps make a tremendous difference I do think the book would serve as a great starting point though for conversations about social justice immigration workers rights social class and wealth in America especially if paired with the social studies curriculum This is definitely a book I will include on my bookshelf however I don't foresee myself using it as a teaching novel

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Around her the workers were screaming out prayers and curses She herself was sobbing tearlesslyHer only prayer was still I don't want to die Oh please God don't let me die she thought I've never even had a chance to liveBella newly arrived in New York from Italy gets a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory There along with hundreds of oth My daughter picked this up at the library and after reading it recommended it to me Since I'm usually the one doing the recommending I thought I should humor her I'm so glad I did Another historical fiction novel about the Triangle Shirtwaist fire but in depth than Threads and Flames In this novel we learn about the strike that happened months before the fire as well as a realistic picture of immigrant life Haddix also allows some of her characters to perish in the fire which is heartrending but also makes the whole tragedy real And later in her notes we learn of fires in factories in the past twenty years where many people perished because of some of the same poor working conditions that led to so many deaths at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Including one in North Carolina in 1991 at a chicken processing plant where 25 people died because the doors were locked Many times in my life I have felt like Haddix's character Jane Being blessed with so much and not knowing how to use it to help those who have so little Kudos to you Ms Haddix for writing such a thought provoking book