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Movie Time! (Hot Dog #6) Summary ✓ 2 ☆ Hotdog Lizzie and Kev want to be MOVIE STARS But first they'll have to try out with all the other actors to find the perfect roles Do Hotdog and his friends have what it takes to get the partsAve to try out with all the other actors to find the perfect rol. For ages 6 8 Themes Films Play Movie making FriendsHot Dog and his best friends Kev the cat and Lizzie the lizard return for another fun adventure in ‘Movie Time’ They love playing cops and robbers especially when Kev’s loot bag is filled with muffins After the game they grab an ice cream and notice some special posters ‘Actors Wanted – a Hero Ninja a Brave Ballerina and a Volcano Monster with try outs soon and free food as an incentive The new movie called ‘The Volcano Monster’ sounds thrilling Hotdog thinks he’s perfect for the ninja with a little practice Kev wishes to star as the ballerina lots of practice needed and Lizzie wants to be the volcano monster she’s afraid of heights thoughWith only a week until the auditions the friends need to practice their skills and train really hard if they want to stand out from the others keen to be in the movie What great friends they are encouraging guiding helping and creating challenges to hone their skills Hot Dog’s ninja chopping skills create a perfectly sliced fruit platter leaping over a wobbly line of tree trunks with spiky porcupine obstacles proves a little tricky Kev looks gorgeous in his tutu but his spins and leaps need finesse Hot Dog’s especially helpful adding a layer of rubber to Lizzie’s shoes at each training session to help her overcome her fearAt the auditions the friends try their best and are given special roles which come in very handy when the real volcano eruptsAnh Do’s Hot Dog series are jam packed with humour slap stick comedy cheesy jokes and loads of fun He focuses on friendship teamwork and caring for others while creative and imaginative play is encouraged Some of the animal’s actions need to come with a word of caution especially the volcano rescue and dealing with the lava and flying rocks Dan McGuiness continues to capture the humour fun and crazy actions of the characters The Brussel sprout ice cream Lizzie’s unusual practice volcano and the spiky porcupines add excitement Red is the predominant colour making the illustrations stand out bold key words and differing text styles and sizes make this another easy to read story for readers from six and great for hi lo readers as well

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Es Do Hotdog and his friends have what it takes to get the parts. Hot dog and his friends Kev the cat and Lizzie the chameleon love playing make believe When they see posters around town advertising tryouts for the new 'Volcano Monster' movie they go into strict training so they'll get the parts Hotdog practises his best Ninja moves Kev learns to spin and leap like a ballerina and Lizzie tries to overcome her fear of heights They land minor roles in the movie but when the volcano blows for real they may be the only ones who can save the dayThis is a really fun book with a good plot and illustrations It also has a good lesson about working together and helping others but it's done in an engaging way I help an 11 year old girl with her reading and she loved it She jumped straight into Chapter 1 and started reading out loud without me asking her I'll definitely look for of these books

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Movie Time Hot Dog #6Hotdog Lizzie and Kev want to be MOVIE STARS But first they'll h. Best friends Hotdog the dog Kev the cat and Lizzie the lizard are enjoying their ice creams when Hotdog finds something exciting posters advertising acting auditions for a new movie called The Volcano Monster Hotdog wants to be the ninja Kev wants to be the ballerina and Lizzie wants to be the volcano monsterIt’s only a week until the auditions so the friends need to start training if they’re going to be as heroic brave and terrifying as the movie makers need them to be The trio help each other perfect the talents they will need to show during their auditions The only problem is that Lizzy is scared of heights and a volcano monster isn’tI always enjoy the humour in Anh’s books even though it’s usually of the dad joke variety and super cheesy This series always majors on friendship with teamwork being a good sport and looking out for others at the forefront so there’s always a great message beneath all of the fun Once things uite literally heat up in this story it did wander into ‘don’t try this at home kids’ territory so it may be a good idea to follow up with your child after you finish reading to make sure they know that the ways the main characters deal with danger here isn’t something your child should attempt to replicateDan McGuiness illustrates this series and once again he’s captured both the heart of the characters and the humour of the author Be on the lookout for some cute porcupines Kev in a tutu and a cucumber on an amusement park ride The kitchen sink is even thrown in for good measure Each book in this series has splashes of a specific colour usually in two or three shades that make the illustrations pop; key words are also coloured to match The colour for this book is red which seemed appropriate given the volcano monster movie is central to the storyWhile not my favourite book in this series it’s nonetheless a really entertaining read and I’ll be looking out for the next adventure featuring Hotdog Kev and Lizzie