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Then the Fish Swallowed Him Read & Download î 107 Ð An critically acclaimed Iranian author makes his American literary debut with this powerful and harrowing psychological portrait of modern Iran—an unprecedented and urgent work of fiction with echoes of The Stranger 1984 and The Orphan Master’s Son—that exposes the oppressivAn critically acclaimed Iranian author makes his American literary debut with this powerful and harrowing psychological portrait of modern Iran an unprecedented and urgent work of fiction with echoes of The Stranger 1984 and The Orphan Master’s Son that exposes the oppressive and corrosive power of the state to bend individual lives Yunus Turabi a bus driver in Tehran leads an unremarkable life A solitary man since the unexpected deaths of his father and mother years ago he is decidedly apolitical even during the. Yunus is a fourty four year old bus driver in Tehran Gathered at a bus drivers strike things uickly intensify and chaos ensues Violence breaks out and one thing leads to another Yunus is arrested and sent to Evin Prison where he fights to hold onto the truth The corruption of the justice system is exposed during his time in prison and later when he goes to trialAfter he is arrested stories alternate between interrogations and flashbacks The flashbacks occur during the 1970’s 2005 for Yunus Most flashbacks focus on his relationships Though there are flashbacks the majority of the book takes place in Evin prisonHis time in prison when he was alone without his interrogator made me slightly bored For example there were pages about his turd masturbation and another about a string Though very well written pages about his turd At these moments it felt like it was taking a long time to reach the resolution The character Yunus is not a very interesting character It’s hard to really make a strong connection with him because he is such an unremarkable guy The political situation surrounding him keeps it interestingThe prose is beyond beautiful It is the star of the book and caused me to look forward to reading I loved A Arian's use of language and will be looking for his next bookThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy Opinions are my own

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D interrogation In their startlingly intimate exchanges Yunus’s life begins to unfold from his childhood memories growing up in a freer Iran to his heartbreaking betrayal of his only friend As Yunus struggles to hold on to his sanity and evade Saeed’s increasingly undeniable accusations he must eventually make an impossible choice continue fighting or submit to the system of lies upholding Iran’s powerGripping startling and masterfully told Then the Fish Swallowed Him is a haunting story of life under despoti. As someone who has read multiple books about Iran and Persia in general and loved them even the tough ones it IS amazing what great writing can do for an uncomfortable book I did not enjoy this book at all Not even when I switched to an audiobook because I was having a hard time staying focused the audiobook helped a little with that but I was mostly distracted while listening It is vulgar and profane and not in a good way very poorly written and while it does show how poorly people are treated within the justice system in Iran it shows very little else The blurb makes you think that there is going to be a profound connection and relationship between Yanus and Hajj Saeed his personal interrogator both personal and psychological They are highly mistaken While they do meet regularly and Hajj attempts to get Yanus to confess to things he has not and truly was not capable ofdoing there is no real relationship there It was very misleading and I feel that I was deceived into believing this was going to be a book filled with a rich relationship that develops out of the circumstances and nothing actually happens It was a huge disappointment Add to that the absolute vulgarity and truly gross descriptions of things Yanus thinks about and does and you have a book that does not even remotely live up to the hype Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins PublishersHarperVia for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Then the Fish Swallowed HimDriver’s strike and its bloody end But everyone has their breaking point and Yunus has reached hisHandcuffed and blindfolded he is taken to the infamous Evin prison for political dissidents Inside this stark strangely ordered world his fate becomes entwined with Hajj Saeed his personal interrogator The two develop a disturbing yet interdependent relationship with each playing his assigned role in a high stakes psychological game of cat and mouse where Yunus endures a mind bending cycle of solitary confinement an. This was an engrossing read A thorough examination of solitude captivity coercion corruption torture violence loyalty manipulation and politics gets worked into the narrative of post revolutionary Iran There's even a fascinating section exploring the effects of Stockholm Syndrome The last couple of chapters packs an emotional wallop and the book ends on such a melancholic note It's a disheartening end but also a powerful image These last chapters really demonstrate Arian's talent when it comes to atmosphere and imagery