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Lie to Me Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö From the author of the acclaimed novels Girl in a Bad Place and Where She Fell comes a pulse pounding novel about love betrayal and a serial killerEver since Amelia woke up in the hospital recovering from a near death fall she has no memory of she's been suspicious Her friends fShe looking for exactly And how can she tell who's trustworthy and who might be must be lying to herThe closer Amelia gets to the truth the terrifying her once orderly safe world becomes She's determined to know what happened but if she doesn't act fast her next accident might be her las. ”I don’t want someone to have tried to kill me But if they did I want to know who it was And why me And I want to catch them before they try it again” Synopsis Solving mysteries is fun but kissing is even fun as one girl finds out as she tries to solve the mystery of who tried to kill her but gets frustratingly distracted by kissing her boo thang Biblio Babble We Could’ve Had It All There is no feeling uite like the feeling of being disappointed When I was a kid knowing that my parents were disappointed in me felt even worse than if they were angry at me Somehow the disappointment cuts deeper than anger And boy oh boy was I disappointed in this bookWhat makes this so tragic melodramatic much but this is a YA novel after all is that up until the final act this book was SO GOOD There were so many good elements to this novel that I was prepared to give this sucker five stars I rarely if ever give out 5 stars to books and I rarely give them to YA mystery novels There were so many good elements that this book had that it made it an enjoyable and fast read I probably could have finished this think in a single night if I weren’t a complete grandma and was too tired to read another page The Land of Communication The first element that I need to note that was done particularly well was the amount of communicating and understanding each character had between not only themselves but with others It’s actually possible to write mature YA characters y’all Authors please take noteAmelia had such a wonderful relationship with her parents and brothers and friends Her friend group was honestly one of the most supportive friend groups I’ve read about They had their arguments and disagreements but after they cooled off they took the time to talk about what went wrong apologized gasp and discuss what they could do better the next timeI can’t fucking believe it That’s a goddamn unicorn element that’s missing in so many YA novelsTheir frank and honest discussions of mental health and sexuality were so refreshing to read about Yes it’s true that a lot of teenagers make a lot of mistakes because they’re young and trying to figure things out Some make mistakes than others However there is a sect of mature YA teens that take the time to actually have honest conversations with each other and this is one instance of that It was so much appreciated Um Guys We Have a Mystery to Solve This is marketed as a YA romantic thriller but I would put a hell of a lot emphasis on the romantic element than the mystery element Amelia suffered a fall at a creek which her friends family and doctor think was nothing than an accident However there’s a nagging feeling in the back of her head that she was pushed instead of her just falling She keeps these suspicions to herself and tries to solve the mystery but then this hot guy shows up and that plan goes partially out the window Liam is essentially the picture of the perfect boyfriend Attentive supportive and drop dead handsome I’m pretty sure the author modeled him to be the perfect dreamboat But the time the main character spent with him the the mystery got pushed to the side Because making out with hot guys is totes interesting Amelia obviously never read any Nancy Drew books ”Romance and detective work won’t mix tonight”Look I’m all for my mysteries to have a little bit of kissing but I don’t want it to take over the plotline This book is the euivalent of what would happen if a director of movie yells “cut” but the two players keep on kissing It’s like y’all You can stop now The take has ended Let’s move on shall weShades of Gossip Girl One of my favorite shows as a preteenteen was Gossip Girl It made me partial to headbands and New York and I was absolutely obsessed with it It was the Riverdale of my generation The show started when I was in 7th grade and ended when I was in 12th grade; so I essentially grew up along with it Anyways the resounding uestion that surrounded that show other than where did everyone get their chic outfits is who was Gossip Girl Everyone had their theories and there were hints dropped here and there but it was essentially kept under wrapsThe show inevitably ended which meant that we would finally get to find out who the elusive Gossip Girl was They were revealed readers And it should have stayed a mysteryAbsolutely nobody was right in their guess Not the viewers not the media Nobody It was completely utterly maniacally ridiculous Even worse there was a reason it was so ridiculousConsidering the show ended almost eight years ago I shouldn’t have to use spoiler tags but to err on the side on Internet caution Imma use them anyways view spoilerGossip Girl was meant to have been Eric van der Woodson which was actually kind of genius But then viewers started putting the pieces together and starting to figure it out Instead of just leaving it as it was the producers and writers hit the panic button and made Dan Humphrey Gossip Girl instead I just can’t hide spoiler

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Doctors insist it was an accident but Amelia is sure she remembers being pushed Then another girl is found nearby one who fell but didn't survive Amelia's fears suddenly feel very real and with the help of her new boyfriend Liam she tries to investigate her own horrific ordeal But what is. A Review from a Middle School TeacherLie to Me by Kaitlin Ward was recommended to me by a reluctant reader at the school I'm currently teaching at She absolutely consumed this book She's 13 a typical middle school girl and I think the exact demographic that this book is aimed for I'm 29 well read and I figured out the mystery just from reading the back cover I'm not this book's demographicI think this is an excellent book for reluctant readers because the action starts from the beginning There's uite a bit of romance so much that it felt a little excessive to me at times and plenty of friendship fights sibling rivalry and respect and What I liked the heroine and her brother have a nice relationship depression is handled delicately and mental illness in general is not portrayed as anything to be ashamed of bisexuality is represented well as is lesbianism the family unit is solid and there is respect for the parentsWhat I would warn parents about there is a lot of physical contact; while there is no sex there is plenty of kissing handholding etc there is uite a lot of mention of homosexuality bisexuality lesbianismAnd that's it Overall I think this is a nice 7th or 8th grade book for a uick read and might get those reluctant readers finally reading

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Lie to MeFrom the author of the acclaimed novels Girl in a Bad Place and Where She Fell comes a pulse pounding novel about love betrayal and a serial killerEver since Amelia woke up in the hospital recovering from a near death fall she has no memory of she's been suspicious Her friends family and. Amelia wakes from nearly falling to her death unable to recall what happens and doctors say she may never remember Everyone says the fall was an accident but Amelia thinks someone tried to push her And she’s not the only one Two other teenage girls have been killed The creepy guy next door might be the culprit Or not Now Amelia is getting threatening texts Time may be running outAmelia has a LOT going on Not only is she recovering from a concussion and broken arm she’s uestioning her sexual orientation with crushes on both a close female friend and her brother’s teammate and nemesis She and her BFF are fighting tooHaving a positive reading experience means to me than the uality of writing Although I guessed the culprit Kaitlin Ward’s LIE TO ME and the writing was mediocre it was a fun easy read that provided me hours of enjoyment