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A Love Hate Thing free read Ô 106 ✓ When they’re stuck under one roof the house may not be big enough for their hateor their loveWhen Tyson Trice finds himself tossed into the wealthy coastal community of Pacific Hills he’s ready for the uestions the stares and the feeling of not belonging Not that he cares After recovering from being shot aWhen they’re stuck under one roof the house may not be big enough for their hateor their loveWhen Tyson Trice finds himself tossed into the wealthy coastal community of Pacific Hills he’s ready for the uestions the stares and the feeling of not belonging Not that he cares After recovering from being shot and surviving the rough streets of Lindenwood he doesn’t care about anyone or anything. When I first heard about this book I was excited The cover was beautiful and I was on the prowl for a YA contemporary romance featuring black teens I thought I would adore this book but it might be my biggest disappointment of 2019 As I read I was transported to those Kimani Tru booksalso published by Harleuin of my young teen years This book had all the same dated slang and similar writing Except this book is set in 2020 You'd never be able to tell with all the references to the early 2000s from movies to tv to music People who are 17 in 2020 were not jamming to B2K as kids watching You Got Served or The Proud Family and Static Shock All of that was popular when they were too young to be tuned in to pop culture It's like the author wrote this book back when she was a teen and used this story to try and relive her glory days Has she spoken to teens in 2019 This book needed a black editor or at least black beta readers so badly Dated dialogue and pop culture references aside this book was simply not entertaining It floundered on and on with no real purpose and than halfway through this lengthy story I found myself skimming to the end Tyson was so laughable One minute he's a wannabe thug He's a bad boy but not really bad His friends are the bad ones and he just tags along with no refusal but he's not really into what they do At one point he talks about an annoying neighbor he had as a child And his friends going out of their way to set her off Then he says one night she was robbed and killed He wondered if his friends did it But he just let it go He's also a hotep who reads Roots and The Color Purple for fun preaches about back when black people were kings and ueens and tries to school Nandy in black culture Why is he is the first one to introduce Nandy to the origin of her name instead of her parents Nandy is a prissy rich girl who is supposed to be root worthy She's annoying than anything else She spends a chunk of the time looking down on Tyson until she decides she's in love with him Then despite having a boyfriend acts possessive over Tyson Even to the point of being rude to her best friend who is showing an interest in him Why did this black love book have me almost rooting for the white girl to take him awayOur author keeps trying to sell this idea of Nandy and Trice having been in love since 7 years old At one point Nandy reflects on Trice being her first kiss and heartbreak back when they were 7 It's a little creepy And this idea that they held a flame for each other despite not seeing each other in 10 years is ridiculous One minute there would be meaningful dialogue and discussion like Tyson and Nandy expressing their thoughts on the term African American and their feelings as black Americans The next we got nonsense like thisThis ain't the hood Tyson We do not braid hair on the front step I saidThis story had potential since it put black teens in an environment we usually don't read about them in but unfortunately it just fell flat I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewhttpswomenofcolorreadtooblogspot

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Roof the wall between their bedrooms feels as thin as the line between love and hate Beneath the angst their growing attraction won’t be denied Through time Trice brings Nandy out of her shell and Nandy attempts to melt the ice that’s taken Trice’s heart and being Only with the ever present pull back to the Lindenwood streets it’ll be a wonder if Trice makes it through this summer at all. I had really high hopes for this one but it ended up falling a little short for mePersonally I found the framing around Pacific Hills as a great community that everyone aspires to live in to beuncomfortable deceiving It's a rich neighborhood and even as a semi diverse one I found it weird that it was being framed as a good place One that is good to all the people who live there Because real rich neighborhoods like Pacific Hills complete with cotillion and deb balls can get pretty racist and exclusionary Deb balls are usually invitation based and the invites go to rich white kids with connections But again Pacific Hills is fictional so on one hand this is a nice fantasy to be able to write about But especially when contrasted against Lindwood A lot of the times it felt like the book was saying Congrats Trice You got out You get to benefit and chill in Pacific Hills Time for you to cut all ties to Lindwood and start your new happy stage of your life with a bunch of rich kids You deserve to get outsucks for everyone else in Lindwood Idk I'll update if I have thoughts but I'd definitely suggest reading some OwnVoices reviews I'm not sure I would hand this to any white or non Black reader who isn't well versed in understanding complex social dynamics surrounding community and Blackness Which isn't a flaw of Grandison or her writing but of a flaw of the white gaze that may read this and internalize some of the shit Nandy internalized at the beginning of the book

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A Love Hate ThingMuch less how the rest of his life will play outGolden girl Nandy Smith has spent most of her life building the pristine image that it takes to fit in when it comes to her hometown Pacific Hills where image is everything After learning that her parents are taking in a troubled teen boy Nandy fears her summer plans as well as her reputation will go up in flames Now with Trice living under the same. All these opinions are my own I personally did not enjoy this book maybe others will but I'll list the pros and cons I had with this book belowPros The concept of two black people from different walks of life falling in love is rare to have especially highlighting two intelligent black teens I liked how the female relationships were not affected by the boys The representation of adaption was beautiful The family bonds displayed were amazing Loved that most of the menboys handled women with respect Cons Black trauma was a huge plot point and it was not handled in a way that I could appreciate Due to the characters treating Trice as better then other guys it criminalized everyone else Everyone else in that neighboorhood also had a rough upbringing but Trice was the only one worthy of a good life Also they claim this neighborhood to be middle class and not bad but spend most of the time talking poorly about it and the need to escape it The stereotyping of Nandy and Trice was apparent Both characters stereotypical black people either in being sassy or scary The story never broke down those stereotypes Nandy was selfish and rude for most of the book painting black teens as hysterical I understood that appearance meant a lot to her but the way she treated her friends and family did not show a loving person except a few rare moments she thought beyond herself There were a lot of contradicts where a character would say it's okay to cry but then later call it weak Or Nandy would say she's not judgemental but turn around a judge everyone even her closest friends There was a HUGE lack of funlovingjoyful moments Most of the book the angst was Nandy avoiding her feeling due to jealousy The dialogue was cringey This book was trying to tackle too much and I hope in the future we can have black love stories without exploiting black trauma I would not recommend