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read The Parliament of Blood kindle ä Hardcover î justin richards È George Archer Liz Oldfield and Eddie Hopkins have made a rather unfortunate discovery vampires actually exist and they really do feed on human blood Using an underground labyrinth of tunnels beneath Victorian London these sinister creatuOrian London these sinister creatures intend on destroying the human race and they’ll start by taking over the most powerful place in London the House of ParliamentThrough their research on ancient mys It's a romp As long as you don't expect much you'll have fun Think a cross between The Mummy Raiders of the Lost Ark though it's probably The Last Crusade and Dracula set in Victorian England Throw in a few 11 to 18 year olds and some zombie vampires and you've pretty much got a sense of the book A whole lotta fun

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George Archer Liz Oldfield and Eddie Hopkins have made a rather unfortunate discovery vampires actually exist and they really do feed on human blood Using an underground labyrinth of tunnels beneath Vict What an awesome book Really Now here's a guy that knows how to play with the lore not ass rape itFirst off I was surprised by how British it was Usually with British books when we get them they're Americanized Like the Harry Potter books Most of the British collouialisms were removed apparently because we wouldn't get it But this one appeared relatively untouched There are even 'ou' spellings British punctuation and everything I liked it It didn't insult my intelligence because really Americanizing is pretty insulting and it made the read feel that much authenticWhile I pretty much raced through it I felt it did meander a bit at times The dawdling at the work house for instance I felt too much time was spent there in comparison to the relevance of the place to the greater plot Yeah it's a little wordy but I've read worse and even though there were a few too many words it still remained interesting and I wanted to keep reading That's really what matters rightOut of all the characters I felt the closest to Eddie I felt like he was the one character where we were really able to get into his head and his feelings and understand them Plus he's a snarky little shit and I just really liked that Sir William's a pretty cool dude I wouldn't mind working with him George was a bit of a stiff especially for someone his age but he proved useful and not nearly as anal retentive as he first appeared I think I liked Liz the least That's not to say I didn't like her but I felt she didn't really add much to the overall story I was neither here nor there about her but really just mehPlus I felt her big role would have been easily found out by the vampires That was the only part of the book that I had a hard time believing in By the time we get to that point in the book we know what the vampires are capable of what their powers are and so on Considering that knowledge and the situation I didn't find her situation plausible and I think they would have ripped open her neck for playing them But that's just my opinionNow the lore part totally awesome Richards has all the basic constructs of vampires; fangs light sensitivity not combustion level but sensitive blood drinking plus he even went with the water fear and the connection to home soil I loved that part how they keep their soil on them Very smart The Great Lie though was uite possibly the best part It twists the lore just enough that it still maintains its integrity but creates for something new and interesting and YES I don't want to give it away but let me just say that it takes a standard part of the lore that's in favor of the vampires and turns it right against them Very awesome And then there's the hibernation bit of it as well That was another one of the parts of this book's lore that I loved the most vampires switching places in order to not inundate the planet No wonder there was discordI loved all of the twists this book had to offer especially with Liz's father He was such a dynamic character and one of my favorites even though he didn't appear much in the book He was such a strong presence that from the moment he was introduced even when he wasn't in scene his presence permeated the pages Really no wonder the Reverend wanted to keep Liz away from the theater While the reason to me anyway was pretty obvious as soon as it was introduced the way it came to light and then dark was totally coolThis is an excellent and creepy book about vampires It makes them a little realistic a little sexy but very dangerous and very undead You can't become a vampire until you die and then you get to claw your way out of your grave It's probably one of the most traditional pieces of vampire lore and one that I liked the best It gives them the juxtaposition of being appealing but at the same time truly the abominations that they are They are undead as they should be People shouldn't want to be that but there's a side with a draw that for some is irresistibleRead this book Now The vampires will appreciate it

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The Parliament of BloodTeries and a secret London Gentlemen’s Club George Liz and Eddie come up with a plan to beat the vampires at their own game  And they better do it soon before they become the vampires’ next   meal I'm totally stuck in this YA rut and there are some clear winners Mortal Instruments but most of it is starting to all sound the same More vampires trying to take over the worldkill a bunch of people Blah blah Been there done that read it before What a craze Twilight started It's like it's cool to read aboutlike vampires now so authors are dashing out books as fast as they can so they can get in on the action before the fad fades I just finished this book last week and it's already fading from my memory So yeah don't read this