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The Boy in the Photo review ✓ 3 é She becomes aware of the silence at the other end of the line A prickling sensation crawls up her arms her heart rate speeds up ‘Found who’ she asks slowly carefully deliberately ‘They found Daniel’ Six years ago Megan waits at the school gates for her six year old son Daniel As children come and go the E boy Megan remembers Cold and distant Daniel is grieving the death of his father blaming Megan for his loss and rejecting his family And as Megan struggles to connect with the son she no longer recognises as her own she begins to realise that Daniel has a secret A secret that could destroy their family and put them in terrible danger A heartbreaking emotional drama about a family in turmoil with a jaw dropping twist that will blow you away Fans of Jodi Picoult Liane Moriarty and Lisa Wingate – this moving and poignant novel is for you. I received a free e copy of The Boy in the Photo by Nicole Trope from NetGalley for my honest reviewDaniel was abducted at age 6 He is later reunited with his Mom Megan but he is not the little boy she remembered The truth is he absolutely scares her An emotional heat breaking read

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She becomes aware of the silence at the other end of the line A prickling sensation crawls up her arms her heart rate speeds up ‘Found who’ she asks slowly carefully deliberately ‘They found Daniel’ Six years ago Megan waits at the school gates for her six year old son Daniel As children come and go the playground emptying panic bubbles inside her Daniel is nowhere to be found According to his teacher Daniel’s father Greg has picked up his son Except Greg and Megan are no longer together After years of being controlled by her c. One of the worst things that can happen to a mother is to have her child abducted and never know what happened to him or whether she'll ever see him again That's the anguish Megan had to live with for six years after her six year old son Daniel was abducted by her abusive controlling ex husband Greg But now Daniel has been returned to her as a silent hostile adolescent who has been filled with the hate and bitterness of his father and the lies he told him about his mother With his father now dead and Megan re married with a new baby she is struggling to reconnect with her son and find the sweet little boy that she remembersThis is such an emotional and heart breaking story of a family struggling to hold it all together Megan's new husband the detective who was originally in charge of Daniel's case is so understanding and compassionate in a situation that many men couldn't handle Megan is having difficulty coping with her feelings and reactions wanting to smother her son with love but knowing she has to stand back and give him space to deal with grieving for his father and just hope he will gradually come to trust them Daniel is also struggling with his feelings as he comes to realise that he has had his childhood taken from him and a lot of what his father told him is twisted and untrue The author really has painted a thoughtful and provocative picture of what it would be like to have your child returned to you hostile and angry after six years on the run with a controlling and antagonistic parent And to top it all off she has delivered an explosive ending that will blow your socks off Highly recommended With thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for a digital copy to read

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The Boy in the PhotoRuel husband Megan has finally found the courage to divorce him Hands trembling she dials his number but the line is dead Six years later Megan is feeding baby daughter Evie when she gets the call she has dreamt about for years Daniel has walked into a police station in a remote town just a few miles away Her son is alive – and he’s coming home But their joyful family reunion does not go to plan His room may have been frozen in time with his Cookie Monster poster and stack of Lego under the bed but Daniel is no longer the sweet littl. 35★“Greg could be charming and convincing when he wanted to be Megan knew that better than anyone She had found herself easily persuaded out of her own opinions and thoughts for years” My notes don't include any spoilers as the promotional material for the book clearly describes the situations I've alluded toMegan had been charmed into marrying him and then convinced to stay for several years in spite of increased misgivings She adores her little boy Daniel and the two are very close But Daniel also loves his dad which makes it especially hard to consider a break upBut when push comes to shove literally she calls it uits Greg moves out and sees Daniel on alternate weekends saying he’s too busy with work to manage anything He seems desperate to win her back to bring her back under his control to make them a family He swears he is devoted to her and only herShe was never good enough for his parents however who still live in England His mother writes to Megan begging that she allow Daniel to continue to visit them from Australia and not punish them with the splitThen the unthinkable One day after school Daniel is not at the gate and she’s told his father picked him up The book then moves back and forth between the early days of their marriage to six years later when Daniel is located and then occasionally flashes back to Daniel living with his father in Australia or elsewhereI enjoyed this particular passage Anyone who’s ever hurried a schoolboy to get ready will recognise a kid like this“In the living room six year old Daniel is dressed in his sports pants Bare chested his ribs protrude fighting with his collarbones for angles in almost comical opposition to his chubby cheeks”There’s something heart achingly endearing about the angles and elbows and ‘wings’ on active little boys That’s how she remembers Daniel so six years later at 12 she realises she’s missed the transformationMegan has survived the six intervening years with the help of her parents family friends and particularly from a couple of Facebook friends she’s made through the blog she writes about missing Daniel They share stories and commiserate about their lost kids She also leans on the detective who never gave up looking for Daniel“ ‘Okay’ agrees Megan unable to comprehend the practicalities This is one of the things she has come to rely on Michael for his ability to bullet point any situation so that it can be managed She will follow his instructions because she can’t think for herself right now”She is often reduced to sobbing and running but not so often that it interferes with the flow of the story if I can put it that way We know how awful it is but the story keeps moving along pulling readers with itI realised fairly early most of what had happened but I enjoyed it and I’m sure the author will gain a lot of new fans with this oneThanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the preview copy from which I've uoted