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Scary Stories for Young FoxesChristian McKay Heidicker draws inspiration from Bram Stoker H P Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe for. MAKE SPOOKTOBER GREAT AGAINthis middle grade horror book is a hundred and a half times better and darker than anything i read during my own middle grade years it's a framed tale of seven fox kits who one chilly autumn night are hungry for scary stories—far scarier than the babyish ones their dear old fox mum knows in what may very well be a br'er rabbit anti warning she plants a seed in their little fox headsSorry to be a disappointment their mom said lying down She paused and looked at the kits with all seriousness But you must promise that no matter what you do tonight you will not go to Bog CavernThe kits' ears perked What'sBog Cavern the alpha asked That's where the old storyteller lives their mom said If you go there you'll hear a story so frightening it will put the white in your tailso obviously as soon as she falls asleep the skulk of foxen set straight off for bog cavern where they do indeed meet the storyteller who proceeds to tell them not one but seven terrifying stories over the course of the night in between each story we witness his audience dwindle as one by one the kits slink back to the safety of their den until only the littlest fox remains to hear the final taleso the book is structured with a setup introduction that leads into the seven stories broken up by brief chapters on black pages of the foxes' reactions to or commentary on to the stories followed by a perfect ties it all together conclusion that is eual parts chilling and heartwarmingthe stories may not be suuuuper scary to a grown woman but they are certainly dark and certainly terrifying to the fox kits as they are trick or treated to tales of unfortunate fox succumbing to nature's myriad perils rabies snakes hunger cold rivers badgers rival foxes as well as to the threats of man traps and—inexplicably—beatrix potter who scoops up assorted woodland creatures to use as unwilling art models until she can draw them well enough to trap their souls in her paintings before using their lifeless bodies in her whimsical taxidermy projects yikes the illustrations are beeyootiful creepily offsetting the harshness of the stories' situationsit's perfect for halloween or any time really and—for adults—a fine companion read to Each Day a Small Victory and Ragged; or the Loveliest Lies of Alland now i learn there's going to be a SEUEL next august in my BIRTHDAY MONTH too good to be truecome to my blog

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His debut middle grade novel a thrilling portrait of survival and an unforgettable tale of friend. All scary stories have two sides the storyteller said Like the bright and dark of the moon If you're brave enough to listen and wise enough to stay to the end the stories can shine a light on the good in the world They can guide your muzzles They can help you survive The author takes real vulpine fears like rabies silver traps with teeth humans looking for a fox's skin and spins them into spooky campfire tales Like the moon this book has a dark side Many cute critters die It is scary violent and intense But so are other books we consider classics Kids are tougher than we think

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characters ✓ Scary Stories for Young Foxes ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î Christian McKay Heidicker draws inspiration from Bram Stoker H P Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe for his debut middle grade novel a thrilling portrait of survival and an unforgettable tale of friendship Clever and harrowing — The WShip Clever and harrowing The Wall Street Journal Into the finest tradition of storytelling step. I love foxes I just I love them so much guys So every time I find a picture book about foxes or there's a fox in any kind of book I have to have it and I'm so excited But then often sad Not so much in the picture books but in the middle grade books where foxes DIE all the time and it's horrible and unnecessary and full of moralizing and all Black Beauty esue Seriously people WTH Let The Foxes Be I had decided after Pax that I would stick to picture book foxes but then I found out that my friend an amazing person and wonderful writer was writing a book of connected stories about foxes And I love Christian and I trust him His other two books have been YA so I got a sense that this was a real pet project or labor of love for him so I was even intrigued It's called SCARY Stories for Young Foxes and I don't like horror but STILL I trusted him and I was not afraid to beg for an Advanced Readers Copy And I was right to trust ChristianFirst of all this book is GORGEOUS Even though it's an ARC and some art might not be final etc the style of the art both on the cover and the interior is perfect There are black pages for the framing story which adds such great atmosphere And he's just absolutely nailed the fox mannerisms They way they talk and move and describe things feels so real It's a sensory rich book which really gives you the feeling that this is a story told BY foxes FOR foxes and we humans are eavesdroppers And yes foxes die Kit foxes Adult foxes Other animals as well But none of the deaths feel gratuitous This book clearly isn't written to have a Big Moral or just to be a Three Hanky Weeper It's a story of adventure and friendship and love and suspense And yes it's a story about foxes Adorable wonderful foxes Precious soft foxes who need to be cuddled wipes eyes on fox patterned silk scarf applies gloss from cute little Japanese fox shaped lip gloss