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Imperial Liquor: Poems review ´ 3 ↠ Imperial Liuor is a chronicle of melancholy a reaction to the monotony of racism These poems concern loneliness fear fatigue rage and love; they hold fatherhood held against the vulnerability of the black male body aging and urban decay Part remembrance part swan song for the Compton California of the 1980s JohFor the Compton California of the 1980s Johnson examines the limitations of romance to heal broken relationships or rebuild a broken city Slow Jams red lit rooms cheap liuor like seduction and betrayal what’s American This book tracks echoes rides the residue of mu. In the midst of the protests of the murder of George Floyd and the loss of so many other black lives to state sanctioned violence and institutionalized white supremacy I found myself turning to poetry and to this collection in particular I’m glad I did If there is a book for this moment this is it It brings us from the LA riots to the present Johnson’s words are brutal and they’re beautiful Highly recommend

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Sic “after the love is gone”  Smokey   the most dangerous men in my neighborhood only listened to love songs   to reach those notes a musicologist told me a man essentially cuts   his own throat some nights even now i’ll hear a falsetto and think i should ru. Gorgeous brutal and profoundly haunting Johnson's poems are seductively adorned with beautiful images and compelling syntax but each line delivers devastation Even after finishing this book over a month ago I find I keep reopening this amazing collection to re read my favorite poems One of my favorite books of 2020

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Imperial Liquor PoemsImperial Liuor is a chronicle of melancholy a reaction to the monotony of racism These poems concern loneliness fear fatigue rage and love; they hold fatherhood held against the vulnerability of the black male body aging and urban decay Part remembrance part swan song. In Imperial Liuor there is something much deeper you feel every line carries something Kamikaze layersBuilt blocksSewer topsUnderground passagewaysRakingThe I read the I get The I get the I wanna readAt first I'm thinking the language is dense word for word sprung each a brick in a jenga formation I look up names movie plots movies I want to watch people taken by violence After one through I'm re readingJohnson makes me feel some strange hesitationSuspenseSome wanting to come together It's not teasing and it's not tricky or coy These poems are like traveling down a road in 2 vehicles at the same timeThere's Yaphet Kotto who is Jewish a descendent of multi generation African JewsWe've got Teddy Pendergrass speeding w a transgender prostitute in a RollsWe've got Phillis Wheatly rollerrinking in a 1970s Candi Staton halter top with her Afro sheened husband John PetersThis is Americana mythology at its Black mostThe records spin through this bookThe 70s seen through Goya Orpheus TartarusThe most devastating poem I had to put it down that night and just wonder what's possibly in us I saw with the eyes of a Black dad thinking about Latasha Harlins when his 2 sons take too long at their neighborhood convenience store I wonder if Imperial Liuor references the name of that store where Harlins a teenage school girl buying a carton of OJ had the back of her head blown off by the store ownerI learned about the existence of the movies The Hammer Sparkle and the Radiant Child; I watched the original Dolemite film starring Rudy Ray Moore and considered his contribution to inventing rapAnd the movie Colors all came back from when I saw it as a 11 year oldIt's uietly excitingHe has some hard hitting collisions going Like in Doo Wop the words wave and shatterFrom Place Your BetsAnd out of hunger where you so neatlyhave honed a poetics of debt and redemption and your own special scent of a womanbrand of transformation I understandIn LA Police Chief Daryl Gates Dead at 83 I'm thinking is this about a barbeue party riot funeral neighborhood shooting death I can smell smoked meats See the graffiti I hear the deacon chastising the congregation I'm inside the church the neighborhood the TV playing next roomThere's some surreal too A little Farm Implements and Rudebagas in a Landscape tucked in to Johnson's way I keep going back to them carrying the book with me California redwoods sunshine Hollywood meets Compton in a Greco African mythosJohnson speaks the language of the unheard but spoken He doesn’t need to say words They’re there in the others He doesn’t need to make the point It’s surmised from the packing like the blocks in a Jenga or Tetris his poems a tight knit sweater but there’s a wandering thread to pullFirst read of every poem in this book was like a first date where you have nothing in common but can’t stop thinking about the person later So I’d re read still not getting it I’d read it aloud to my girlfriend She was interested too Then I’d pick up the Google Look up Black Dragons or Daryl Gates and I’m delving into a wormhole of Black HollywoodComptonAmericanhistory And boom I’m back re readingJohnson has a way of saying things he doesn’t write I’m hearing words that aren’t in the poem I swear they’re there and I have to re read to verify they’re not He plants in the ambiguous séance He’s not mystical but he is He’s academic but he’s on the street I’m carrying that book around flipping it beating it wearing it in I have tons of books to read but I don’t wanna