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eBook Æ Takes One to Know One ç 288 pages Download ò Susan Isaacs ß Just a few years ago Corie Geller was busting terrorists as an agent for the FBI But at thirty five she traded in her badge for the stability of marriage and motherhood Now Corie is married to the brilliant and remarkably hanAst from her new neighbors she should know But does Pete really have a shady alternate life or is Corie just imagining things desperate to add some spark to her humdrum suburban existence? She decides that the only way to find out is to dust off her FBI toolkit and take a deep dive into Pete Delaney's affairsAlways sassy smart and wickedly witty Susan Isaacs is at her formidable best in a novel that is both bitingly wry and ominously thrilli Over 40 years ago Susan Isaacs wrote Compromising Positions a thriller unlike anything anyone had seen before A truly comic double entendre of a hysterically funny mystery This is the first of her books I've read in my goodreads days and it shows she has lost none of her spark Corie Geller has traded her FBI career for that of a book scout specifically books in Arabic that warrant translation into English Her nice new life with her trophy husband and child in a Long Island version of Westchester is just that nice She still keeps her hand in as an operative on a contract basis since her specialty was interviewing and nailing Islamic terrorists but has kept this fact of her life a secret from her new neighbors Her heightened perceptions are tweaked at her weekly lunch with other work from home professionals when the behavior of one of the members strikes her as off So this isn't so much a mystery or even a whodunnit but a character study of a woman who wants to keep her hand in while not giving the game away Yes she is certifiably a badass but I enjoyed a brief moment of identifying with her when she cleaned out the gross science experiments that had taken root in her refrigerator while singing songs from Hamilton There is a blip towards the end referenced by others that changed the tone but for the most part Isaacs' humor makes this a fun read

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Just a few years ago Corie Geller was busting terrorists as an agent for the FBI But at thirty five she traded in her badge for the stability of marriage and motherhood Now Corie is married to the brilliant and remarkably handsome Judge Josh Geller and is the adoptive mother of his lovely 14 year old daughter Between cooking meals and playing chauffeur Corie scouts Arabic fiction for a few literary agencies and on Wednesdays has lunch with h Corie is a former FBI agent who is bored with her life and thinks something is up with her neighbor Unfortunately I got extremely bored with Corie and her life too Her air of superiority was grating So was Susan Isaac’s calvacade of brand names and upscale signifiers I found myself actively rooting against Corie and motored through this so I could read something interesting such as the latest flyer from the supermarket with a clear conscience Thanks to NetGalley for the chance to read an ARC for a fair and honest review I know this may be a bit “honesty” than was intended

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Takes One to Know OneEr fellow Shorehaven freelancers at a so so French restaurant Life is as they say fineBut at her weekly lunches Corie senses that something's off Pete Delaney a miluetoast package designer always shows up early sits in the same spot often with a different phone in hand and keeps one eye on the Jeep he parks in the lot across the street Corie intuitively feels that Pete is hiding something and as someone who is accustomed to keeping her FBI p 25 stars I've read books by Susan Isaacs in the past but probably close to a decade ago so I decided to try this new one I feel a bit lukewarm about it Although well written and with some snappy dialogue and sharp humorous observations on life people and relationships the book failed to keep me engaged and interested It took weeks to finish this because I would put it down after a chapter or two and pick up other books to read in between the chapters of this oneThis is a mystery but it doesn't gain much traction as such until the last uarter or so of the book Instead it's mostly a sometimes clever but often tedious story of a former FBI agent Corie Geller 30 something who has given up her exciting and fulfilling life fighting terrorism to marry a handsome rich judge widower Josh Geller and become mother to his teen aged daughterCorie works part time for literary agencies vetting books in Arabic for possible publication and does the very occasional job for the FBI and every Wednesday she has a lunchmeeting with other work at home freelancers of the area One of these Peter Delaney seems a bit off to Corie His behavior is strange; he's a bit of an enigma and his personality is hard to define mostly seeming nondescript He's hiding something Corie thinks and she sets out sometimes with the help of her retired police officer father to find out about himThe investigation goes slowly for most of the book Meanwhile we have to read about Corie's new life as a wife and mother and her dissatisfaction with some of it Now that the newly wed glow is off the relationship she finds Josh a bit stuffy and dull at times although still handsome enough to take her breath away at other timesBut I didn't really care about Corie's life Corie felt self indulgent to me and a bit whiny so I didn't really enjoy her or her personal story except for the interactions with her father which were the best part of the book The rest of the characters here including Josh and his daughter felt like props than real people And the mystery itself was developed very slowly and painfully and reuired a lot of coincidence and serendipity to move forward Then all of a sudden out of the blue boom we get a total thriller type story for the last chaptersSo the book's okay for an escape read but I've read better The story suffers from an identity crisis Is it a mystery? Is it a story about a bored housewife? It's supposed to be both but at the same time neither is developed satisfactorily