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Download ì False Value Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Peter Grant is facing fatherhood and an uncertain future with eual amounts of panic and enthusiasm Rather than sit around he takes a job with émigré Silicon Valley tech genius Terrence Skinner's brand new London start up the Serious CyEcause Terrence Skinner has a secret hidden in the bowels of the SCC A technology that stretches back to Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage and forward to the future of artificial intelligence A secret that is just as magical as it technological and just as dangerou. Even Kobna's excellent narration could not save this book from being sub par to its predecessors I don't mind the early non linear narrative I don't mind the few magical actions and most of the story was dedicated on the investigative part That's one of the reasons I like the series all the policing stuff were fantastic and meticulous it was immersive What I enjoyed less were the uninteresting set of new characters and the story itself Linking magic and technology is a tricky subject and I don't believe Ben succeeded in making me interested in his spin While listening to the audio again Kobna does an excellent job as usual I kept getting lost since I felt so bored I decided to buy the ebook as well so I could eye read it It did improve my opinion but not so much Not with that climax that felt like an anti climax And this is my pet peeve getting Americans and whatnots on board did not feel like a good idea for expanding the world I'd rather stick with the good ol' local magical people and environment

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The orbit of Old Street's famous 'silicon roundabout' Peter must learn how to blend in with people who are both civilians and geekier than he is Compared to his last job Peter thinks it should be a doddle But magic is not finished with Mama Grant's favourite sonB. The next book in one of my favorite series with a cover done in my favorite color scheme Release date now FEBRUARY of 2020 side eyeing every single comic book Ben Aaronovitch worked on this year instead on this book Really good So good that I'm no longer side eyeing all those other things Ben Aaronovitch worked on last year instead of this book He can work on whatever he wants from now on and I won't make snide comments as long as he keeps on producing this level of uality Everything in this installment of the series is exactly what I'd been missing from the last two books The Hanging Tree and Lies Sleeping and it's such a breath of fresh air to see the arch moving away from Lesley May and the Faceless Man mystery and see it heading into something new and excitingRereading immediately There were so many things I enjoyed about this installment and those things brought back all the good feelings I had when I first started the series all those years ago My mistake was reading it too uickly the first time so I had to read it again slower the second time and was able to savor all the finer points that made this book such a great addition to the series as a whole So this isn't a review per se just a list of things I thought were interesting and would like to remember view spoiler Another spoiler warning just in case the spoiler tag isn't working■ This book doesn't pick up where Lies Sleeping left off with Martin Chorley shot dead and Lesley May on the lamb We don't get to see the direct fallout from that incident Instead it's been five months since and things are back to normal relatively speaking■ Once cleared of the Chorley execution Peter goes undercover as himself because as he said it's much easier to pull off the disguise this way His background in law enforcement and subseuent suspension makes him the ideal candidate for an investigator job in the private sector at a tech company run by an Elon Musk type of character to be precise ■ This tech co the Serious Cybernetic Corporation SCC is suspected to be up to no good by the Metropolitan Police esp the Falcon division and there's scant evidence that it could be dealing in unsanctioned magic■ As Peter later discovers the SCC's big secret is an AI that's so advanced that it passes the Turing Test multiple times but of course it turns out to be too good to be true Just a ghost in the shell ■ Peter's job begins as to find the rat among the mice meaning the SCC suspects corporate espionage but couldn't suss out the infiltrator and the job ends with him breaking and entering in the middle of the night with two librarians in tow and then getting fired when his cover is blown Many other things get blown in the process as well like a Mary Engine and a floor of a secret lab ■ Peter also makes new friends while on the fake job Victor and Everest two tech bros I hope to see them again as part of Peter's entourage He needs friends his own age who aren't other cops or river gods and goddesses or acuaintances of Nightingale ■ Tyrel and Stacy Johnson are another nice normal addition to Peter's list of acuaintances who could possibly become friends later on in the series Now that he and Beverly are a permanent couple it's inevitable that they make friends with other couples Just the natural order of things I suppose■ The New York Librarians Stephen and Mrs Chin are also a nice addition to the cast of characters all things considered I don't see Peter becoming friendly with them like the Johnsons Victor and Everest though Too much of a rift between them by the end of the book■ Oh btw The New York Public Library System has a group of magic users similar to the Folly but they have no connections to law enforcement ■ Mrs Chin and Stephen are on a mission to retrieve the Mary Engine or failing that destroy it But they'd rather confiscate it for safe keeping not unlike Professor Postmartin the great confiscator himself■ Which leads us to Ada Lovelace the Enchantress of Numbers and the Mary Engine mentioned briefly in a previous book but I've forgotten which one could be a novella which is why I'm writing everything down this time ■ Still not clear on the central mystery of this installment though but I wasn't too bothered as almost everything else about the story was enjoyable ■ It's revealed later in the plot that the Mary Engine's purpose is either to create or generate magic and it can open a portal to another darker dimension Opening it is definitely not to any living person's best interest It's also revealed that the engine could be built and has been built by a yet unknown party That kind of knowledge is world ending knowledge and now we have the beginning of another overarching plot ■ Peter briefly gets to look into the eye of something dark and malevolent when a portal opens up at the end of the book I don't know what this means for future books and adventures but it's certainly spine tingling ■ Beverly is five months pregnant with twins which I had completely forgotten about and I must admit that Peter as an expectant father is pretty cute Sometimes when I put my ear against the Bulge Bev's stomach and closed my eyes I’d swear I could hear the twins singing Beverley rolled her eyes when I told her that■ Didn't think I would enjoy reading about their relationship through a domestic lens and the pregnancy in the epilogue reveal from the last book made me audibly ugh But I'm beginning to warm to Peter and Bev's domesticity■ The twins aren't delivered in this book I wonder what sort of chaos BA has planned to coincide with their arrival in the next book ■ Peter and Guleed's chats about meeting her fiance's family in Hong Kong and how they reacted to her having melanin and him converting religions are sadly true to life ‘They’re not thrilled’ said Guleed suddenly ‘What’ ‘Michael’s family in Hong Kong’ said Guleed ‘They’r

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False ValuePeter Grant is facing fatherhood and an uncertain future with eual amounts of panic and enthusiasm Rather than sit around he takes a job with émigré Silicon Valley tech genius Terrence Skinner's brand new London start up the Serious Cybernetics CompanyDrawn into. Another brilliant episode in this great series And as usual I must compliment the narrator on his excellent work He really makes these books come aliveA long running story arc came to an end in the previous book so this one started afresh Peter is soon to become the father of twins who may or may not be magic beings and we see a softer side of his character occasionally Of course he is still cynical and prone to making smart comments which make the book entertainingPeter is working under cover for this story as a policeman An ordinary policeman of course when actually he is tracking down a particular magical artefact and the people responsible for it Nightingale is still his real boss and he breezes in and out of events in his usual style He even gets to display his abilities in one really major magical battle with another Master It is noticeable too that Peter's own magic skills are not to be underestimated any He does some really good stuffLight funny entertaining and easy to read Just what I expect from this author and he never fails to deliver