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Fifteen Years A Deplorable kindle Þ Kindle Edition ☆ This Pro Trump White House tell all packs a wallop dishing behind the scenes anecdotes of inside the White House racism against President Obama Steve Kroft CBS; inside the White House hate against President Trump Jake Tapper CNN; and inside the White House progressive mediaEricans will appreciate McCormick’s portrayal of George W Bush’s compassionate genius and George HW Bush’s and Bill Clinton’s grace industry and bipartisan cooperation in the saving of millions of lives in 2005 as well as his humorous anecdotes of Michelle Obama’s zest for life and Joe Biden’s incessant bungling This is a book of real history by an author who lived it on Air Force One Air Force Two in the Oval Office the West Wing Ira China Russia and every state in America If you believe in democracy and the American spirit read this book If you are sick of media unfairness against Donald Trump and democracy read this book If you are a proud Deplorable and believe Donald Trump is a great president read this book If what you hear about President Trump has you worried that our country and world are going from bad to worse read this book If you are a politically aware Democrat Republican or independent and want the best for America read this book “Finally we must think big and dream even bigger” President Donald Trump in his first Inaugural Addres A worthwhile readA great deal of insight into presidents and others the author has worked with At points a sad reflection on the hate that is killing American democracy

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Election with month to month descriptions of Donald Trump’s amazing march to the presidency assisted by Mr McCormick’s brothers both volunteer Trump advocates There are never before reported anecdotes on Hillary Clinton’s indefensibly poor campaign Democrats it wasn’t Russia that lost her the White House Trump fans will enjoy McCormick’s firsthand accounts of Team Obama’s many failures and how their reliance on their fawning media pals to hide them resulted in the election of President Donald Trump McCormick also takes full advantage of his front row White House vantage point spanning 15 years to generate insights into the causes for America’s current vicious political climate as well as a novel solution McCormick’s love of democracy and the American spirit shines through in his anecdotes of the strength and dignity of our American servicemen and servicewomen whom he met in a variety of theaters and activities including as the co founder of a volunteer kayak therapy program at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center from 2004 to 2007 Fair minded Am Democracy well described Direct Incisive Humble patriotic writing Marvelous insight into American politics good and regretful Well done Marvelous read with superb advice about personal and corporate responsibility for the privilege of living in the greatest nation and democracy on earth

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Fifteen Years A Deplorable This Pro Trump White House tell all packs a wallop dishing behind the scenes anecdotes of inside the White House racism against President Obama Steve Kroft CBS; inside the White House hate against President Trump Jake Tapper CNN; and inside the White House progressive media bias against President Trump Chuck Todd NBC and April Ryan CNN Pulling no punches former White House stenographer Mike McCormick describes with eyewitness precision specific transgressions and why those transgressors should no longer be reporting on America’s democracy Readers who value a fair and balanced media will appreciate McCormick’s candor and honesty in unmasking these offending “journalists” and “news” organizations; as well they will appreciate his robust assessment of credible journalists and news organizations The Obama White House was a perilous environment for a Trump supporter so McCormick stayed below the radar until an inadvertent slip up among some colleagues cost him dearly But with his uniue Obama White House insider’s perspective McCormick dissects the 2016 I have so many things to say but so about the content than the book or about the book than the content? Which just goes to show how memoirs especially work memoirs are a different kind of beastHow can you critiue someone's experience? Particularly when this experience serves as a kind of appeal or exit survey or voice that the author wasn't allowed to have? Ironically the work memoir is always kinda restricted to professionalism and the often subjective definition of itThe block paragraph style used in this memoir is really interesting There's just so much material to cover working as a stenographer under 3 presidents both Republican and Democrat that I admire the way the author has organized and presented information Though Trump leaning it does a great job of also having the appearance of objectivity and non partisanship You forget as an everyday citizen that the people in the White House are also just everyday citizens who also have to work alongside one another for a common cause despite and in spite of politics The author captures this beautifully particularly by closing the memoir with non partisan solutions and an overall theme of non hatredHilarious Sidebar Apparently there is a rule in the White House based on the Constitution that if you go to HR with any kind of complaint you are automatically fired because it reflects poorly on the President Even if like the author you are pro Trump and being harassed on the job by Trump haters Sad but hilarious Ain't no unions in the White House