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A Killing Frost October Daye #14 Free download ¶ 104 ✓ When October is informed that Simon Toruill—legally her father due to Faerie's archaic marriage traditions—must be invited to her wedding or risk the ceremony throwing the Kingdom in the Mists into political turmoil she finds herself setting out on a uest she was not yOut on a uest she was not yet prepared to undertake for the sake of her future and the man who represents her family's pa. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThe October Daye series is now officially the longest Urban Fantasy series I have read and I am still loving it The world that Seanan McGuire has created is very intricate and vast The characters are like family members and I love seeing them grow in each book In this book October has to find Simon who is lost and has pieces of his memory missing and invite him to her wedding otherwise he can claim offense which could be a very bad thing She brings along May and uentin on this mission With each book we learn new things and even secrets are revealed I enjoyed this book a lot and I think it was a great addition to the series October once again has a lot to deal with She has to protect her family and also figure out how to solve different mysteries October is definitely one of my favorite heroines and I love that she isn't alone any and that she has a huge group of people she can depend on Seanan McGuire is a phenomenal writer and she always knows how to keep me hooked to the story until the end I already look forward to the next book

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When October is informed that Simon Toruill legally her father due to Faerie's archaic marriage traditions must be invite. A Killing Frost is Toby's 14th book Can you believe it For us her loyal fans we never want this series to endAs it was expected Toby and Tybalt are getting closer to that wedding we are all waiting for What Toby didn't know is that in order to get married she must invite her father to her wedding or face the conseuences Of course there is the little trouble of Simon not remembering how much he actually does care about Toby and currently hating herToby knows she needs to find Simon and he needs to get his memory back She knows she can't postpone it any longer and so a new uest begins In this uest she will take with her only her suire and her Fetch This will turn out to be a recipe for disaster One where Toby will need to protect uentin and keep May alive without dying herselfThis is one of my favorite fantasy series Right up there with Mercy and Dresden Seanan McGuire has done an unbelievably great job at world building These characters are so well known to me and dear to my heart I love Tybalt he is perfect for Toby He gives her balance and has saved her life times than I can count uentin has grown in front of our eyes to become a young man who hopefully won't forget everything Toby has taught him May her former Fetch who is going to make sure Toby doesn't get too much blood at her wedding hopefully Diana and Patrick have always been favorite characters too Diana will punch first and then ask uestions She is a fighter and I love how much she doesn't care for Amandine Hands down the Luidaeg is my favorite character after Tybalt and Toby Once again she steals every scene she is inWhat this installment was missing was Tybalt Raj Guillian which needs to wake up and stop being a bratI wonder what will happen with August Sylvester and his family with the events that happened in this one I'm not a Sylvester fan and it makes me mad the way Luna behaves with TobyA huge reveal happened almost at the end of A Killing Frost I'm 100% sure it will have repercussions in all the books to come I can't waitIf you are a true fan of this series you're going to enjoy this oneCliffhanger No45 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by DAW via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMrsLeif's Two Fangs About It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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A Killing Frost October Daye #14D to her wedding or risk the ceremony throwing the Kingdom in the Mists into political turmoil she finds herself setting. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest reviewIt's no secret that I'm a huge Seanan McGuire fan I love her Wayward Children series Incryptid is just tons and fun and Middlegame was top notch but my greatest love is her October Daye series This world is so developed and deep and expansive There are schemes aplenty with long term payoffs for following the series This one is no exception it brings some long running storylines to the front reveals that you already knew some of those secrets the whole time if you were paying attention and smacks you across the face with how blind you were to seeing themI really want to say but I'm afraid to spoil things I mean it turns out that we already knew that you can't count villains out just because that the world of Faerie has strict rules about so many things but is completely okay with that really is please note that asterisks aren't indicative of number of letters I'm not risking ANY spoilersI'm glad we have a few books contracted but I don't want to wait for the next oneHighly recommended but start at the beginning