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To the Land of Long Lost FriendsThe latest installment from the beloved THE NO 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY series TO THE LAND OF LONG LOST FRIENDS Mr J L B Matekoni usually steers clear of Mma Ramotswe's cases but on this occasion he is approached by a client of the garage who tells a tale of woe T Same old same oldMy dear Mma RamotsweIn 2004 you found a wonderful man Alexander McCall Smith to write your story I will never forget the year and my excitement of meeting you for the first time You restored my African soul and made me fall in love with you Mr JLB Makatoni Charlie and Fanwell I tolerated Mma Makutsi and grew to respect her but never to truly love her Maybe it’s her shoes that answer back all the time Each year since then I’ve waited in anticipation for the latest instalment from Botswana Each year I’ve marvelled at your generosity and kindness while finding solutions for your clients All this has changed this year I’m not sure how to tell you this news It’s bad news Mma I found that Rra McCall Smith did not do you any service this year He must have forgotten all the notes he’d written down after visiting you and so all he did was repeat some of the stories we’ve heard before – over and over again I did love the story of the baby coming to live with you and Charlie getting married please send him my best wishes But Mma that was just a few lines No Mma this is not good Not good at all How could so little have happened in one year? Mma please speak to Rra McCall Smith and tell him he must please not repeat stories He must not forget his notes with you I want to hear about you solving the puzzles your clients bring you Not repeat repeat repeat stories from long ago My memory does not need reminding Please Mma tell him Tell him we want all your stories and clients’ puzzles backWith my very best wishes Mma ImbaliBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review

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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK To the Land of Long Lost Friends Ò The latest installment from the beloved THE NO 1 LADIES' DETECTIVE AGENCY series TO THE LAND OF LONG LOST FRIENDS Mr J L B Matekoni usually steers clear of Mma Ramotswe's cases but on this occasion he is approached by a client of the garage who tells a tale of woe This man has entHis man has entrusted his brother to oversee the building of a house yet the project is complete and now the brother won't leave How is he to get him to move on? Surprisingly Mr Polopetsi comes to the rescue Elsewhere a woman with a troublesome daughter comes to see I always look forward to a new book in The Ladies’ No1 Detective Agency This is the 20th book in this enjoyable series and have read them all with pleasure If one is unfamiliar with these books and looking for a fast paced and complicated mystery involving brutality and murder this may not be for you These lovely stories contain much wit and wisdom and a gentle philosophy of life This is a relaxing read where I feel I am welcoming back old friends In Precious Ramotswe’s thoughts“ The bad behaviour with which No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency was concerned was not really all that bad They saw selfishness and greed; they saw vanity and its cousin insecurity They did not see major cruelties nor great frauds and dishonesties “ Most of the narrative consists of amusing but thought provoking dialogue Precious Ramotswe a woman of high moral values is the owner and manager of the detective agency Helping her in the office and investigations is her assistant Mma Makutsi This proud prickly and argumentative lady has promoted herself from secretary to detective She has now given herself some sort of management title The impoverished Charlie worked as an apprentice mechanic but never made it as a full fledged mechanic He now is an office assistant for Mma Ramotswe Charlie longs for the title of assistant detective but has to put up with insults from Mma Maktusi who impedes his progress In helping with their detective investigations he is confused about the need for subterfuge in uestioning witnesses However he learns that being completely honest in his personal relationships may be remarkably rewarded Precious becomes reacuainted with an old friend and finds her unhappy due to an estrangement from her adult daughter The cause is unknown She learns that the daughter works in a diamond sorting facility and now drives a very expensive car and lives in an upscale apartment This looks suspicious to Precious and her team She also learns that an old acuaintance who was enjoying great wealth was now broke and had given away her Mercedes Benz Precious is determined to restore kindness happiness to these women and she hopes for a feeling of euality throughout her Botswana community They take on these cases free of charge There is another investigation reuested by a woman who suspects her husband is being unfaithful He claims his freuent visit with a woman is to learn mathematics from her The truth turns out to be very complicated If you are a fan of The Ladies’ No 1 Detective Agency don’t miss this enjoyable addition to the series

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Mma Ramotswe and Mma Ramotswe finds herself trying to reconcile the two Finally Charlie is still enamoured of ueenie ueenie She however has developed a fancy for Fanwell With the threat of an awkward love triangle looming Mma Makutsi gets involved and so do her sho This book provided me with several pleasant interludes while cycling my stationary recumbent bicycle I find I will exercise longer if I am sufficiently distracted There were the usual references to cups of tea and teatime which provided several of my favorite uotesA cup of tea usually restored perspective on thingsTea was served and the cake was wordlessly taken from its tin given admiring looks by Mma Ramotswe and served on Mma Potokwane's best plates This stirred fond memories of teatimes past How I love to share the soothing ritual of afternoon tea with a dear friend There is nothing uite like itIt was the tea that had made her say what she said It was the tea But she never once regretted what she had done under the influence of teaFinally a uote about kindness which makes life so much pleasant and lifts our spirits Kindness after all did not distinguish between those who merited it and those who did not I remind myself regularly that I will never regret being kind