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Read ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ë Jennifer Longo S just one year left before she ages out of the system One year before she's free One year to avoid anything or anyone that could get in her wayThen she meets Francine And Kira And SeanAnd everything changes. One year Muir just had to keep her head down for one year and then freedom What Muir wasn't planning on was being placed with Francine or meeting Kira or finding Sean Attachments were never part of the plan and now she must decide what her next steps will beSeriously My heart just kept exploding over and over as I read this beautiful book And then when I read Longo's note at the end of the book I was a hot mess of happy tears I believe you should just read this book so you can feel all the feels but I am going to share some other reasons why I loved it so much1 John Muir You may have noticed the interesting spelling of Muiriel's name The spelling is a nod to the naturalist John Muir Muiriel was very dedicated to John Muir's teachings and cited him often when explaining her own beliefs and lifestyle choices I loved the way Longo wove Muir into this story It was fascinating and enlightening 2 Environmental Ethics One of the things that Sean and Muiriel bonded over was their shared love of the environment However they had different idols with very different philosophies I enjoyed the arguments they got into and loved how they challenged the established record and ideas of each naturalist Between their discussions and getting to spend time at the wilderness camp I learned a lot of new things 3 The Foster Care System Longo is personally acuainted with the foster care system having served as a foster parent and included a lot of information about the system in this story It was also easy to see that she considered being a foster parent a special privilege and it shows in this story Her thoughts come through in the most wonderful ways via Francine Muir's foster mother while we learn a lot of the stigmas associated with being a foster child from Muir 4 Found Family I am trash for found family and Muir lucked into a stupendous bunch of people I already mentioned how Sean and Muir was tailor made for each other and how Francine was simply one of the best people ever Then there was Kira who would become Muir's person I loved them all so much and wait until you learn how Kira and Francine are linked It's top notch hankie sort of stuff I found myself rooting for these three to break Muir because I wanted her hard shell to crack I wanted her to let people love her to let people in and I believed these were the right people for her 5 Terry Johnson Terry Johnson was Francine's dog and I fell in love with him First of all he was always address by his full name which never failed to make me smile He also was a great source of joy for so many especially Muir and obviously I fell in love with him too 6 The Things She Carried Muir had a bag of items she ferried from placement to placement Many of the items were small and represented significant memories Throughout the story Muir digs these items out of the bag and flashes back on the memory it holds These were very telling moments and many cracked my heart in half I thought it was a fantastic way to help me the reader connect with and understand Muir on a deeper level This was one of those books which I feel I cannot fully explain my love for All I know is that it made me so so happy and filled me with all sorts of joy It was a such a beautiful story and I just want everyone to experience it BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

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Free download ò What I Carry 108 ¼ For readers of Robin Benway's Far From the Tree a powerful and heartwarming look at a teen girl about to age out of the foster care systemGrowing up in foster care Muir has lived in many houses And if she's learned one thing it is to Pack LightCarry only what fits in a suitcaseToothbrush YesSocks YesEmotional atta For readers of Robin Benway's Far From the Tree a powerful and heartwarming look at a teen girl about to age out of the foster care systemGrowing up in foster care Muir has lived in many houses And if she's. Setting Modern day Washington StateOpening Line “You will never in all your life meet a person who packs a better suitcase than I do and I’ll tell you right now the secret is not organization it is simplification”This is the wisdom of a seventeen year old girl who has been in the foster care system her entire life Muriel learned very early on that having too many possessions and allowing herself to get attached to people only leads to heartbreak She has perfected the art of being ready to leave on a moment’s notice Sometimes when Muriel has felt that she is becoming too dependent on anyone but herself she has instigated the call to her social worker to change homes Her theory of life is if something doesn’t fit in her suitcase she doesn’t need it or want it This reality has kept her going strong for almost eighteen years the age at which she will no longer be a foster kid And Muriel is very wary of her future because she knows she will have to face it all alone in spite of the fact that her last placement has actually been a positive experience with new friends and a loving foster mother After all family friends and dreams of becoming a forest ranger don’t fit into her simplified suitcaseA wonderful story that has everything I love about a YA book with the exception of some foul language I was able to overlook that one factor and still give this five stars because it is such a beautifully written book It even had some historical fiction about Japanese internment camps of WW2 which is my favorite period of history to read about I would recommend this for YA readers and olderMemorable uotesPg313 “The coast redwood Seuoia sempervirens may grow up to three hundred feet eighty feet tall so you might assume its root system would be as deep as it is tall In truth the redwood’s roots are very shallow which leaves them vulnerable Alone a seuoia may not survive to maturity But together in thick groves their roots spread and intertwine even fuse together giving them strength to withstand the forces of nature Together they thrive in swift winds and floods and grow taller than they ever could alone”

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What I CarryLearned one thing it is to Pack LightCarry only what fits in a suitcaseToothbrush YesSocks YesEmotional attachment to friends foster families a boyfriend NopeThere's no room for any additional baggageMuir ha. ASDFGHJKL I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCHit was a big bundle of Feelings™️ PowerfulRelationships™️ and CharacterGrowth™️ which i absolutely adored pls just do me a favor and read it 🥺things i loooooved the main character Muir had a really awesome personality and her backstory was SO well written she didn't make awful decisions or anything like that she was down to earth and honestly really relatable the backstory was included in flashbacks throughout the novel by explaining the different things inside Muir's suitcase and I LOVED THAT CONCEPT CHARACTER GROWTH Muir's character arc was awesome and as a writer i could tell that her misbelief fear desire etc were written so well FRIENDSHIPSSS Kira is SO AMAZING OH MY GOD i loved her and Muir's friendship with her was so precious the romance was actually adorable heart eyes the amazing themes tackled dealt with belonging family bullying friendship and so much things i didn't like NOTHING honestly just GO READ IT NOWoverall i really loved this book and would recommend it to practically anyone ★★★★★ 5 STARS