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A heartbreaking novel based on the true story of a World War II voyageIn May of 1939 the SS St Francis sets sail from Germany carrying German Jews and other refugees away from Hitler’s regime The passengers believe they are bound for freedom in Cuba and eventually the United States but not all of them are celebrating Fif In 1939 930 German Jews set sail across the Atlantic Ocean on the MS St Louis in the hope of escaping Nazi persecution in Germany and of finding political asylum in Cuba The trip was costly to begin with and then Cuba demanded 500 additional dollars that the refugees couldn't afford to pay The ship proceeded to the United States and Canada but both countries refused to grant asylum to the Jewish refugees The captain of the St Louis had taken it upon himself the make sure the passengers were treated with dignity while crossing the Atlantic and when they were refused admittance into these three countries he again took on the responsibility of finding asylum for all his passengers refusing to return to Germany until this was doneThe Other Half of Life is a fictionalized version of this event Thomas Werkmann 15 is traveling alone on the MS St Francis from Germany to Cuba because his Jewish father is in Dachau and his Christian mother could only afford to buy one tourist class passage and landing permit On his first day at sea Thomas meets Professor Affeldt his wife and two daughters Priska 14 and Marieanne 10 They are traveling first class and pass Thomas off as their cousin so that he can join them for meals It doesn't take long for Thomas and Priska to become friends and to meet other kids their age on board ship Priska and Thomas couldn't be different Throughout the voyage Thomas is skeptical about whether or not they will be admitted into Cuba while Priska firmly believes that they are finally saved from Hitler's persecution of Jews Yet despite her infectious optimism and faith Thomas continues to say he will not believe they are saved until they are safely in Cuba making him metaphorically a Doubting Thomas figure And of course we know from reality that they never are allowed to enter Cuba but that isn't the end of the story for Thomas Whitney's takes us much further than the Cuban port in her version of the storyI found this to be a fascinating fictionalized version of the real events in this coming of age novel In the space of a two week voyage Thomas learns much about people life and himself much of this occurring in his games of chess with various opponents Chess is a game his father had taught him and Thomas was uite good at it He even took a pawn from his father's chess set and carried it around in his pocket Though I don't play chess I could still follow the games progress and how each one contributed to Thomas's growth Slowly he learns that sometimes people are not who they appear to be including himself and even Priska with whom he falls in love with PriskaThe Other Side of Life is an energetic novel well written with well developed characters At times I found myself annoyed with Thomas's negativity and with Priska's relentless positivity is that even a word? but I also liked the contrast I also know I am a realist and in Thomas's situation I would feel just like he does Whiteny brings in all kinds of uestions regarding identity Thomas is a Mischling but raised in a secular home It is on the MS St Francis fleeing a country that sees him only as Jewish that he begins to learn and appreciate and about Judaism his father's religion and coming to terms with the fact that it is a part of his identity too This is a very interesting historical fiction novel and between Whitney's imagination and research she has produced a valuable novel about a little known part of Holocaust historyThis book is recommended for readers age 12This book was bought for my personal library

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The Other Half of LifeE MS St Louis this historical young adult novel imagines two travelers and the lives they may have lived until events and immigration laws conspired to change their fates Kim Ablon Whitney did meticulous research on the voyage of the St Louis to craft her compelling and moving story about this little known event in history I thought that the novel by Kim Albon Whitney The Other Half of Life was fabulous It is about a 15 year old boy Thomas Werkmann who boards a ship the St Francis at Germany bound for Cuba and then the United States His mother has sent him there alone with the hope that he can escape the horrors of Nazi Germany in the mid 1900s His father is in a concentration camp When Thomas boards the ship he means the Aldett family and becomes very taken with their beautiful daughter Priska who feels the same way Her younger sister Marianne has a crush on him as well The ship's captain is not a member of the Nazi party but the rest of it is and the only thing keeping the crew from treating them the Jews the way they were treated back in Germany is the ship's captain Thomas enjoys his time on the ship playing chess and talking with Priska but he constantly worries about a rumor that says the Jews will be turned back to Germany and denied landing rights in Cuba Meanwhile Priska is always very happy a bit naive and optimistic about what will happen once they reach Cuba One crew member has caught the attention of Thomas The man walks with a cane but Thomas believes that it is hollow and that the man is hiding something Towards the end of the book Thomas finds out that he is right and the man is a spy for the Nazis The man is killed accidentally Then the ship is turned back around to Europe and Priska Thomas and others believe that they are saved because Holland England and Belgium have agreed to take them in and they won't have to return to Germany Little do they know however that by the end of the war all three countries will have been occupied by the Nazi's and many people on the ship will be sent to concentration camps The book ends with fast forwards to 10 and 70 years later Priska and Thomas agreed to meet after the war is over at a certain place but we fast forward ten years later and Thomas is at their meeting place waiting for Priska Instead Marianne comes and tells him that Priska died in a concentration camp We then fast forward sixty years later and Marianne and Thomas are married with two children Thomas is still in love with Priska but he and Marianne are binded by their mutual love for her The Other Half of Life is a great book that is best suited for ages twelve and up It is a thought provoking book of historical fiction Mixed with history and romance it appeals to readers with many different interests

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FREE EPUB ☆ MOBI The Other Half of Life ó 9780375852190 æ KIM ABLON WHITNEY ¸ A heartbreaking novel based on the true story of a World War II voyageIn May of 1939 the SS St Francis sets sail from Germany carrying German Jews and other refugees away from Hitler’s regime The passengTeen year old Thomas is anxious about his parents and didn’t want to leave Germany his father a Jew has been imprisoned and his mother a Christian is left behind alone Fourteen yearold Priska has her family with her and she’s determined to enjoy the voyage looking forward to their new livesBased on the true story of th Based on yhe true story of MS St Louis 1939