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review How Much of These Hills Is Gold Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö An electric debut novel set against the twilight of the American gold rush two siblings are on the run in an unforgiving landscape trying not just to survive but to find a homeBa dies in the night; Ma is already gone Newly orphaned children of immigrants LuAnd storytelling How Much of These Hills Is Gold is a haunting adventure story an unforgettable sibling story and the announcement of a stunning new voice in literature On a broad level it explores race in an expanding country and the uestion of where immigrants are allowed to belong But page by page it's about the memories that bind and divide families and the yearning for ho. I read this for the second time 8 months after first reading it My second reading was following its longlisting for the 2020 Booker Prize something which as per my original review's ending did not surprise me at all My views on a second read were similar to my own although I did appreciate the clear environmental message in the book this time around Because this land they live in is a land of missing things A land stripped of its gold its rivers its buffalo its Indians its tigers its jackals its birds and its green and its living To move through this land and believe Ba’s tales is to see each hill as a burial mound with its own crown of bones Who could believe that and survive Who could believe that and keep from looking as Ba and Sam do always toward the past And so Lucy fears that unwritten history Easier to dismiss all Ba’s tales as tall ones—because believe and where does it end If she believes that tigers live then does she believe that Indians are hunted and dying If she believes in fish the size of men does she believe in men who string up others like linefuls of catch Easier to avoid that history unwritten as it is except in the soughing of dry grass in the marks of lost trails in the rumors from the mouths of bored men and mean girls in the cracked patterns of buffalo bone Easier by far to read the history that Teacher Leigh teaches those names and dates orderly as bricks stacked to build a civilization Still Lucy never uite escapes that other The wild one It prowls the edges of her vision an animal just beyond the campfire’s glow That history speaks not in words but in roar and beat and blood That history made Lucy as the lake made gold Made Sam’s wildness and Ba’s limp and made the yearning in Ma’s voice when she speaks of the ocean But to stare down that history makes Lucy dizzy as if she peers from the wrong end of a spyglass to see Ba and Ma smaller than her Ba and Ma with bas and mas of their own across an ocean bigger than the vanished lake The genesis of this novel was in a short story available here and which serves as a great introduction to the two key characters in the novel its themes and its writing style which now forms the opening of the novelTwo just orphaned Chinese descent siblings 12 year old Lucy the third party narrator and her 11 year old sister Sam who dresses and largely identifies as a boy head out into post Gold rush ’62 California wilderness with a horse they stole from Lucy’s old schoolteacher and the body of their gold prospector turned coal miner turned secret prospector fatherThe book is told in four sections the first in ’62 tells of Lucy and Sam’s escape and Sam’s uest both for a burial place for their father and a hidden wilderness where he believes that giant buffalo and even tigers still roam The second goes back to ’59 and tells of the events that lead to their escape their mother having been buried in an unmarked grave by her father after the premature still birth of their younger brother in a storm shortly after a small fortune that the family had accumulated so as to buy a passage back to China had been taken from them an event which lead to their father’s descent into despondency alcoholism and domestic violenceBoth sections are recounted in an evocative and descriptive prose shot through with description of the still basic Wild American West each section featuring chapters named Gold Plum Salt Skull Wind Mud Meat Water or Blood and where each chapter’s title captures a crucial and elemental part of the essence of the life described in it with Lucy’s memory of the Chinese folklore snatches of language and Zodiacal 12 hour system again that system often informing the events of the chapter The motif a Tiger – precious to their mother – reoccurs freuentlyThe third section is a departure – a single chapter posthumous account by their father of his and their mother’s backstory an account which as it proceeds appears not so much as having been discovered and read posthumously as written posthumously and unreadundiscovered by LucyThe fourth it set 5 years after the first and returns to the chapter structure of the first two – the now 17 year old Lucy living in a town having been befriended by a Gold mine heiress has her immersion into some form of domesticity thrown up in the air by the return of Sam after five years of gambling prospecting possibly stealing and adventure Sam’s arrival is preceded by a rumoured Tiger hunting on the outskirts of the town – something which is not coincidental Sam and Lucy then head for the Coast and passage to China as their past threatens to catch up on them The American West described in the tale has some seeming anomalies – not least the Tiger and Buffalo – and possesses something of a mythical natureThis is very deliberate; the author has said of the realisation that crucially inspired the writing of the book Generations of authors have molded the mythology of the American West for their own purposes I grew up on John Steinbeck’s East of Eden Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove Awed I believed the settings of those books to be gritty factual real As an adult I’ve learned how much of the West in those stories is fiction or exaggeration – including their overwhelming whiteness I don’t appreciate those books any less Rather I take from them the lesson that I too have the freedom and audacity to invent the lesson that we call history is not granite but sandstone – soft given form by its carvers And hasn’t that always been the way of the American West epic and beautiful conflicted and stolen paradoxical and maddening which has so captured the imagination that it is difficult to disentangle the myths from reality In particular her own myth remolding serves as a way to examine two key aspects the meaning of truth and history and who gets to tell it and the timeless pressures of t

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An electric debut novel set against the twilight of the American gold rush two siblings are on the run in an unforgiving landscape trying not just to survive but to find a homeBa dies in the night; Ma is already gone Newly orphaned children of immigrants Lucy and Sam are suddenly alone in a land that refutes their existence Fleeing the threats of their western mining town they. An expansive historical novel bringing to life the start and end of the gold rush as experienced by a Chinese American couple and their two children studious Lucy and tomboyish Sam who clash as kids and adults over their differences in personality Lucy and Sam are left orphaned and homeless early in the book; their search for belonging along with their fraught relationship lie at the heart of the novel which nevertheless midway takes a Faulkneresue detour and reveals the backstory of the siblings’ parents from the perspective of their dead dad The lopsided structure and uneven prose make for an odd reading experience but Zhang’s characterization of her leads is promising

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How Much of These Hills Is GoldSet off to bury their father in the only way that will set them free from their past Along the way they encounter giant buffalo bones tiger paw prints and the specters of a ravaged landscape as well as family secrets sibling rivalry and glimpses of a different kind of futureBoth epic and intimate blending Chinese symbolism and re imagined history with fiercely original language. NOW AVAILABLEfulfilling book riot's 2020 read harder challenge task #7 Read a historical fiction novel not set in WWIIhere is the blurb i wrote about this book for indie next for those of you who like succinct praise andor capital lettersA powerful historical debut about two orphaned siblings coming of age during America's Gold Rush Born to parents who left China for better prospects heh the pair forge their individual identities—one craving adventure the other stability as they navigate a land hostile to otherness on their search for a place to call homenow that that’s out of the way lemme loosen my belt a little bit this book is excellent for me it’s all about the characters; not only siblings sam and lucy but also their parents whose own stories emerge as the novel wends sinuously through the past and present through lucy and sam’s experiences together and apart through the mythic and the actual versions of the american dream a lot of it reads like a cormac mccarthy style western with morally conflicted characters and that perfect blend of incongruously lyrical prose and gritty coarseness there’s plenty of prettily described ick in this book much of it centered around the siblings transporting their father’s deliuescing corpse through the desert to give him a proper burial what’s left of his body shaped by the trunk as a stew is shaped by its pot however there’s a deep emotional undercurrent here; a coming of age identity narrative wrapped around a family saga about ambition and the immigrant experience where adolescent characters struggle to carve their uniue adult selves out from under the weight of the past with its layers of secrets and lies and memories its burdens of sacrifice and love and dutysam and lucy are eleven and twelve years old when they become orphans having already suffered the loss of their mother the hardships of poverty and the physical and emotional abuse of their bitter alcoholic father they are now forced to make their way through a brutal landscape to find a new place to call home all they have left in the world is each other but although they begin their journey together their paths soon diverge and they are left to reinvent themselves alone in a borrowed country where as their parents discovered before them race and gender are obstacles to achieving those promised land dreams and sometimes you gotta dig your own way in this review is coming out badly because my brain doesn’t work any but don’t let my stolid gravy of run on sentences deter you the book itself is excellent; raw and lonely and powerful it’s a beautiful story about a not so beautiful family who like me—hell like america itself—is deeply flawed but still tryingreview to come but look the ARC's pages are GILDEDhow great is thatcome to my blog