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New York Times bestselling author Darynda Jones is back with the brand new snarky sassy wickedly fun Sunshine Vicram seriesSheriff Sunshine Vicram finds her cup o’ joe than half full when the small village of Del Sol New Mexico becomes the center of national attention for a kidnapper on the looseDel Sol New Mexico is known for three things its fry an egg on the cement summers its strong cups of coffee and a nat. This is one long laugh out loud blend of heady comic entertainment with crime fiction the first in a new series by Darynda Jones set in Del Sol New Mexico a place that teems with the strange and the bizarre Sunshine Vicram has returned home with her beloved teenage daughter Auri after leaving a town where she experienced harrowing trauma She is not sure how this all happened her parents are behind her election as sheriff which means she will be working with her best childhood buddy Deputy uincy Cooper Her first day is one hell of an initiation with a rooster Puff Daddy roaming free resident local flasher Doug a visit from Mayor Donna Lomas threatening to get to the bottom of her odd election as sheriff an escaped fugitive at large and a teenage girl Sybil has been abducted and the clock is tickingOh and Auri's first day at the local school is no piece of cake either as she is branded a narc and is the target of some mean teens led by Lynelle although there is the cool and edgy Cruz who just can't keep his eyes off Auri Her hopes of meeting up with a girl Sybil she had met in the holidays crumbles to ashes when she becomes aware that Sybil has been kidnapped and there is no way she is not going to investigate Sunny finds herself still carrying her childhood heart stopping attraction to Levi Ravinder now running a successful corn whiskey distillery and the best tracker in town skills needed when his autistic nephew his sister Hailey's son Jimmy goes missing As Sunny finds family secrets spilling out she turns to the Book Babes a bookclub actually for gossip socialising and drinking for information she finds herself surrounded by hot men and puzzled why she cannot ever get hold of one Lieutenant Bobby 'Bo' Britton This is my first read of Darynda Jones and I had a whale of a time acuainting myself with Sunny Auri and the entire town of Del Sol with its uirky eccentric residents This is a great novel to read if you are feeling even a hint of the blues and in need of a lift The mother daughter relationship of Sunny and Auri is a joy to behold particularly as Sunny becomes aware of just how much Auri knows about her past All in all this is kooky fun and entertaining crime fiction and for sure I will be returning to this series Many thanks to St Martin's Press for an ARC

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A Bad Day for SunshineIonwide manhunt Del Sol native Sunshine Vicram has returned to town as the elected sheriff an election her adorably meddlesome parents entered her in and she expects her biggest crime wave to involve an elderly flasher named Doug But a teenage girl is missing a kidnapper is on the loose and all of it's reminding Sunny why she left Del Sol in the first place Add to that trouble at her daughter’s new school and a. I was looking for a fast paced mystery easy to listen to but with some interesting characters “A Bad Day For Sunshine” fit the billThis is a lighter read for me but it was perfect as an audiobook Sunshine Vicram returns to Del Sol New Mexico after her parents somehow got her elected sheriff Sunshine has a 14 yo daughter Auri and the book is told from Sunshine and Auri's point of viewSunshine is a little unsure about her new job and her first day sure ends up to be an unexpected one She is just getting acuainted with her new staff which includes her long time best friend uincy when some delicious muffins are delivered The staff is nervous why Because something bad always seems to happen when they get muffinsThings uickly escalate as a distraught woman drives her car into the front window of the police office After settling down she admits that she is beside herself because her daughter is missing She also has a note that her daughter wrote predicting that she will die on her 15th birthday which is just days away Sunshine and her team get on the case fast as there is little time to waste Before long we find that there are two teens missing and an escaped prisoner Wow this is one long dayAlong the way we have lots of romantic banter between Sunshine and an old flame that she left behind Levi Ravinder The story does get a bit romcom for a while since it seems every man Sunshine meets is a sexy hunk including the US Marshall who has come to help But behind the sometimes silly banter there is still a good mystery An unexpected snowstorm adds to the tension in the search for the missing teens They are now up against a timeline and a snowstorm in the mountains where they have to searchAuri has her own problems trying to fit in at her new school The banter between her and her mother kept me laughing many times In the end it is Auri who helps to solve the caseThis isn’t great literary fiction but it is fast paced fun and uirky The characters are well developed and uniue and I had a lot of fun with this bookI would recommend this if you are in the mood for an easy listen with mystery and fun thrown in

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A Bad Day for Sunshine characters ´ 9 Ç New York Times bestselling author Darynda Jones is back with the brand new snarky sassy wickedly fun Sunshine Vicram seriesSheriff Sunshine Vicram finds her cup o’ joe than half full when the small village of Del Sol New Mexico becomes the center of national attention for a kidnapper on the looseDel SoKidnapped prized rooster named Puff Daddy and Sunshine has her hands fullEnter sexy almost old flame Levi Ravinder and a hunky US Marshall both elevens on a scale of one to blazing inferno and the normally savvy sheriff is uickly in over her head Now it’s up to Sunshine to juggle a few good hunky men a not so nice kidnapping miscreant and Doug the ever pesky flasher And they said coming home would be drama fre. Move over Charley Davidson there’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Sunshine Wow this was fun Darynda Jones is the ueen when it comes to spinning stories filled with Snark humor banter uirky characters and hot men I was a huge fan of the Charley Davidson series and sad to see it end but I think I found a new favorite Sunshine Vicram has returned to small town Del Sol New Mexico She is the newly elected Sheriff and that is slightly problematic seeing though she didn’t even run for the position But Sunshine is a big girl now it is time to face her past and what could possibly go wrong in this sleepy small town Loved Sunshine She was smart strong savvy and sassy She is also a single mother to 14 year old Aury Aury was a tremendously likable character as well definitely her mother‘s daughter but perhaps with a little common sense and tact I loved how we got both of these characters perspectives really giving the story a refreshing feel And ladies there are some men in this book that will give Reyes a run for his money Sunshine’s BFF and new coworker uincy as well as her long lost crush Levi Aury also gets her very own crush in a young sweet mysterious boy named Cruise A kidnapping an escaped prisoner missing pieces of the past secrets attraction laughs and heart And oh yeah a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting My only complaint the second book isnt already outThis book in emojis ☀️ ☕️ 📓 ✉️ 🐓 🚔 ⛰ Big thank you to St Martin’s Press for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own