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characters º Elfuest 1 Journey to Sorrow's End Ace Books ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ì The Holt was a forest haven for persecuted elves until it was invaded and destroyed Now a small but gallant band of Wolfriders must search the world for a place not contaminated by humans a place whereThe Holt was a forest haven for persecuted elves until it was invaded and destroyed Now a small but gallant band of Wolfr. When I learned that this book existed I knew I wanted to have it When I learned of a nicely priced hardcover that's signed HAD TO GET Now it's mine all mine AHEMAs someone who's read the first volume of Elfuest a million times and knows it so well that I didn't read the words as much as saw the comic in my head this was surprising good There are LOTS of little scenes that are in between panels and pages things that won't work for a graphic novel or comic but are needed for a novel to work These scenes were full of hidden gems flashbacks to things revealed much later as well as things that just aren't there but don't take away from the original material After all this is written by Richard and Wendy Pini who did the original series This isn't some random person taking the story and adding whatever they feel like This is WARP doing every little detail of the story Some changes are made and one of my favorite scenes right at the end was cut probably due to space limit and flowing issues But on the whole it's the same story just of itThis has a very large prologue covering of what happened on the first few pages of the comic about the High One's first landing on World of Two Moons aka labeled Abode later and then follows Cutter and his tribe from the moment they rescue Redlance to them losing everything to fire and humans to their insane journey to Sorrow's End and what Cutter found thereI think the best thing this novel did for me was it showed just how close to death the Wolfriders really were when they found Sorrow's End They weren't just hungry thirsty and sunburned They were dying You feel the pain how much they each went through and how terrified they all were You can understand the sore throats and bodies so pushed past their limits that getting up each night to keep trekking on because if they didn't get up they weren't going to live They did the exact wrong thing to do with limited water rationing it until everyone is dehydrated for a much longer period of time You should gorge yourself on water then deal with dehydration when it comes because they felt it the first half day in the blocked exit of the Tunnel of Light and weren't okay until the feast their first night in Sorrow's EndWhile the journey is just a blip in the graphic novel this is the heart of the story taking up so much and pretty much it's the catalyst of everything that comes after They lose two wolves and everyone is close to death They all don't eat and barely drink the entire 3 day journey Small sentences in the GN can't cover just what they endure during these days and how terrified and exhausted everyone is And even until the end the Wolfriders don't really recover from the sunburns which while not stated were on the level of white blisters trust me those hurt for weeksWhile the romance between Cutter and Leetah is over half of the GN it's the second half and proves just how bad it really is for both of them We feel how dangerous denying Recognition is which drives both characters past their limits even so than the trek did for CutterOne thing I really dislike is than once they say how Recognition is a reason for Cutter to basically rape Leetah It's mentioned in passing the GN which always upset me but the novel states it several times I don't think it should have been mentioned as an option at all like if the other hesitates it's okay to force them I'm just glad that for Cutter and Leetah it wasn't okay and it isn't even close to happeningFor that reason while it's a great story well told and covers than the comic could this is just as 45 out of 5 stars That's a big deal and it's not treated like it would be

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Iders must search the world for a place not contaminated by humans a place where legends sy other elves live in peace and. As a comic book fan I've always appreciated and approved of the Pini's success of independent comics And OMG it was so nice to have some girls in our fandom I haven't liked the stories too much tho and I met Richard Pini once or twice when I was touring conventions I was writing comic books at the time and I didn't like him much didn't dislike him much either but I did begin to understand why there were a few negative rumors about him at the timeThese written chapters told at a time when the Wolfrider mythos was as rich and as developed as a Sunday Sauce simmering for hours far exceeded my expectationsI would happily return to this well for

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Elfuest 1 Journey to Sorrow's End Ace BooksSafety If it's not already too late This is the first full length novel based on the smash hit graphic Elfuest bestselle. I loved the comic and loved this book