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Baby Sitters on Board The Baby Sitters Club Super Special #1 review ´ 3 ✓ Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they're going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida a boat trip around the Bahamas and then three days of fun in Disney WorldOfRer Kristy Mary Anne and Stacey make some unusual new friends Dawn has her first real romance And they still have time for what they like best of all baby sittin. I wanted to read this SO BADLY when it came out but my library never got a copy and I couldn't justify paying extra for it out of my allowance when I could have bought two other BSC novels for the same priceSo this was the first time I've read this even though I'd read other Super Specials when I was youngI was a little creeped out by Claudia's secret admirer and by the fact that 10 year old boys were allowed to just run around without supervision on an unfamiliar Caribbean island Seriously I wouldn't even let my 12 year old do that now and I CERTAINLY wouldn't leave him in charge of his little brothers while he was unsupervised UghAlso I can totally see where the whole Mary Anne is actually gay fanfic comes from now It starts in this story when she notices how well some anonymous girl her own age fills out her bikini Ummmm Look I'm a grown woman and I've read all kinds of erotica fanfic and legit but this made me seriously uncomfortable Not because I don't think that kids at 13 notice things like that but because I know that the targeted age group for these books is the pre teen set Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it was seriously off puttingFinally WTF how does Mr Pike's award cover a family OF TEN PLUS full time nannies who are ONLY being paid by being taken on the trip so it's pretty much slave labour AND THEN Watson is all Oh hey Kristy that sounds awesome lets take our ginormous family AND THE REST OF YOUR FRIENDS No bigWhere the hell were friends like that when I was growing up Hell where are they RIGHT MEOW Anyone want to take me and my family of 6 7 if we bring my dad can we bring my dad please on a Caribbean cruise all inclusive with a 3 day stop at DisneyWorld If you were REALLY my friend you would do this for me

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Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they're going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida a. Wibbly wobbly Timey wimey Stuff The previous title in the Baby sitters Club series Hello Mallory was published in June 1988 and up until now although the series has following a fluctuating timescale the series of events has been linear Dawn joined and then Dawn was around Stacey left and then Stacey was goneSo how do we deal with Baby sitters on Board Published in July 1988 this first Super Special has Stacey in Stoneybrook and Mallory who just previously fought tooth and nail to become a Baby sitters Club member as young detatched reclusive and not a baby sitter Dawn has inherited an inexplicable neat freak streak that conflicts with Kristy who is throwing candy wrappers on the floor and being generally disgusting Who are these peopleThe premise is that the patron of the enormous Pike family won a cruise and Disney World trip through work and even though he has 9000 kids while some of his coworkers only have 0 or 1 I guess everyone gets to go He invites Stacey and Mary Anne as Mother's helpers the appallingly gender normative job title they adopted during the Pike's previous summer vacation in Boy Crazy StaceyNot to be outdone Watson Brewer Kristy's stepdad decides he can demonstrate that he doesn't need a sweepstakes to have a good time He takes his fabulous wealth and books the same trip for his family including Kristy and fucking Karen of course And he invites Claudia and Dawn too because you can't truly make the Pikes feel poor without also inviting two non family members and telling them they don't have to be staff just to come along Never mind that Watson has 4 other children and offered none of them the option to bring even one friendNothing like a relaxing vacation of 4 adults and 18 children to truly make you appreciate the concept of summer school Imagine sitting in front of them on the plane Oh wait you don't have to just read this book to experience first hand how awful that experience would beI digress The point is the events of this book can be placed after Logan Likes Mary Anne Mary Anne mentions her boyfriend Logan at one point and before Good bye Stacey Good bye Unfortunately Kristy and the Snobs and Claudia and the New Girl the only two stories in between took place over just a couple of weeks When did this vacation happenWith the number of books in this series and the increased dilation of time as they progress forward we were bound to encounter this problem eventually but I honestly thought it would be later on and easier to wrestle with Let's get our feet wet in the Multiverse Theory of the Baby sitters ClubI don't want to go too deep here because there is much we don't know But I would like to posit that the plot of Baby sitters on Board takes place in a pocket universe similar to our own but with different universal constants most notably Dawn's Constant Alternatively either the standard Baby sitters Club timeline or the Super Special universe may be a simulation running in the world of the otherIf we accept that each member of the Baby sitters Club has a finite set of immutable traits that govern how they will respond in a particular situation and we should this isn't Tolstoy you guys we can call those traits a universal constant that describes their universe Generally when any of them acts out of character or all of them in the case of Hello Mallory we have to chalk it up to poor writing otherwise we risk accepting the reality that the Baby sitters Club timelines slips through the branes separating realities in a manner that can lead only to insanityHowever in Super Special #1 when presented with an obvious case of noncontinuous spacetime we have the luxury of assuming that the laws of reality are different and that Dawn would not otherwise act like such an insufferable Danny Tanner clean freak at the prospect of sharing a ship cabin for 4 days Earlier I presented Kristy as another example of a character who is acting outside of type but I'd like to amend that While I d

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Baby Sitters on Board The Baby Sitters Club Super Special #1Boat trip around the Bahamas and then three days of fun in Disney WorldOf course they have a million adventures Claudia gets notes from a mysterious Secret Admi. The BSC takes an inexplicable cruise to Disney World in this first super special It's interesting to read for many reasons it almost seems like Disney sponsored this book since it talks so much about Disney things also Mallory Pike is a character even though she is not yet a regular member with regular books also how did Ann M Martin and her editors come up with the idea for Super Specials I absolutely LOVED them as a kidThings I remember from reading this as a kidVery little The only thing I remember clearly is that Claudia gets a crush on a boy named Timothy There was a boy named Timothy in my third grade class and my friends and I drew all kinds of nutty parallels as only third grade girls can between the Timothy in the book and the Timothy in our class Things I've considered since reading this as an adultThe whole monetary aspect of the trip is incredibly vague and it drives me nuts First of all most all expenses paid trips will only pay for so many people usually four There is no way a company is paying for eight Pikes plus two mother's helpers to cruise around the Bahamas and go to Disney World Second of all are the Pikes paying for Mary Anne and Stacey to go with them or did their parents pay and the Pikes are paying them mother's helper fees I just can't for one second believe that the company that is so generously sending the entire Pike clan on this trip would willingly pay for two unrelated thirteen year old mother's helpers to go along too Third of all is Watson paying for Dawn and Claudia to go with the Brewer Thomas' clan Are their own parents paying Is is fair that two members of the BSC have to work during their vacation and the other three members are just tagging along on a real vacation This whole scenario makes my head hurt I'm glad these complications didn't occur to me when I was a kidKaren makes me almost as nuts as the who paid for what aspect of this story She runs off to a beauty parlor without permission and charges a manicure and a soda and god knows what else And everyone just says You're too much She's a spoiled brat I know her father is a millionaire and that he and obviously any of his children have absolutely no concept of money but really No one sits down with six year old Karen and explains how her actions are really inappropriate No one considers that the manicurist and the waiter probably didn't get tipped because Karen may know all about charging expensive things without conseuences but she knows nothing about the people who have to work hard to fulfill her every whim Later in the book Watson starts buying Karen and Andrew everything in sight when they arrive in Disney World which makes me think No wonder Karen is a spoiled brat Then when she and her family have breakfast with Disney characters she pretends that that day is her birthday just so that she can be the center of attention She lies to an entire roomful of people There's even time for Watson to put a stop to it Sorry it's not my daughter's birthday we're working on her truth telling skills sorry about that but he doesn't He sort of threatens to take her away from the dining room but he doesn't Why does Karen never have any conseuences for her actions She's going to grow up to be a Kardashian or a Brock Turner type a white wealthy socialite who can buy her way out of any problem and never think about the people she hurts along the wayDawn makes such a big deal about Kristy being a slob but isn't Dawn's mother a slob and incredibly disorganized I would think Dawn would be used to it but maybe she can only tolerate it in her mother not in other people Although she's always described as being so laid back Dawn is awfully uptight especially in this book; on the other hand Kristy makes much too big a deal about Dawn's cleanliness Who cares if Dawn wants to spend her vacation cleaning Also I don't buy that Kristy is a slob since she is so organized and controlling In fact I think that later in the