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summary The Vampyre And Other Tales of the Macabre ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í John Polidori's classic tale The Vampyre 1819 was a product of the same ghost story competition that produced Mary Shelley's Frankenstein The present volume selects thirteen other tales of mystery and the macabre includinNINGHAM The Master of LoganANONYMOUS The VictimJAMES HOGG Some Terrible Letters from ScotlandANONYMOUS The CurseANONYMOUS Life in DeathN P WILLIS My Hobby RatherCATHERINE GORE The Red ManCHARLES LEVER Post Mortem Recollections of a Medical LecturerLETITIA E LANDON The Bride of LindorfJOSEPH SHERIDAN LE FANU Passage in the Secret History of an Irish Conte. I'm going back and forth between whether to rate this a two or a three It's probably a solid 25 stars To be fair I haven't finished the entire book It was bought for the sole purpose of Polidori's The Vampyre and I skimmed a couple of the others There's a reason I don't get on with most early gothic namely the melodrama but it's worth it for the true origin of the vampire as a dark seductive and aristocratic figure

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E of The Vampyre and its central themes and techniues while the Appendices contain material closely associated with its composition and publication including Lord Byron's prose fragment Augustus DarvellJOHN POLIDORI The VampyreHORACE SMITH Sir Guy Eveling's DreamWILLIAM CARLETON Confessions of a Reformed RibbonmanEDWARD BULWER Monos and DaimonosALLAN CUN. Wow this is a good book The main reason why I liked it is because instead of getting beat over the head with the usual same old same old freuently anthologized horror stories Dracula's Guest The Jolly Corner Good Lady Ducayne and so on this book brings out some rarities that definitely deserve attention Admittedly a couple of the stories are rather boring NP Willis' My Hobby Rather what the hell does that mean and Lever's Post Mortem Recollections of a Medical Lecturer However it is a small price to pay for how many good stories are in this book Catherine Gore's The Red Man is terrifying and heartbreaking Passage in the Secret History of an Irish Countess is probably one of the best stories Le Fanu ever wrote I also like that the appendices of this book include Byron's original cut of The Vampyre as well as the verses from his Giaour that involve vampirismThy corse corpse shall from its tomb be rent;Then ghastly haunt thy native placeAnd suck the blood of all thy race;Above all I feel the real prize of this book is Letitia E Landon's The Bride of Lindorf Yes it is obvious this tale is from the age of sentimentality But the prose is stunning the imagery is gorgeous and it makes for a nice romantic escape Hey Elizabeth Barrett Browning worshiped the ground Letitia E Landon LEL walked even though no one knows about her now so I'd say there must have been something there

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The Vampyre And Other Tales of the MacabreJohn Polidori's classic tale The Vampyre 1819 was a product of the same ghost story competition that produced Mary Shelley's Frankenstein The present volume selects thirteen other tales of mystery and the macabre including the works of James Hogg JS LeFanu Letitia Landon Edward Bulwer and William Carelton The introduction surveys the genesis and influenc. This is a partial review I read The Vampyre out of this collection but I will read the other stories when I have the opportunityReview of The Vampyre by John PolidoriRead 61312Rating Three Stars The history of this short story might be even intriguing than the actual writing itself Mr Polidori was the personal physician of the infamous Lord Byron and this work of fiction was conceived on that famous holiday event in which Lord Byron Percy Shelley and Mary Godwin who would later become Mary Shelley issued a challenge to each other to write Gothic stories This was Mr Polidori's resultMy thoughtsI have little doubt that Lord Ruthven was inspired by Lord Byron Polidori's feelings towards his debauched past employer are uite clear In this case Lord Ruthven has a supernatural ability to ruin damage and destroy anything he lays his hands on and enjoys doing so in the process This does not speak well of Lord Byron and based of what I have read of him I can see some echoes of him in this character Lord Caroline Lamb the incredibly outrageous for her times cast off mistress of Byron is immortalized in a character who appears briefly in the beginning of the story at least in my opinionAs far as the writing I didn't feel that it was particularly inspired or brilliant This short story is all telling and little showing This created a distance between the characters in this story and myself It was hard to feel much sympathy for Aubrey his sister Miss Aubrey Ianthe or anyone else because the narrative was too much like a bland newspaper article with little connection to the intense emotions of the persons involved I had a distant feeling of dislike and disgust for Lord Ruthven which with active vivid writing could have been outright disgust That is a sadly wasted opportunity for a writer in my opinionIt's hard to say much overall about this story It wasn't bad I can't say I was disappointed because I didn't have high expectations Regardless of the issues as far as the writing Mr Polidori has earned his place in the vampire fiction canon Sadly he lived a short disappointing to himself life Although he could not be aware of the famous status of this story it is some comfort to me that he has created something that endured two hundred years later For that I will respect and appreciate The Vampyre And also for its commentary of Lord Byron a man whose antics pretty much created its own character archetype in literature the Byronic hero Admittedly in this case there is nothing at all to recommend Lord Ruthven Lord Byron himself I cannot say yay or nay to that uestionEnd verdict Any vampire fiction aficionado should take the opportunity to read this story at least for its historical value