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kindle ç Airhead AUTHOR Meg Cabot à 307 pages Download ¹ Meg Cabot Î She's a brainiac trapped in the body of an airhead Teenagers Emerson Watts and Nikki Howard have nothing in common Em's a tomboy braniac who couldn't care less about her looks Nikki's a stunning supermodel the world's most Auses the girls' lives to collide in the most extraordinary way and suddenly Em knows about Nikki's life than the paparazzi ever h It's like my worst dream and my worst nightmare rolled into one I get into an accident and my body is destroyed so they transplant my BRAIN dun dun DUN Into the body of a supermodel DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN But seriously I love Meg Cabot I've had this book on my to read shelf for years but just haven't gotten around to it and now there's a global pandemic and I need a distraction and oh look the library's online catalog has the audiobook Perfect type of book at the perfect time

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She's a brainiac trapped in the body of an airhead Teenagers Emerson Watts and Nikki Howard have nothing in common Em's a tomboy b I am NOT happy with this book First off it's part one of a series so the story is incomplete Second of all I didn't realize what I was getting in for when I picked it up Nowhere in the blurb on the inside front cover did it tell me that view spoiler we were talking about a brain transplant A boring teenager dies and has her living brain transplanted into the body of a brain dead teenage supermodel hide spoiler

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Airhead AUTHOR Meg CabRaniac who couldn't care less about her looks Nikki's a stunning supermodel the world's most famous airhead But a freak accident c 2nd UARTERDecember 21 2008Models Airheads Same thingBy SITI HAJAR MOHD KHAIRI 901 AirheadBy Meg Cabot337 pages2008 New York NYPointScholasticHardcover 1699ISBN 10 0 545 04052 3Ages 12 and up Models Airheads Whatever They are perfect fake and live “The Dream” all girls drool about to be famous loaded with cash and of course striking Airhead by Meg Cabot zooms a little into the future and gives insight on how technology is improving What if one day you find that you can be someone you would never expect in a million years literally From a wallflower to an egocentric from one freak accident It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it Emerson Watts finds herself exactly in those designer stilettos She is the protagonist who would be considered a “loser beyond repair” by the head of the Cliue in the series by Lisi Harrison Could that really happen in reality Puh lease It’s science fiction stamped all over it Save paper and don’t cut down trees for this book These 337 pages are so not worth spending your time one Like omigod this book was SO last year There’s also the all too familiar theme forbidden love Emerson turns out to be a tom boyish character who has run out of time to confess her true feelings for her best friend Christopher who she as fallen really hard for She hopes someday that Christopher would notice how she is a girl like any other How could she say that now that she’s trappedin a body that’s not her own Though a girl with the name Emerson might come sounding like a guy no wonder Christopher has not made a “move” yet Would Emerson really take that risk and jeopardize all those years of friendship It’s not like she’s alone there’s bound to be many people teenagers who are as scared as she was to have her true feelings out in the open As if it has not been mentioned already in books like Twilight and Romeo Juliet Having a common theme that gets mentioned over and over in popular books would be boring It was so boring I fell asleep reading the book Not to mention how the author makes everything seem longer than it should be There would be a twenty eight page pause that keeps you hanging as the character poor Emerson deals with all the problems that sensational super models have to deal with like posing and keeping still for almost two hours in a painful position I’m sure readers find model life so interesting that it buries the whole forbidden love situation in the dirt in the mean time NOT Cut to the chase already Models The worst role model to look up to You know them They’re skinny and had everything perfectly placed and all done for them Their beauty displayed upon pages and pages of magazines newspapers ads and billboards is shown all over the place First of all stop wasting paper Second what kind of message would that influence girls all over the world Models are only worth as much as any precious girl living in this world In the way society portrays these skinny ladies they seem to shine brighter than the average diamond Which is totally Not FAIR It would totally affect girls especially teenage girls who are already vulnerable about their self image Airhead by Meg Cabot is a poorly crafted piece of literature the whole plot is an avalanche of snow that buries all the good things about the book The most important part of any book is the plot If a reader doesn’t like itthen what’s the point It keeps you captivated at the beginning keeping you intrigued feeding you bait Then a big leap and it cuts you off leaving a flat and lame finale Although it kills me to say this about one of my favorite authors this outlandish idea should be trapped within the cavernous walls of the author’s own spacious brain It should never have been published Save yourselves from further disappointment In addition an odd and harsh message gets thrown into the air Your grandma would probably say “it’s the inside that matters and nothing else” You go grandma In the world full of glory lights camera and action it’s the outside that countsthe most