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Ay her parents mysteriously disappear and she is left in the care of her great Aunt a citizen of a fantastical place called Fignation. Oddly Normal is a 128 page graphic novel written and illustrated by Otis Frampton Oddly normal is a young girl who dreams of living a normal life Born to a human father and a witch from Fignation an alternate world full of magical beings Oddly has green hair pointed ears and an extreme sensitivity to rain Her uniue features are often the targets of taunts at her school On her tenth birthday Oddly comes home to find her parents preparing a party for her In a moment of frustration Oddly wishes that her parents disappear and runs out to the to swing set in her yard Suddenly she falls to ground with the swings disappearing underneath her and watches as her house vanishes before her eyes Sensing trouble her aunt from Fignation appears and takes Oddly back to her other world In Fignation Oddly goes on a path to self discovery while continuing to search for parents Her progress is slowed when an evil force threatens to destroy what is left in her life Overall I thought this graphic novel was okay When I chose this book I thought it would be a witty read mainly for the young adult audience Although there were some funny moments in this book I felt like the author's audience was not well defined and the plot did not have a solid direction The author's writing lacked descriptive details and variation This novel starts out interesting and then a series of events that seem pointless and unrelated to one another occur for the rest of the novel The novel ends with a rather confusing cliffhanger that did little to make me want to read the next book in the series I was ultimately left with uestions than answers at the end Although the plot lacks direction Frampton makes up for this in his illustrations which are dark and vibrant at the same time The illustrations that accompany the text are simple yet rich with enough details that enhance what is going on each scene I would not recommend this novel to people who are looking for a descriptive read but I would recommend this novel to people who like to explore different illustrative styles

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Oddly Normal 1Oddly Normal is a 10 year old girl with the most unfortunate name and the luck to go with it The product of a uniue mixed marriage he. 'Oddly Normal' by Otis Frampton is a pretty adorable graphic novel about a girl from two worlds who doesn't really fit into either And she has a name that is odd but not normalOddly Normal is a soon to be 10 year old She has green hair and pointed ears because her father is human and he mother is a witch This makes her stand out among the kids at school When her parents and house disappear she is left in the care of her loopy aunt on her mother's side who whisks her off to a place called Fignation Oddly has always been told she can't survive there but she soon finds it a wondrous place When her aunt makes her go to school she finds that she doesn't really fit in here either Will she and her aunt be able to figure out what happened to her parents and her house We don't find out in this volume but it's still a fun journeyThis collects the first 5 volumes of the ongoing series and all the original cover art is collected at the end The story doesn't finish in this volume but it's still a good ride Otis Frampton's storytelling and art are in good form here It looks like this was a Kickstarter project so a lot of other folks think this as good as I didI received a review copy of this graphic novel from Diamond Book Distributors Image Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel

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Download Ê Oddly Normal 1 ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Oddly Normal is a 10 year old girl with the most unfortunate name and the luck to go with it The product of a uniue mixed marriage her mother is a witch and her father is human Oddly has grown up between cultures and she is the proverbial outsider On her 10th birthR mother is a witch and her father is human Oddly has grown up between cultures and she is the proverbial outsider On her 10th birthd. This is a cute all ages title that reads like a good cartoon mostly fun for kids with some knowing winks for adults It's a story of a cute but weird little girl who accidentally wishes her parents would disappear while she blows out the candles of her 10th birthday cake so of course the vanish A relative spirits her away to a magical world to look for her folks but for most of this volume she goes to a school populated by adorable little versions of horror standards a Frankenstein's monster an Igor a ghost a vampire a zombie etc and she has a few fantasy versions of traditional middle school sucks stories There are some undercurrents here about the nature of goodevil the power of belief and the depressing predictability of human history but mostly this is a fun humoradventure story to entertain children written with its heart on its sleeve and I can recommend it for young readers and older readers who care about them