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Free download Blessed be the Wicked é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò Some will try to trap her in hopes of harnessing her dark power Others will seek to end her deeming it too terrible to riskIn the end he will destroy them all—because uinn is his weapon and he plans to keep it that way Lazarus was warned thaAs all the while challenging him at every turn With the Cisean tribes won over and the blood heirs behind them uinn expects this to be an easy task but soon finds herself entangled in a web of liesForced to gamble with her life and the lives of her comrades uinn must make a choice that will either save or doom them allBook three coming September of 2019 This series must be read in ord. I really loved the first book in this series than I thought I would as I found I just couldn't put the book down This second book is much the same but I actually enjoyed it which I don't always find I do with second books in series Reading Blessed be the Wicked meant I didn't get much sleep as I kept on telling myself just one chapter until I found myself at the end of the bookThis book picks up right where the first one left us uinn Lazarus and the rest of his vessels are entering the Pirate ueens lair and we're about to find out whether she is friend or foeI loved how uinn has developed in this book I felt that as well as her ascending in her powers she has also ascended in herself We get to see a confident uinn not that she wasn't confident already and we get to learn of just what makes her tick Lazarus on the other hand is as complicated as he was before I love and enjoy that we get some chapters from his POV it adds to the telling of the story that we get to see things that uinn does and his thoughts of her from his perspectiveI'm really enjoying this series so far It's intriguing and page turning and has enough to keep me invested in both the characters and the story I really love the flow and pace of the storytelling too and if I didn't already know then I wouldn't guess that two authors have written this book Blessed be the Wicked gets 5 stars from me and I'm really excited about book number 3 and learning about uinn's secrets and what will happen once they reach their next destination

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Some will try to trap her in hopes of harnessing her dark power Others will seek to end her deeming it too terrible to riskIn the end he will destroy them all because uinn is his weapon and he plans to keep it that way Lazarus was warned that uinn’s power might be too great even for him but nothing prepared him for the truth of it until she held a dagger over him and he was powerles. Blog | Twitter | InstagramAnother great book in this seriesI can't say that the seuel is better than the first one because it took so long for me to be interested in what's going on Most of it has something to do with how nothing important is actually happening in the first half of the book But it's soon disappeared when troubles kicked inAs soon as it happened I was totally engrossed with the well written story uinn being a badass as always showed everyone what she's truly capable of In her cruel and wicked but amazing way of course I was digging it Though I knew the real enemy is yet to be revealed I felt a little disappointment when the issue was easily handled by uinn Guess I was just craving for violenceIn this book I had the pleasure of exploring the new part of the world and another kingdom To be introduced to the Pirate ueen was fascinating She's as brave and powerful as everyone said I love how there were so many strong and lovely women in this seriesAs for the other characters I'm delighted to have the chance to know of them Draeven is still my favorite aside from uinn There was a little part where I got to know him before his life as House Fierté vassal Oh and there were a couple of chapters that were told from his POV I hope I'd get in the next book Lazarus was the same complicated and mysterious man as before Though after what happened in this book I begin to see that he wasn't some mere nobleman and dark maji Lorraine was still sweet and caring I really hope she'll be okay until the end Vaughn caught my attention this time I was blind to see how kind and sincere he isAnd here's a new addition to the crew meet Axe everyone She was a uniue curious and strong girl I'm excited to follow her development throughout the seriesOverall I enjoyed Blessed be the Wicked It was filled with action magic hot sizzling sexual tension and secrets I'm actually thorn between rating this book 3 or 4 stars But I think even though it was slow paced in the beginning the other half of the story was worth it I can't wait to read the third book

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Blessed be the WickedS to stop it Now at odds with himself the future king of Norcasta must find a way to regain control of his house and secure an alliance with the Pirate ueenbefore fate tips its hand once and his carefully laid plans are led astrayuinn’s loyalty is not easily won but Lazarus has managed to do it Now the vassal and right hand of Lord Fierté uinn seeks to gain him an alliance with Ilv. Lazarus and uinn are guests of the Pirate ueen Lazarus wants to form an alliance with the ueen but can't get an audience with her uinn is her typical self she bluntly says what she thinks and puts people on edge which is probably what leads her to be framed for a crime This puts Lazarus and his household in a precarious position uinn must clear her name and put things to right with regards to their real purpose for being thereI'm loving this series The dark maji are interesting characters Add in the delicious tension created by Lazarus's need for control and uinn's wild spirit and what's not to like I think things are about to get really interesting between them and with regards to where they are traveling next uinn's homeland I'm excited to see what happens