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Duct archaeology the traditional way Now the find of a lifetime is beckoning from the middle of the Sahara but she’ll have to throw her lot in with Easy Nevada to get to it The problem is she doesn’t know if she even likes the fast talking rogue let alone trusts her What’s dangerous the desert or her new partnerSearing heat and bu. I really wanted to love this but I didn’t I was hoping that the adventure of the first one would have of the same and then some connection between Easy and Candice Easy has to find the last in a series of relics and there is no way Candice is letting her go alone if only to preserve the archeological treasures that Easy has no care forThe action is exciting and fast but my disappointment is in Easy and Candice There seems to be little or no depth to Easy beyond superciliousness and brashness Even her reason for doing the relic hunting isn’t given enough time or insight I have the same with Candice but in a different way she's all business and does not seem attracted to Easy in the slightestThere are one or two moments where I thought that they were about to get some depth and then they didn’t I would prefer this as a graphic novel because then I would at least get to look at the drawings Two and a half stars rounded up Book received from Ylva Publishing for an honest review

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Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra The Cushing Nevada Chronicles #2Rning chemistry mix with the danger of a vengeful zealot in this rollicking adventure Working together Easy and Candice might just be able to beat the odds And maybe they’ll survive long enough to realize they want from each other than just buried treasureA full throttle thrill ride with kick ass lesbians action and heat than the Saha. Kaplan's humor seems to be hit or miss with a lot of readers but she has a hit with her Nevada Cushing series It's possible to read this one on its own but you would be doing yourself a major disservice These stories are intricately connected so make sure to start with Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse for maximum enjoymentTrying to keep this as spoiler free as possible is hard since this book picks up on the action right where book 1 left off with our heroes rolling away from the rubble of the last book in a tank in the middle of a desert It's pretty much impossible to recap this story without giving anything away but as a reader know that you're in for the same sarcastic wit from Easy the same cool intellectualness form Candice and a whole lot of Indiana Jones Lara Croft style adventuresThere's tanks guns glowing skulls explosions danger deserts and pyramids at every turn in this story and it's one hell of a ride Strap up and hold on Solid 4 starsMany thanks to Ylva for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review

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READ & DOWNLOAD ¿ Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra (The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles, #2) Ù For years mercenary Easy Nevada risked her life finding ancient artefacts for a mysterious benefactor Now she’s after one last score the biggest of all a relic so cursed that itFor years mercenary Easy Nevada risked her life finding ancient artefacts for a mysterious benefactor Now she’s after one last score the biggest of all a relic so cursed that it was buried with Cleopatra in a secret tomb over two thousand years ago But to uncover it she’ll need helpBy the book Candice Cushing only ever wanted to con. A fun ride filled with action and adventure This is the second book in the Cushing Nevada Chronicles While I did like book one a little bit we are only talking about a uarter star difference here This was no sopho series slump and was just as entertaining as the first book If you are new to the series I would highly recommend reading book one Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse first Both books are completely connected where book one ends the other book begins While you could eventually figure out what is going if you started here you’d be missing out on half the adventure which would be half the fun The story is about Easy treasure hunting grave robbing badass and Candice who is an archeologist The two of them are hunting for the last crystal skull out of twelve that have been hidden all over the world If Easy can find this skull she just might have the money to keep her dying son she put up for adoption alive If Lara Croft and Indiana Jones had a sarcastic lesbian daughter that would be Easy Nevada If you like the feel of those action movies with artifacts pyramids tanks guns explosions and danger at every turn this is the book version of those types of movies While reading this book everything is so well described that it plays like movie in front of my eyes I felt like I was there from the heat of the explosions to the sand in my shoes Kaplan really knows how to write action booksThere is romance in this book but it is light The characters have really strong chemistry but Easy is a bit of a cad who would flirt with any woman of age so the less reckless Candice likes to fight her attraction to Easy But the longer they spend together and the Candice learns about what’s under the sarcastic shell of Easy the harder it is to ignore her pull I really like these two as a potential couple and I look forward to finding out what happensIf you have read any of Kaplan’s books you will knows she has a very uniue sense of humor Kaplan can be a little polarizing where you either get her or you don’t I happen to love her humor There are a few pop culture references that I miss but for the most part I get the jokes and they actually make me laugh As most of you know I have trouble with humor in books but Kaplan’s sarcasm really works for me The good part about these books is even if you are not a huge fan of Kaplan’s humor this book is such an action adventure that the book is worth the read just for that fact alone We don’t see a ton of action romances lately there used to be so many when I first started reading lesfic Nowadays I’m happy to get my hands on them when I can and Kaplan does not disappoint If you are a Tomb Raider or Indian Jones fan I think you will have a lot of fun with this series If you like action and plenty of excitement this is the book for you It’s pure entertainment and I’m excited to read book three in 2020 A copy was given to me for a honest review