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Ruthless Empire Royal Elite #6 Read ✓ 104 í She’s off limits He has noneThere’s a girlBeautiful Popular FakeAnd my obsessionMy fallProbably my damnationDid that stop me Do I care No and noThere’s a line between right and wrong Moral and immoralAnd then there’s herI cross every limit with blood coated fingersShe says she hates mShe’s off limits He has noneThere’s a girlBeautiful Popular FakeAnd my obsessionMy fallProbably my damnationDid that stop me Do I care No and noThere’s a line between right and wrong Moral and i. RUTHLESS EMPIRE Cole NashNow on Pre Order US ➜ UK ➜ ➜ book is a complete standalone but for better understanding of Royal Elite's world it's advised to read the previous books in the series firstRoyal Elite Series#0 Cruel King#1 Deviant King#2 Steel Princess#3 Twisted Kingdom#4 Black Knight Xander#5 Vicious Prince Ronan#6 Ruthless Empire Cole#7 Royal Elite Epilogue

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MmoralAnd then there’s herI cross every limit with blood coated fingersShe says she hates meI say I hate her too as I trap her own herMake her all mine Ruthless Empire is part of Royal Elite Series. ARC PROVIDED FOR AN HONEST REVIEW There are not enough words to describe this book and i don't think anything I'll write will make justice to this masterpieceI don't know how but Rina Kent made me once again speechlessThis book was everything and i was expectingIt was the only possible closure all the doubts where finally answered and we had the opportunity to finally meet the real Cole and the real Silver and i wasn't disappointed at allWhat surprised me the most was the creepy part of this book i'm not gonna spoiler anything but you should get ready for some pretty creepy and mind blowing PLOT TWISTS this is an idea of what you should expect and it's not even the creepiest thing ————✨ YOU CAN'T BE OBVIOUS WITH DOLLS PEOPLE SAY THEY DON'T SEE BUT THEY HAVE EYES THEY SAY THEY DON'T FEEL BUT THEY HAVE SKINTHEY CAN BLEED TOO IF YOU RUN A KNIFE OVER THEIR BODIES✨Our Captain gave his best in this book all the little clues from the previous book come all together to destroy our sanity in this one ✨ OBSERVATION IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVILIF YOU FAIL AT IT YOU'RE SCREWED IF YOU'RE THE SUBJECT OF IT YOU'RE ALSO SCREWED ✨I've never read about a calculated subtle and evil person before this bookHis calculation and nerdy style can keep you always on the edge like no one elseDuring the book there's a visible change in Cole's behavior don't get me wrong he's the usual manipulative subtle sexy nerd but getting closer and closer to Silver he became even a little sweeter if we can call it that 😂✨ SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE MY CALM AND YET WHEN HER HEAD FALLS ON MY BACK AND HER WARMTH MINGLES WITH MINE I REALIZE SHE'S THE ONLY CALM I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE EVEN BOOKS DON'T COMPARE AND THAT SAYS SOMETHING SILVER IS THE BEAUTY AND THE UGLINESS THE CALM AND THE CHAOS ✨Since they were little a special bound was formed between them a bond made with ropes that will destroy and save them at the same time Secrets were the glue that kept them together no metter whatSilver tried so hard to fight her feelings she hide she run but in the end she would alway fall back between the evil's arms Her damnation became her salvation in a very twisted and unconventional wayHe challenged her he despised her in public and owned her in the darkest nights behind closed doorsThey became each other addiction and in Silver and cole's case everything was amplified I wasn't ready for all that chemistry and sexual tension and others interesting stuff 😉 ✨ YOU'RE THE ONLY THING I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO THINK THROUGH MY BREATH SHORTENS BUT I WHISPER 'BECAUSE I'M YOUR CHAOS ' 'BECAUSE YOU'RE THE REASON I LOOK FORWARD TO NEW DAYS' ✨So we're sadly arrived at the end of this beautiful series that made us uestion our sanity fall in love and sometimes angry than ever with some charters but i wouldn't change a thingThis series gave me so much I took with me something from each characters and i'm starting to understand that everyone wears a mask you just have to find the right person who's disposed to drop it for you✨ THIS BOOK AND THIS SERIES DESERVES NOT 5 NOT 6 BUT 13332 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I hope you'll enjoy it like i did 😉

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Ruthless Empire Royal Elite #6But could be read on its own For better understanding of the world you might want to read the previous books first This is a mature new adult and contains situations that some readers can find offensi. 4 StarsI really liked this one too though I wouldn't say it necessarily lived up to my expectations for Cole Aiden and Ronan are still better imo But it's also fine because Rina didn't go the annoying usual route of OTT drama Instead it was of their building relationship with a side of suspense I guess that's one thing I actually really like about this author is that she doesn't tend to go the typical route of manhos with a bunch of OP drama that takes away from their actual relationship at least what I've seen so far from her I can also tell her writing has gotten so much better from the first books in this series There is still some repetitiveness like Silver saying wanker and I hate you over and over again which was so ANNOYING and again with the childhood trauma and parent dramas but this plot did feel a bit different thankfully so it didn't bother me as much I surprisingly really liked the flashbacks at the beginning of the book too from when they were younger Cole is a devious little kid haha I'm also glad they actually did what they said they would do and saved their firsts for each other unlike some other books ahem prettyrecklessbrokenknight ahem It definitely made me root for them that they were literally IT for each other so I def would have liked to have found our earlier that Cole was a virgin but whatever And also no OW drama thankfully but I also thought it was kind of funny how they were constantly using other people to make each other jealous which I was fine with seeing as they were only interested in each other and they totally get off on it lol I'm also legit obsessed with all the horsemen's interactions and wish we had in here And how they spread rumors and lies about each other too freaking Ronan haha is the best and I'm glad they really did end up to be liesThe timeline did feel a bit wacky though I feel like there are just too many books in this series for the books to all be out of order and it is hard to keep track of events that happened in the other books especially when the character was trying to explain why something happened when it did Such as Silver trying to justify why she did all that to Kim I wish we had some of the events that happened on screen in other books to happen here too that way we could see what was going through their head at that time All the mentions of Kim and no actual Kim appearing was boringAlso one thing I noticed is that Rina does this really great build up to the climax but when it happens she fails to deliver an actual impact after all that We have all this suspense and mysteriousness just for it to be wrapped up in literally like 5% I do like the epilogues she does at the very end but I hate how everything wraps up so uickly and then it's boom epilogue time And btw who the doll master actually was is legit gross Not sure how obvious or not it was though since I might have seen a spoiler already before starting it oopsAnd then a couple things that I noticed that while they don't affect my rating really I just wasn't a big fan of them One would be all the voyeurism The whole sex club thing where they get off on watching other people and then think about it whilst having sex just didn't do it for me I love kinky even wish there was of it here but it just didn't make sense that with how obsessed they are with each other that they prefer to watch other people have sex I am glad that there was no sharing or anything like that though which people tend to do in sex clubs in books Cole was possessive through and through though he definitely gets points docked off for watching Silver get beaten and not doing anything about it that scene can also never NOT be cringey And lastly one thing that I didn't care for was the pretty much no explanation on why he had a pic of a naked woman tied up on his phone I can't remember if they said they knew her or not but was Cole the one that did it and took the pic We know he was a virgin but he said he tried to go all the way so does that mean he tried to go all the way with girls Has he tied up a lot of girls Or just Silver Did he do any other stuff with them On one hand I'm glad it was vague if he really did other stuff with any other women but on another I wish it was clear with how loyal he was to Silver You can't be mad that someone took her first waltz if you've been tying and doing other stuff to girlsOverall I've really liked all the books in the series well except for Black Knight still hate that one The first books in the series aren't written as good but they still kept my interest and I love all the MCs except Kim And I know there are a lot of comparisons but this almost feels like the All Saints High series that we should have had but didn't bleh so I don't even care for the similarities Now bring on Daddy King