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READ Ö The Silence ¿ It is 1997 and in a basement flat in Hackney Isla Green is awakened by a call in the middle of the night her father phoning from Sydney 30 years ago in the suffocating heat of summer 1967 the Greens’ next door neighbour Mandy disappeared At the time it was thought she had gone to start a new life; but now Mandy’s family is trying to recoIt is 1997 and in a basement flat in Hackney Isla Green is awakened by a call in the middle of the night her father phoning from Sydney 30 years ago in the suffocating heat of summer 1967 the Greens’ next door neighbour Mandy disappeared At the time it was thought she had gone to start a new life; but now Mandy’s family is trying to reconnect and there is no trace of her Isla’s father Joe was allegedly the last person to see her alive and now he’s under suspicion of murder Reluctantly Isla goes. This is powerful stunning heart wrenching debut enlightens a shameful area of Australian history separation of children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families This sensitive subject reminds you of another emotional historical novel ”Before we were yours” and the book’s mysterious intense layered and high tension atmosphere reminds you of Jane Harper’s novelsIt’s told in two different time frames we’re moving back and forth between 1967 and 1997 to solve the pieces of the puzzle a murder mystery layered with secrets lies dysfunctional family issues unhealthy marriage relations On 1997 Isla lives in a basement flat in Hackney wakes up with a call in the middle of the night coming from his father from Sydney His father tells him to come back to his childhood home because he’s accused of the murder a 30 years old case their neighbor Mandy She had been presumed missing at 3 decades ago but now she is presumed death and Isla’s father Joe is the last person who had seen her alive Isla already deals with her own problems suffering from alcoholism loneliness forces herself to fly back to her home to bring out the family secrets but you know the most important thing at those thriller stories sometimes it’s better not to dig out the past because you are not ready to face what will come around and hit you against your face Sometimes it’s better not to know But eventually Isla needs to know if her father is capable to do something lethal and dangerousAt the flashback parts of the novel we learn about both neighbors and their family dynamics Isla’s mother Louisa and father Joe are immigrants from England and Louisa is already homesick as soon as they move their new place But Joe seems he’s fine to adapt into his new life style And when we’re introduced with the neighbors Mandy and Steve has unhealthy relationship and rocky problematic marriage Steve is a cop and his job is demanding and compelling but he’s doing his best to take things in control and Mandy doesn’t want to have baby Then we learn Steve’s involvement about separation of Aborigine babies and as secrets start coming out wrecking and tragic events start to occur as wellOverall This is promising thrilling dark heartfelt poignant remarkably emotional impressive debut that I highly recommend It gave me another reason to add Aussie authors to my MOUNT TBR I’m using to rent for the vacationers on weekendsSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins for sharing this thrilling ARC with me in exchange my honest reviewbloginstagramfacebooktwitter


Back to Australia for the first time in a decade The return to Sydney will plunge her deep into the past to a uiet street by the sea where two couples live side by side Isla’s parents Louisa and Joe have recently emigrated from England a move that has left Louisa miserably homesick while Joe embraces this new life Next door Steve and Mandy are eually troubled Mandy doesn’t want a baby even though Steve a cop trying to hold it together under the pressures of the job is desperate to become a fa. The Silence is not the most uplifting of novels but that's because it was uite realistic in its portrayal of real suburban families and how much disfunction there can be behind perfectly maintained facades and lawnsIt's 1997 Isla Green is living in the UK when she gets a call from her father telling her that the police think he's a suspect in the disappearance of a next door neighbour Mandy Nobody has heard from her for thirty years and Isla Green's father Joe is according to police the last person to see her aliveWritten via dual timelines 1967 and 1997 and through the eyes of multiple characters this is a slow burning mystery with lots of layers and well formed charactersTolstoy was so right when he said Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way We never truly know people not even those closest to us Atmospheric and not too far fetched The Silence is a fantastic debut novel that kept me interested for twelve hours Melle Stewart's narration was top notch as well

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The SilenceTher  The Isla asks about the past the she learns about both young couples and the secrets each marriage bore Could her father be capable of doing something terrible How much does her mother know And is there another secret in this community one which goes deeper into Australia’s colonial past which has held them in a conspiracy of silenceDeftly exploring the deterioration of relationships and the devastating truths we keep from those we love The Silence is a stunning debut from a rising literary sta. 25 stars I had high expectations for this book but was disappointed Most reviews were favourable The story is set mainly in Sydney where I lived for three years and have enjoyed many mysteries with Australian locations I purchased the Kindle version as The Silence was one of five books on the Washington Posts’ list of recommended mysteries this week It has been called ‘vibrant with Hitchcockian atmosphere’ and often compared with the books by Jane Harper I regret it didn’t come close for me I thought this debut novel had an interesting plot but felt its execution fell flat Set in two timelines 30 years apart 1967 and 1997 there was an interesting subplot centering on the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families and sent to less than ideal institutions in a government attempt to give them a better life destroy their languages and culture There was an informative and powerful movie about this practice The Rabbit Proof Fence The characters were flat and I was unable to connect with them They were all unlikeable and although their thoughts and behaviours were described I felt I was being told but somehow but couldn’t develop any emotional investment in the characters or what happened to them One night Isla living and working in England receives a call from her father Joe in Sydney Joe has been content living in Australia but is an alcoholic Isla has also become an alcoholic but is in recovery after beating her former boyfriend in a drunken rage Her mother Louisa is also in Sydney but left Joe at one time fleeing back to England with Isla Later her mother returned to Joe but is very homesick for England and miserable in Australia She hates the heat and insects and is disappointed in Joe sorry that she ever returned to him It is 1997 and the reason for Joe’s call to his daughter is that he is under suspicion by the police for the disappearance of next door neighbour Mandy thirty years ago He is thought to be the last one to see her alive and she is now believed to be dead Isla still has affection for her father but her brother remembers him as a violent drunk Isla reluctantly agrees to return to Sydney to support Joe Her mother suspects Joe might be guilty of murdering Mandy Mandy took care of Isla when she was a young child while Louisa was working Isla has vague and fond memories of Mandy Mandy lived next door to Isla’s family by the sea in Sydney Mandy was in an unhappy marriage with Steve a policeman In 1967 Steve had become depressed and discontented with his work He was involved in removing Aboriginal children from their families and leaving them at an institution he considered unsuitable He was desperate for children but Mandy refused to become a mother The timeline alternates between 1967 and 1997 when Isla returns to Sydney She learns that Steve uit his job and shortly after he and Mandy moved away Mandy was left an inheritance and is being sought She is not with Steve and is nowhere to be found Did Isla’s father Joe kill her or is she still alive Isla must deal with secrets held by the two dysfunctional families for many years before the case is solved but the truth does not resolve years of pain and deceptions