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Morning Star When five maidels join forces to turn an abandoned barn into an Amish marketplace the unmarried women have community in mind But their fledgling enterprise promises to reap surprising rewards for each in turn including the gift of unexpected love For Regina Miller the new Morning Star Marketplace is a chance to share her secret work with the world without revealing herself Old Order Amish forbid I just have to say I love love Charlotte Hubbard books And when I saw this book on netgalley for reuest I hitthe reuest button so fast you would not believe it This book is the first book in a series We follow 5 unmarried amish women And already there this book differs from other amish books Most amish books do not tell the from the unmarried women perspective And their fight to be independent This book is Also about clean sweet romance About strong friendships and familiy dynamics I loved the book Thank you to netgalley for letting me read this e arc in exchange for an honest opinion

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Free doc ↠ reader Morning Star ☆ 9781420145120 ✓ Charlotte Hubbard Å When five maidels join forces to turn an abandoned barn into an Amish marketplace the unmarried women have community in mind But their fledgling enterprise promises to reap surprising rewards for each in turn includUnned along with her Forced to turn to each other for companionship the young couple must learn to balance their own needs with their deep faith and a love that will show them all things are possiblePraise for the novels of Charlotte Hubbard Hubbard firmly grounds the storyline in the principle of Amish grace Publishers Weekly Fans of Amish fiction will love Charlotte Hubbard's series Marta Perr Regina Miller is one of 5 young single women that live in the Amish Community of Morning Star With their progressive bishop they are supported in not settling for marriage but to live on their own with the support of the community Regina or Red as she is commonly known lost her parents at the age of 22 With the loss of her parents she turned to a past time that has helped her with her loss She has kept this past time a secret living in her parent's home When an opportunity for the community opens up for a market place for the Amish to sell their goods she sees a way to help her community The sales of the market place goes to building a new school With any secret the anxiety becomes great for Red that she is found out Gabe her boss has in indirect way has revealed her secret and has revealed a secret past time of his own Together they are shunned and are forced to reexamine their faith It is together they find love and understandingI liked how Gabe and Regina had known each other for years but it was their secret that they discovered how deep their faith and love could be Their secret pastimes are not sinful in themselves but they reveal a deeper root of sin that I found to be insightful The realization that it is not our circumstances that can make us better but a repentance to trust God in faith that changes us They both had to replace their dependence on their pastimes to something better The process is sanctifying and satisfying Highly recommend A special thank you Kensington Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to pst an honest review

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The creation of art without purpose but without a husband Regina has been free to explore the joy of painting in her attic Yet when Gabe Flaud's curiosity leads him to speculate that Regina herself is the painter the full weight of their community's judgement falls on her shouldersWhen Gabe stands up to defend Regina uestioning the Order's restrictions he reveals his own guilty secret and is sh I've been interested in Amish culture for years I'm amazed that any of them are still around because well they may be peaceful but they are hypocrites and Gabe actually points out at one point in the storyRegina is a old maid and Gabe is sort of her boss Both have secrets that get them in trouble with the church For Regina its her love of painting which is too worldly as is Gabe's love of music and playing the guitarI shake my head at these things as creating things that bring joy to others just can't be a sin Gabe feels much the same as I do I loved him He was truly the perfect guy totally uestioning his faith and not following along blindly I got him because the Amish make very few changes I could see how easy it would be for him to just walk away and start a new lifeRegina is grounded She knows what she stands to lose if she leaves She's torn because for her leaving the Amish would mean losing her friendsThe characters in this story were so well crafted You had some that you absolutely loved and others you wanted to hit over the head with a cast iron skillet The maidels were wonderful and independent though as we can see this series is going to see all these older Amish gals finding loveThe romance that buds between Regina and Gabe is so sweet and perfect it may make your heart burst especially the ending It was absolute perfectionThis was a delightful light read that will leave you with warm fuzzy feelings