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MOBI Þ DOC I Have Lived A Thousand Years Growing Up In The Holocaust × LIVIA BITTON-JACKSON × What is death all aboutWhat is life all aboutSo wonders thirteen year old Elli Friedmann just one of the many innocent Holocaust victims as she fights for her life in a concentration caA luxury of the past and food becomes a scarcity Her strong will and faith allow Elli to manage and adjust somehow but what Elli doesn't know is that this is only the beginning and the worst is yet to comeA remarkable memoir I Have Lived a Thousand Years is a story of cruelty and suffering but at the same time a story of hope faith perseverance and lov 31 May 2020 Re reading as Homework from KelleeORIGINAL REVIEW4 starsWow Having read this in just one day I'm left rather speechless For the last 50 pages I kept forgetting that this story was in fact a TRUE story I'd read parts and the shock would hit and I'd be like how How can this have really happened The horror of it being true is just too much for my brain to grasp To think and know that so so few people survived what is possibly one of the worst things to have ever happens ever makes this a really emotional read For me personally the horror of Bibi pages 175 and 176 is what was the first part to really upset me and those couple pages I was nearly brought to tears and I had to stop reading for a bit before I could keep going And it just got worseI've read uite a few holocaust novels and if you have too you will know that they all have a similarly yet are also so different and each and everyone manages to be heartbreaking You would think that you would get use to it but this is one part of history that I feel there is no getting use to The insanity of it having happened it just makes me so angry aswell These people did NOT deserve what happened to them This story is just one of the stories from one survivor but it's one that was also needed to be told The cover Well the cover is an actual photo of her as a teenager She had rescued it saved it and is now sharing it with the world Each survivor's story is important and this one is definitely important I really hope that the rest of her life was a good one

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Ydream for hours that she was a beautiful and elegant celebrated poetBut these adolescent daydreams uickly darken in March 1944 when the Nazis invade Hungary First Elli can no longer attend school have possessions or talk to her neighbors Then she and her family are forced to leave their house behind to move into a crowded ghetto where privacy becomes What sets Bitton Jackson's Holocaust memoir apart from the others is that it is simultaneously poetic and graphic Also the entire book is written in the first person which gives it a startling immediacyIt has garnered hundreds of deservedly glowing reviews both here and on so I won't take the trouble of summarizing it but the following sections hit me upside the headThe joyful ethnic pride she discovers in the Jewish ghetto For the first time in my life I am happy to be a Jew The cock feathered policement who had trampled on our sofas and our self esteem the Gentile neighbors who were afraid to say good bye the Jancsi Novaks the kind gentle friends who have not attempted to send a note of synpathy the peasant wagon drivers who dutifully accepted wages from us for delivering us to the enemy they all are on the other side of the fence A tall fence separates us A world separates us because they do not understandBut we on this side of the fence we understand We put up sheets around bathtubs in the yard in order to take baths We cook on open stoves We stand in long lines for the toilet No friendship or love binds as this deep spontaneous easy mutuality The graphic description of concentration camp food is clearer than any I've read elsewhereI snatch the bread from Mommy's hand she had refused to eat it and begin to eat The dry mudlike lump turns into wet sand particles in my mouth When the bowl of food is handed to me I am unable to take a gulp It is a dark green thick mass in a battered washbowl crusted with dirt No spoons You tilt the bowl until the mass slides to the edge then gulp The dark mush smells and looks repulsive The edge of the bowl is rusty and cracked and uneven with dried on smut My nausea returns in a flashAnd to add fodder to the eternal uestion of how much did war time Germans outside the SS really know about the concentration camps there is an interesting chapter titled This Must be Heaven Some clearly astonished Wehrmacht officials running a Luftwaffe factory who have reuested female laborers from Auschwitz don't recognize the arriving inmates as women ask them where their luggage is which causes much laughter among the inmates and ask for their actual names When one officer tells Bitton Jackson's partially paralyzed mother not to worry that here you will get better We will take good care of you the daughter's response is I am surely dreamingA stunning Holocaust memoir simultaneously poetic and graphic

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I Have Lived A Thousand Years Growing Up In The HolocaustWhat is death all aboutWhat is life all aboutSo wonders thirteen year old Elli Friedmann just one of the many innocent Holocaust victims as she fights for her life in a concentration camp It wasn't long ago that Elli led a normal life; a life rich and full that included family friends school and thoughts about boys A life in which Elli could lie and da 35 Stars I have lived a Thousand Years is a well written candid and deeply poignant account of survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps It is however the first book of a 3 parts series which I do think it is important to point out as I failed to observe this fact before reading the book and really felt the ending rushed until I realised it there are two other books in the series A First hand account of the life of a young teenager in a Nazi concentration camp a difficult but important story from a first hand view a compelling read and as always with books written on the Holocaust an important account of what torture and cruelty human beings can inflict on their fellow citizens Every memoir or account like this is uniue and essential in helping us remember and experience though words a time of madness of shocking and shameful atrocities and a time when people turned their backs while their neighbours and friends The book is informative and insightful and you certainly feel emotion on reading this account I listened to this one on audio and the narrator was excellent