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Ghted to accept a position at Blythe Hall where her mother was the cook her father the gardener and Ellery Throckmorton the younger son of the family her idol She's been hired to teach Penelope the daughter of Garrick Ellery's widowed older brother and Kiki a mysterious wild child under the family's protectionBefore long Celeste has her two. I don't really get why so many people had objections about this book being a historical duplicate of the movie SabrinaThe story was good despite its' lack of originality The characters were genuine and their feelings and motives exceptionally conveyed Not to mention that it was a rare combination of espionage and romance The love triangles didn't bother me the least always had the feeling things would eventually work out for everyoneGarrick was an incredible man full of confidence and emotional stability Until he met Celest She was the gardener's daughter a commoner with no money his daughter's and niece's governess and madly in love with his rake of a brother Or so it seemedBoth brothers set out to charm her and found themselves enchanted instead The tomboy teenager who was sent to be trained as a governess returned as a beautiful young woman with lots of courage wit and exceptional educational background Ellery simply couldn't take his eyes off of her and Garrick found himself utterly besotted Both brothers hit rock bottom in different ways each We can clearly see Garrick's facade that had been carefully built through the years falling apart in a few days until there is no And when he is evidently and thoroughly exposed after he realises what he truly wants and needs he gets ditchedHonestly I liked that part Both Ellery's and Garrick's transformation is based on the fact that they aknowledge their feelings for the women they care for and are willing to do anything for them casting their own insecurities or prejudice away Yet even at their humblest they manage to keep their heads up high with complete lack of arrogance but playfulness and respect instead

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In My Wildest Dreams Governess Brides #4Young charges well in hand But she's also encountered several impediments to pursuing her long unreuited love for Ellery and discovered a most unexpectedly passionate attraction to Garrick that her new employer returns with interest If all goes well Celeste's next post may be a lifelong position with extraordinary benefits for all concerne. It kept my interest Enjoyable read 4

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In My Wildest Dreams (Governess Brides, #4) Free download â 109 ↠ Christina Dodds's popular Distinguished Academy of Governesses trilogy Rules of Surrender Rules of Engagement and Rules of Attraction may be completed but the romantic adventures of one young woman trained there have just begunHaving received glowing rChristina Dodds's popular Distinguished Academy of Governesses trilogy Rules of Surrender Rules of Engagement and Rules of Attraction may be completed but the romantic adventures of one young woman trained there have just begunHaving received glowing references upon leaving her post in Paris in a diplomatic household Celeste Milford is deli. It didn’t take me long to figure out that In My Wildest Dreams was a rip off of Billy Wilder’s charming 1954 movie Sabrina with the immortal Audrey Hepburn I remember groaning as I caught onto Christina Dodd’s storyline As much as I like Harrison Ford he deserved an Oscar for The Fugitive IMHO he wasn’t as right for the role iconized by Humphrey Bogart Plus the original Sabrina is one of my all time favorite movies If I was not overly impressed with the re make of the 1995 movie how was I going to like this book Okay okay some of you may know that Wilder’s movie was actually a remake of a Broadway play entitled Sabrina Fair and also has a UK version with the same title neither of which I’ve seen But I digressLuckily with nothing better to read I kept plowing through You really need to think Sabrina meets To Russia With Love with the hero Gerrick as James Bond The heroine Celeste being the daughter of the gardener and the cook has grown up on the hero’s estate After graduating from the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and working in Paris for a Russian diplomat where she learned the language she has now returned to Blythe Hall where she will work as a governess I won’t reiterate the Sabrina screenplay as it really only applies to the first few chapters and will say there are a few surprises and a lots of original laugh out loud moments due to the dialogueTrue I expected that a well educated man practicing espionage in foreign countries would speak the regional dialects Russian for one; nonetheless I remembered even the Russian court communicated in French so I just shrugged and went with it Lady Hyacinth Celeste’s rival for the roguish Ellery’s the younger brother attention is part of the cast of characters; but Dodd doesn’t fall into the cliché of painting her as either a black or white option making her role bigger and with humor and depth From the kids to the other servants I enjoyed all the characters Yes I found myself remembering scenes from the movie and comparing them to the book and still I was smiling CD pulled this one off and I was pleased with this Victorian rendition of an American Movie Classic in romance book form