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When These Mountains Burn Summary Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Acclaimed author and remarkably gifted storyteller The Charlotte Observer David Joy returns with a fierce and tender tale of a father an addict a lawman and the explosive events that come to unite themWhen his addict son gets in deep with his dealer it takes everYthingFor months the DEA has been chasing the drug supply in the mountains to no avail when a lead just one word sets one agent on a path to crack the case wide open but he'll need help from the most unexpected uarterAs chance brings together these men from different sides of a relentless epidemic each may come to find that his opportunity for redemption lies with the others. David Joy writes some of the best Grit Lit published in the US of A and if you haven’t read him yet it’s time to get started This soaring wrenching tale of addiction community dysfunction and miserable unrelenting poverty delivers some hard truths about the distribution of wealth in this country and about the uneven way that justice plays out Lucky me I read it free and early; my thanks go to Net Galley and Putnam Penguin for the review copy It’s for sale today Ray Mathis is a big man with a big burden His wife Doris has been dead for three years but his grief hasn’t ebbed A stoic man he goes in and out of every day carrying out necessary tasks but he feels as if his arm is missing all the time His companionship comes solely from his old hunting beagle Tommy Two Ton His only child is Ricky and although Ricky is in his forties Ray still thinks of him as “the boy” When the boy comes home Ray is suffused with a sense of dread Ricky is a hardcore addict and all those stories you were told in junior high health class are true a junkie has no loyalties and no shame great enough to override his need for the substance he’s come to crave When he sees that Ricky is home for a visit Ray’s first instinct is to check his few valuables that haven’t been stolen and pawned yet to see if they’ve vanished Is this all too familiar to some of you Because it hit close to home for me Not long after he arrives Ricky is gone again and that’s not unusual; but later he gets a phone call from someone he doesn’t know The caller says that Ricky has failed to meet a payment and will die if Ray doesn’t pay up Because Ricky has no shame he has told them exactly how much is in his father’s savings account And though he understands that it’s only going to postpone the inevitable Ray pays up but he tells the men that collect that he will be back for them if they ever sell to his son again And when Ricky is back on opiates before he has even recovered from the savage beating administered by the dealer’s goons Ray tells him “I’ve thrown you ropes till my arms is give out and I ain’t got no to throw” Meanwhile our second protagonist Denny Rattler a Cherokee burglar is arrested and offered treatment for his own addiction but he declines It turns out that the very purest heroin is sold on the Cherokee Reservation and so jurisdictional issues complicate law enforcement Still worse there are dirty cops right on the other side of the state line Denny finds himself in the middle of it all One of the nastiest villains in literature is Walter Freeman who goes by “Watty” “I ain’t calling you that” Ray tells him “That’s the stupidest fucking name I ever heard” Ray confronts Watty after his son’s death to deliver some “backwoods justice” but Watty is entirely unmoved He doesn’t even remember Ricky He leaves the individual users to the minions beneath him He tells the bereaved father “Your son is small potatoes They’re all small potatoes It’s too much of a headache dealing with junkies” It’s forest fire season in the Appalachian Mountains and as the conflict between Ray and Watty between Watty and local law enforcement and among the addicts law enforcement and Watty build a conflagration begins on the reservation encompassing the “Outlet Mall” where drugs are sold The entire ordeal rises to a fever pitch that left me sitting forward as if the outcome was just beyond my physical reach At one point I was sure everyone would die and I told myself I’d be okay as long as nothing happened to Tommy Two Ton What Joy does with the conclusion is tremendously satisfying When I reviewed his last book I felt as if he had wimped out on the ending but this time it’s rock solid It isn’t predictable yet there are no new people or facts introduced at the last minute to prevent us from foreseeing the outcome either In fact this may be his best book yet I’ll offer a final word about genre This book is billed as Crime Fiction and that’s not how I see it I consider this novel to be gritty Southern Fiction at its finest The fact that it happens to involve crime as an integral part of the story is almost beside the point But call it what you will this book is one of the year’s best and you should get it and read it

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Acclaimed author and remarkably gifted storyteller The Charlotte Observer David Joy returns with a fierce and tender tale of a father an addict a lawman and the explosive events that come to unite themWhen his addict son gets in deep with his dealer it takes everything Raymond Mathis has to bail him out of trouble one last time Frustrated by the slow pace and limitations of. If you haven't read David Joy yet you are missing out if you're a reader that appreciates unvarnished stories about family relationships aging economic struggle characters who have been battered by life's random cruelties and limited options as told by an author who is a master of plotting and pace and isn't afraid of dwelling in the darkness his characters inhabit He understands the people who populate his novels and he only introduces the reader to those that are essential to the story Not for Joy the random walk ons and utterers of two lines used as a device for informing the reader of something that occurred off stage or long ago No event or twist seems forced or inauthentic He's a master of the beginning the middle and the end and I say that because I've read uite a few novels in 2020 written by authors who excel at the middle of the book but the on ramp and off ramp are awkward or sudden or provoke a response of is that all what was that ending Individual sentences in When These Mountains Burn don't necessarily display the literary uality of Joy's writing but the structure and discipline of his story telling are on full display here If you haven't seen the Netflix documentary The Pharmacist or aren't familiar with the arc western North Carolina and Appalachia generally took from oxycontin to heroin and fentanyl as the mines and the textile and furniture factories closed and the 2008 recession hit and the jobs that allowed kids to grow up and stay where they're from disappeared and weren't replaced with anything but the occasional Wal Mart job if you're willing to drive aways you might be surprised by the hopelessness in When These Mountains Burn But if you have been paying attention and have empathy for people making different choices than you might and if you're willing to spend some time with drug dealers young junkies pawning off their relatives' and their neighbors' possessions and a father who knows his actions won't forestall the inevitable Joy tells the tale like few othersThese are familiar themes for Joy Raymond Mathis is a complex and interesting character Mountains didn't satisfy my soul like his 2018 novel The Line That Held Us which I found to be stunning and original and I almost had a sense here that Joy was coasting in comfortable territory when he's capable of stretching his gifts into something new But that's akin to faulting one of your favorite restaurants for serving the same stellar dish for a dozen years simply because you've had and enjoyed it before New and different have their place Sometimes excellence and consistency is enoughThe release date is August 18 If you are looking for a way to help out one specific and gifted artist who isn't a multi millionaire and runs the risk of his latest novel's success being dimmed by the COVID 19 impact on book purchases pre order When the Mountains Burn It won't burn a meaningful hole in your bank account and it will mean a lot to David Joy If you want to do yourself a favor buy The Line That Held Us at the same time if you haven't read it already Read that now In August you get to enjoy Mountains Helping a writer pays dividends for youThanks to Edelweiss and G P Putnam Sons for an ecopy

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When These Mountains BurnThe law Raymond decides to take matters into his own handsAfter a workplace accident left him out of a job and in pain Denny Rattler has spent years chasing his next high He supports his habit through careful theft following strict rules that keep him under the radar and out of jail But when faced with opportunities too easy to resist Denny makes two choices that change ever. I didn’t think that this book was as wonderful as some of the author’s other books but it is still very good Although I am not all that fond of reading about drug addicts or dealers I thought the author did a good job of showing the impact of drugs on segments of the population People seem to be caught in an endless loop I particularly felt for Raymond Mathis who ran out of options to help his 41 year old son This author writes beautifully and creates believable characters and excellent dialog If you haven’t read him before you might want to start with “The Line that Held Us” or “The Weight of this World” His books are grit lit with fewer cliches than usual I received a free copy of this book from the publisher