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Summary Feralsong Green Creek #35 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ø After Heartsong and before Brothersong comes Feralsong a short story from four different perspectives about what it means to lose your mindJanuary 10 2020Exclusive at tjklunebookscomStatus CompleteWords 8105DJanuary 10 2020Exclusive at tjklunebookscomStatus CompleteWords 8105. as long as we’re together we’ll find our way home The following review might contain major spoilers for Ravensong and Heartsong Do not read unless you're caught up with the Green Creek seriesActual rating 35★ CARTER Why wasn't I enough Feralsong opens with something that happened in Ravensong although I'm sure we'll see of this in the upcoming Brothersong Through his point of view we finally get to see Carter stripped off his walls Gone is the aloofness the bravado the front he puts for his brothers as well as his pack There is only Carter with his demons and his wounds KELLY as long as we're together we'll find our way home Kelly's point of view is blue blue blue It's like an ocean filled with tears and hurt with undercurrent of violet anger But there's also green like so much relief Kelly's side of the story is set at the end of Heartsong the day before Kelly's heart gets broken all over again JOE Heavy is the head that wears the crown It was time Joe got to shine in this series Joe is a character that unfortunately often read always fellin the background during both Ravensong and Heartsong where he's constantly overshadowed by Ox Joe is the other Alpha of the Bennett pack on top of being one of the Bennett brothers and before Feralsong he felt almost less than a secondary character—hell even Jessie gets time on page than Joe does Joe Bennett deserves better as an Alpha as a brother and overall as a character Needless to say his point of view was my favouriteThroughout his side of the story the reader finally understands what type of Alpha Joe Bennett is striving to be All his decisions all his actions are a result of Joe trying to be something he is not as well as the words of a monster that are still fully haunting him and probably will forever And it hurts It's not until Joe is reminded about the other parts of himself that he slowly starts moving towards leaving those impossible standards he set for himself behindAnd I for one cannot wait to see who Joe Bennett will become in Brothersong even as he wishes it was anyone else GAVIN the feral wolf and perhaps the most human of them all I'm not going to write anything on Gavin I just hope to see him happy because he deserve all the happiness AUDIOBOOK REVIEW 2★ maybe a little probably a little lessI love Kirt Graves as a narrator I really do Especially for this series Which is why I feel so disappointed I didn't like the audiobook for Feralsong The reason for this is the background music Graves decided to experiment with sound effects a little and while some adored it I thought it annoying and it ruined my whole listening experience The background music was so loud it overshadowed the narration making it impossible to feel with these characters like I did in the previous audiobooksI felt annoyed the whole time so much that I almost wish I'd never listened to the audio versionI'm in the minority here but if you too loved hearing the Green Creek characters come to life through Kirt Graves' voice do yourself a favour and skip the audiobook for Feralsong It'll just leave a bitter taste in your mouth

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After Heartsong and before Brothersong comes Feralsong a short story. This is a short story that gets into detail of what a few of the characters go through at the end of Heartsong The narration was excellent and of course I still loved Robbie's Boston accentYea I loved it and now we wait

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Feralsong Green Creek #35From four different perspectives about what it means to lose your min. Bennett brothers’ POV as well as the timber wolf’s ie view spoilerGavin who is also Carter Bennett's mate and over the half brother of Gordo Livingstone hide spoiler