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Ho fly around the world trying to give away a lot of money and free themselves from a p Really 2 12 starsI'm not sure what to say about this book really I didn't hate it I didn't love it I very often found myself enjoying Eggers's writing style while being annoyed with the story itself I don't really understand what it is with male writers that makes them want so badly to write these books about disillusioned young men who are basically losers I mean this book is essentially Catcher in the Rye for people in their late 20s I don't know I just have a problem with characters in books who are clearly losers and have clearly done nothing with their lives and then go about philosophizing about how life is meaningless and how there is so much pain and suffering blah blah blah I got the distinct feeling from this book that Jack was the only one who had made anything of himself That Will and Hand are those friends you had in high school who will never move past their minimum wage jobs and will always be bitter about not reaching the potential they felt they were promised

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You Shall Know Our VelocityRofound loss It reminds us once again what an important necessary talent Dave Eggers is I’m glad I read this although I had conflicting opinions all throughout the bookThe writing is uniue and interesting and Eggers clearly has a powerful gift with words The story is also challenging and thoughtful and I was continually fascinated by the concept I loved the journey they took and the juxtaposition Eggers creates between their being both constrained and liberated in their travels However I don’t know if I love the execution I found it to be a real effort to read and after a couple of hundred pages I was trudging through for the sake of completion as opposed to enjoyment I had difficulty with the contradiction between Will as a moving soulful character and Will as an idiot It was like reading about Rodin’s “Thinker” in the body of a typically dumb American That being said I was won over by the end The Jumping People passage was brilliant It romantically summed up the entire journey Will takes “running” and “jumping” around the world with Jack's weight and the burden of every voice he hears inside his head along the way Will is a mountain but moved like the wind and in such a way that almost made me feel like I could do thatjust drive to an airport and in a moment's notice take a journey across the world without any regard to the destination

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Download You Shall Know Our Velocity Doc Í 401 pages ↠ Dave eggers â In his first novel Dave Eggers has written a moving and hilarious tale of two friends who fly around the world trying to give away a lot of money and free themselves from a profound loss It reminds us once again what an important necIn his first novel Dave Eggers has written a moving and hilarious tale of two friends w Preface to the fourth editionI wrote this a few years ago back when I had just finished reading the book but before I had died I still haven't died so that's beside the point I'm procrastinating right now and copying this from another site where this originally appearedOriginal PrefaceThere are three ways that I pick out books to read One is through the convoluted and serpentine way that I choose most of my books The second way is by catchy covers promising pop culture hipness This second of choosing books I have begun to wean myself off of since too many times I have been burned on the choices One book in particular that I choose in this manner was Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius I’m one of the few people of my demographic that hated this book and felted cheated or of the few I’ve run into 4th edition note this is not so true any I thought the idea of Dave Eggers was great I respected his journal McSweeny’s and sometimes thought his uasi punk rock ethics were commendable I just didn’t like the book though I have to stop here about AHWOSG if I get started on this book I’ll just rant on and on—one note though from here on out I will refer to Egger’s first book simply as the first book Following this brilliantly simple shorthand I will call his second book You Shall Know Our Velocity the second book I will do this for two reasons One because I am not the kind of writer in the Wallace Moody and Eggers school who enjoys keeping track of long acronyms; but importantly because I can never really keep straight the titles of Eggers books A short aside in the form of a list of titles I have mistakenly consciously and unconsciously called both of his books while at work to co workers and customers A Staggering Work of Heartbreak You Will Know our Velocity You Will know us by the Trail of our Velocity A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Pretensions That Something book about Genius and Death The Book without the Cover Authors note this sounded like a much better idea at the time Much like the time when I made up a write off in order to try to get hits I then realized it was stupid and I changed the write off Four days later I cancelled the write off The moral of this story could be that I don’t like erasing things once they are written A second moral could be that I really should edit my work better A second aside in the form of a continuation needed to wrap up the Introduction The third manner I choose my books is with a masochistic zeal to read new books by authors who I disliked to the point to ranting continually about them for weeks in order to a confirm my suspicions or b make me look like an open minded kind of person who can re encounter a previously disliked author and find enjoyment in their work Of course when I choose a book for this reason I’m really hoping for A I don’t go in with an open mind because I’m an opinionated jerk I picked up Eggers second book for this third reason I wanted it to get my goat and allow me to say “See I told you” Second Preface to the ReviewI’m not the kind of author who would write a second third or possibly even fourth preface to a review I need to clear up some points made in the introduction1 I will be the first to admit that I didn’t need to give three ways I pick books I know full well that I never actually explained the first manner of choice But see I just pointed out the fault so don’t blame me for it I know that I was wrong2 Everything coming before this note has been extraneous and probably best skimmed over Since you couldn’t have known this till you got to this point in the review you could a consider yourself noted; b not blame me I pointed out in an overtly self reflexive manner my shortcoming a la beating everyone to the criticism punch c inform your friends of the gratuitousness of the review and tell them to skip through the beginning3 I must point out once again that I am not the kind of writer who would ramble on and on in this manner4 I’ll be the first to admit that really only 26% of this review is worth reading The rest of the review is best skipped over Again I warned you so it’s all out of my hands An Addition to Third Edition of this ReviewSurprisingly it has come to my attention that I have been paid for this review Of course that means I need to make a full disclosure of the monies received and the manner in which I will have spend spent themAmount Paid to Date 002Amount of Time Roughly Spent Reading the book to base a review on it 7 hoursAmount of Time Spent Writing the Review including revisions 3 HoursAmount Paid per Hour for Review 0002Amount Spent of Royalties None I will not receive any money for the review for uite a long time I never received the money they took it away from me because I stopped putting up reviews for too long 4th edition noteI feel than a little guilty at the staggering two tenths of a penny per hour or 2 thousandths of a dollar I received for this When the money comes to me I will be sure to split it up among worthy causes and make a full disclosure of how the money was spent I imagine it will be used as two percent of the cost of a large cup of coffee at the deli around the corner from where I workGraphical illustration of profitTime Spent for reviewMoney Receivedcan't make something that small hereCost of Cup of Coffee Royalties Spent towards this Staggeringly expensive Purchase of Heartbreaking proportions The ReviewWhat is the Book AboutWell I can’t tell you Sorry I cut a bunch of words here because I was over in the character count I rant about people giving away the plot of books but will keep a movie plot a big secret Well according to the back it’s about giving away 32000 in a week but why I’m not telling The novels about two guys the narrator Will who is telling the story after Jack died but a couple of years before him and his mother drown in Columbia That’s the first page of the novel paraphrased or the cover if you get the hardcover version The second guy’s name is Hand; he’s the zany friend you wish you had growing up You know the one who will do anything has the wacky ideas and gets annoying but always a party to be around The two decide to travel around the world in one week and give away 32000 dollars along the way The catch The people need to be deserving of the money the countries need to be off the beaten path and not reuire visas to enterAlong the way in the travels of Will and Hand Eggers throws some literary tricks into the mix that call into uestion all kinds of assumptions about the basic structure of the novel I can’t say any about this though I’d feel as if I was cheating anyone who read the book after reading this of the fun About the NovelThe writing in the novel is straightforward than in the first book Much of the book is uite funny in a dry sardonic sort of way It’s difficult after reading Eggers first book to believe that this novel isn’t also autobiographical in nature The depressing ualities of HWOSG come back through Taking into account Egger’s life his parents plus his sister have passed away it is understandable that the topic of dealing with grief should be a dominant theme in his work He offsets the grief though with humor that most of times works sometimes the humor is too smart for it’s own goodThere are a lot things I want to talk about but if I did the novel would be ruined Eggers does some interesting things with the form of the novel but they are just too good to reveal in a review to possible readersConclusionIf you liked Eggers first book I think you will like this If you hated his first book I think you will still like I did Eggers is probably best appreciated by twenty and thirty something year olds but I can see their being an appeal of this book to most readers of literary works AfterwordThe author wishes to express the realization that this review is shoddy As of this line only 29% of the review is dedicated to the actual book The remaining 71% now 72% of the review has been a juvenile attempt at mocking Eggers writing style especially the manner he handles the infinite introductions of HWOSG The author acknowledges he is not half or now 27% the writer of Dave Eggers The author of the review wonders why you have read this wants to know why you care what he thinks and is considering swearing at you in an ironic manner but then he realized he would be again just imitating Eggers instead I’m going out and running down the beach and watch a Frisbee hang overhead in that sublime manner that makes you realize the transcendence of life; and then maybe I’ll jump in a pool you know for the whole re birth and baptism analogy