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FREE READER ↠ DOC Amish Country Undercover ´ 9781335402615 è KATY LEE Ë Secrets sabotage and small town dangerSomeone wants an Amish woman deadTaking the reins of her father’s Amish horse trading business Grace Miller’s prepared for backlash over breaking community norms—but not fAnd it’s undercover FBI agent Jack Kaufman’s mission to stop them But can Jack face his own Amish past long enough to shield Grace from a killer Someone keeps stealing Graces horses and finally she spots the thieves in action when in comes Undercover FBI Agent Jack getting in the way Now its a matter of figuring out who is behind the stealing and who to trust Grace thinks Jack is among the thieves He did show up at the same time as them meanwhile Jack saw her with the stolen horse so she must be apart of the scheme of horse stealers Diving deeper into the mystery there is so much then they know and its clear Graces life is in danger and Jack must go undercover as one of the Amish to protect herI normally don't find myself drawn to books that have Amish people in it but I was offered the book to read for free so I figured why not? So I like a good mystery suspense novel and this was perfect for me it brought me out of my comfort zone I suppose you'd say The Amish culture lift isn't something that interests me so I wasn't sure I was going to like this book since I knew Jack was going to have to go undercover and looking past that I did find myself enjoying this book There was so much going on plenty of near misses Plenty of mystery and reveals that kept me hooked wondering where the story was going While you can tell there was an attraction between Grace and Jack this book was clean which I did like theres the glaring obvious difference between Grace being Amish and Jack being English and if they want to be together something has got to give and someone ultamatly needs to sacrifice their lifestyle I loved that there was plenty of twist and turns and overall this book was pretty good I really enjoyed it

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Secrets sabotage and small town dangerSomeone wants an Amish woman deadTaking the reins of her father’s Amish horse trading business Grace Miller? Amish country mysteryI must admit I struggled with this Amish mystery I just found it hard to become enthusiastic about the storyline Grace has problems Someone is bent on sabotaging her father's horse trading business A business she's endeavoring to take over since her father's death against the established norms of the community Grace comes across as a flustered beginner rather than a person with experience trying to keep the business together I felt she was sold short as a character Jake Kaufman our FBI specialist has an Amish past I don't know if this was a help or hindrance as they investigate the horse shinnanigansThank you to Harleuin and NetGalley for this ARC

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Amish Country Undercover ??s prepared for backlash over breaking community norms but not for sabotage Now someone’s willing to do anything it takes to make sure she fails Amish Country Undercover by Katy Lee is a well plotted Amish mystery It takes some skill to pull off a realistic Amish mystery and this author did a fabulous jobGrace was interesting character Although she loved her Amish life she had a lot of spunk She was running her dad’s horse trading business She was willing to try and catch the people stealing her horses But she also abhors violence and angerIt was sad how her mother died I live 2 hours from a community and you will see them with their horse and buggy on the side of the interstate It really makes me think of how dangerous that can be nowJack was a former member of an Amish community in Colorado It was sad how he was treated by the community and his own family He ended up becoming an FBI agent He is working undercover to find who is stealing prized thoroughbreds He thinks it may be Grace until he gets to know herI didnt expect this many plot twists and surprises in an Amish mystery and totally enjoyed the story The dialogue with Grace and Jack was through the provoking and the action kept me turning the pagesSexual content he finally kissed herViolence someone is shooting at her someone gets kidnapped