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Read ☆ The House at the End of the Moor 102 Ø What Can a London Opera Star and an Escaped Dartmoor Prisoner Have in Common   Opera star Maggie Lee escapes her opulent lifestyle when threatened by a powerful politician who aims to ruin her life She runs off to the wilds of the moors to live in anonymity All that changes the day she disHe wilds of the moors to live in anonymity All that changes the day she discovers a half dead man near her house Escaped convict Oliver Ward is on the run to prove his innocence until he gets hurt and is taken in by. There is an elegance about this book and it was very hard to put downI love detail in historical novels I read and this had it to the fullest Atmospheric I felt as though I was there experiencing it The character development was a natural progression that I loved followingThe author has a natural understanding of the era she writes about in her books and masters it uite will with authenticity Actionmysteryromance and oh yes lets not forget about villains are to be found in this book and enjoyedI've loved every book I've read by this author and eagerly look forward to reading what she puts out next as it's guaranteed to be a sure winnerPublished April 1st 2020 by Shiloh Run PressI was given a complimentary copy Thank youAll opinions expressed are my own

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Maggie He discovers some jewels in her possession the very same jewels that got him convicted Together they hatch a plan to return the jewels clearing Oliver’s name and hopefully maintaining Maggie’s anonymity  . Famed opera singer Margaret Lee is hiding out at Morden Hall at the end of Dartmoor when she finds escapee prisoner Oliver Ward lifeless at the side of the road The plot centers around a jewel theft they both are connected to On an intense and dangerous mission to bring down the real jewel thief they have to deal with people as dangerous as they are powerfulHaving fled from her contract obligations to sing in Bath famed opera singer Margaret Lee is in hiding at the end of Dartmoor She feels she has to escape to protect herself and her father from threats and violence After 9 months at the end of the moor she is still scared her manager Mr Grout will find herOliver was wrongly convicted for theft of a jewelry necklace and has fought to stay alive in Dartmoor prison He makes a narrow escape with dangerous and violent Prison Warden Mr Barrow on his tale This is why he ends up near Margaret’s house wounded and unconscious When he gets better he recognizes Margaret as the one who wore the necklace just before it was stolen He suspects her to be the thief She thinks she is in possession of a theatre prop and is shocked to find out it is realMargaret and Oliver realize they have to work together so they decide to set out on a journey to Bath to solve the jewel mystery as well as trying to stay safe from Mr Barrow and Mr Gout who are chasing them Throughout this ordeal they get to see each other bring out their best under pressureI really liked the character of Margaret as she tries to fend for herself in a world of powerful men I found her reactions believable for a woman of that time lacking the security of family or powerful connections to shield her All her life she has been told what’s acceptable and what’s not by men but now she is done with it She has a good heart taking mute girl Nora into her employ when she is harassed in the local communityOliver seems a real charmer with the ladies and well connected among various groups of potential voters come election day to parliament He uses his silver tongued skills for all they are worth to get out of sticky situations His work in favor of the less fortunate has led to powerful people wanting to get rid of him hence the wrongful conviction His political views seem something like Ross Poldark’s as he fights for the poor and against people whose goal in life is lining their own pockets whatever it takesThis story contains some seriously unsavory characters Well done Prison Warden and law enforcement officer Sebastian Barrow in particular who has his very own interpretation of what trust in God entails I find him to be a violent dangerous and appalling man When dealing with prisoners knocking them senseless seems to be his go to approach Whether they survive or not doesn’t seem to concern him He is an excellently crafted villain character with a uestionable stability of mental health He really pushes my buttons I am pleased to see there is a bit of a positive development towards the end of the story so stay tunedThe story is told from Oliver’s and Margaret’s points of view as well as Mr Barrow’s who keeps hunting them down to achieve his version of justice and God’s will The plot contains some intense and dramatic parts mixed with calm in which the relationship between Margaret and Oliver gets room to develop and I’m pleased to say my shoulders get to relax a bit I really enjoyed the funny streaks mixed into this story which lightens the mood in spite of the sometimes intense dramaAs the danger temporarily subsides Margaret gets conscious of some of Oliver’s positive traits There are contrasts in this plot which I love We move from seuences of Dickensian proportions to opulence in homes of the super rich in Bath There is a clear element of faith running through the plot which I also truly appreciateFans of Michelle Gripe will enjoy The House at The end of The Moor It is recommended for readers of historical fiction too Thank you to Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for this eARC in return for my honest review All opinions in this review are completely my ownMy rating 5 stars 5

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The House at the End of the MoorWhat Can a London Opera Star and an Escaped Dartmoor Prisoner Have in Common   Opera star Maggie Lee escapes her opulent lifestyle when threatened by a powerful politician who aims to ruin her life She runs off to t. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestDNF p132I feel really bad about not liking this book and tried to push myself through it but it was not right for me on a whole myriad of levels First I read this as a secular reader and not as a reader of christian fiction I do enjoy christian fiction on occasion especially historical romances and some of my favorite authors are Abigal Wilson Deeanne Gist and Francine Rivers I thought I had read and liked something by Michelle Griep before which was why I snapped up this book but I guess I confused her with a similarly named author Michelle Griep is new to me Second I feel like the blurb doesn't do a great job portraying what this book is about The title made me think I was getting a swell Gothic romance and that's corroborated by the blurb which really pushes that the heroine is an opera star on the run I thought we'd actually get to see her on the run but no she's already in hiding when we meet her and the opera thing is hardly dwelled on That was a huge disappointment to me because I'm a BIG fan of music and opera and so the opera singer angle was the hook that really made me want to read thisThird there's no chemistry between hero and heroine She has chemistry with the villain who's hunting the escapee hero Javert style The escape from prison is pretty anticlimactic and I didn't really find the hero attractive at all He's mean and grouchy and not in a fun or an interesting way I know christian romances are clean but it's possible to have a clean romance with chemistry Phyllis A Whitney's Gothic novels do and so did Deeanne Gist's TIFFANY GIRLFourth the writing style is very chatty In the heroine's POV it's narrated in first person and the language feels very anachronistically modern; the author doesn't really have the Victorian cadences down so it feels really weird The hero's POV is narrated in the third person which probably makes it easier but even then that chatty element is still there It feels overly casual and I don't really feel like the pacing of the story is all that good because it feels very dull to meMaybe I'm not the right audience for the book but it wasn't the religious elements of the book that didn't appeal to me but the feel of the writing style with how it represented the time it was supposed to take place in and the ease with which I could envision the hero and heroine ending up together I do read a lot of historical romance clean and unclean and this fell uite short Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review  1 star